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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Aug 09 2018

Queer Roundup at GAZE International Film Festival

bySeán McGovern.

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to Dublin,Ireland to be on a jury of my queers at the 26thGAZE: International LGBT Film Festival.While it was fun to be back in MY HOME COUNTRY,it was even better to see such a diverse and compelling programme.After the jump a special spotlight on LGBT docs and the short film winners (and one spectacular narrative feature) which will be hopefully making it to a film festival near you soon.Don't forget to support queer cinema AND your local dive bar...

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Jun 21 2018

Months of Meryl: Dancing at Lughnasa (1998)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#25 —Kate Mundy,the elder head of a matriarchal clan in Ireland's County Donegal circa 1936.

MATTHEW:Dancing at Lughnasacontinues the sporadic but prestigious practice,begun byPlentyand leading up toAugust: Osage County,of Meryl Streep headlining big-ticket Broadway plays in screen adaptations that tend to do a disservice to the often truncated works whose very suitability for such stage-to-cineplex transfers feels rather strained.(Angels in America,made for HBO,is obviously a highly distinguished exception.) These films are greenlit as glorified acting showcases in the hopes of magnetizing a similar haul of trophies as their acclaimed theatrical predecessors.They may feature some fine,forceful performances (from Streepandseveralothers),but their claims as cinema remain dubious at best.

I'm always curious about why Streep seldom returns to her first love,the stage,especially when one considers that the actress' greatest role in the last decade was not Susan Orlean,Clarissa Vaughan,or Miranda Priestley,but Bertolt Brecht'sMother Courage,whose wagon of wares Streep took up for a 2006 Shakespeare in the Park production,four years after playing Irina inThe Seagullfor the same summer series...

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Sep 14 2017

TIFF: "The Breadwinner"is a visual stunner

Our ongoing adventuresat TIFF

One of the most exciting animation houses in the world is Ireland's Cartoon Saloon.In its early years its largely been a showcase for co-founder Tomm Moore who madeSecret of KellsandSong of the Sea(both deservedly Oscar nominated).Now Nora Twomey,also a co-founder,steps into the director's chair for their third feature,another visual stunner.(If you haven't seen their films yet get to it.They're doing the consistently best non-Pixar derivative animation on earth now that Studio Ghibli has slowed way down.)

This time we depart Ireland for an adaptation ofThe Breadwinner, Deborah Ellis's bestseller about an Afghani girl who disguises herself as a boy to provide for her family when her father is imprisoned by the Taliban.Without a male relative to escort them around the city they're trapped in their home with no way to earn money or go shopping...

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Sep 09 2017

Official Foreign Film Submissions Thus Far

All the foreign submission charts have been updated to reflect the speedy announcements of new titles.We're now up to 84 (last year's tally was an all time record of 85).Somehow I neglected to include Ireland onthe submission charts.They've selected an "audacious"biopic about the singer Joe Heany calledSong of Granite.The film uses both documentary footage and narrative sequences.It's in black and white and looks gorgeous in still photos

Submissions we've reviewed thus far here at TFE...

Submissions we've seen but haven't yet reviewed...

  • Czech Republic's Ice Mother
  • Egypt's Sheikh Jackson
  • Finland's Tom of Finland
  • France's 120 Beats per Minute
  • Polan's Spoor

Submissions we're scheduled to see soon...

  • Sweden's The Square
  • Switzerland's The Divine Order

The rest of the list (thus far).We'll look out for opportunities to see them...

  • Afghanistan A Letter to the President
  • Albania's Daybreak
  • Algeria's Road to Instanbul
  • Armenia's Yeva
  • Azerbaijan's Pomegranate Orchard
  • Bangladesh's Khacha
  • Bolivia's Dark Skull
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina's Men Don't Cry
  • Brazil's Bingo: King of the Mountain
  • Bulgaria's Glory
  • Cambodia's First They Killed My Father
  • Canada's Hochelaga,Land of Souls
  • Chile's A Fantastic Woman
  • Colombia's Guilty Men
  • Croatia's Quit Staring at My Plate
  • Denmark's You Disappear
  • Dominican Republic's Woodpeckers
  • Ecuador's Alba
  • Georgia's Scary Mother
  • Germany's In the Fade
  • Greece's Amerika Square
  • Hong Kong's Mad World
  • Iceland's Under the Tree
  • India's Newton
  • Indonesia's The Leftovers
  • Iran's Breath
  • Iraq's The Dark Wind
  • Ireland's Song of Granite
  • Israel's Foxtrot
  • Italy's A Ciambra
  • Japan's Her Love Boils Bathwater
  • Kazakhstan's Road to Mother
  • Kenya's Kati Kati
  • Kosovo's Unwanted
  • Kyrgyzstan's Centaur
  • Laos's Dearest Sister
  • Latvia's Chronicles of Melanie
  • Lebanon's The Insult
  • Lithuania's Frost
  • Luxembourg's Barrage
  • Mexico's Tempestad
  • Morocco's Razzia
  • Mozambique's The Train of Salt and Sugar
  • Nepal's White Sun
  • Netherland's Layla M
  • New Zealand's One Thousand Ropes
  • Pakistan's Saawan
  • Palestine's Wajib
  • Panama's Beyond Brotherhood
  • Paraguay's Los Buscadores
  • Peru's Rosa Chumber
  • Philippines's Birdshot
  • Portugal's Saint George
  • Romania's The Fixer
  • Russia's Loveless
  • Serbia's Requiem for Mrs J
  • Singapore's Pop Aye
  • Slovakia's The Line
  • Slovenia's The Miner
  • South Africa's The Wound
  • South Korea's A Taxi Driver
  • Spain's Summer 1993
  • Taiwan's Small Talk
  • Thailand's By the Time It Gets Dark
  • Tunisia's The Last of Us
  • Turkey's Ayla: The Daughter of War
  • Ukraine's Black Level
  • United Kingdom's My Pure Land
  • Uruguay's Another Story of the World
  • Venezuela's El Inca
  • Vietnam's Father and Son

Current predictions

Jun 03 2017

Interview: Nicholas Galitzine in "Handsome Devil"

An abridged version of this interview was previously published atTowleroad

Nicholas Galitzine is a star on the rugby field in "Handsome Devil"

by Nathaniel R

The third time is the charm.Just three years and three films into his acting career,Nicholas Galitzinehas what looks like a breakout role.John Butler's Irish dramedyHandsome Devilcenters around the unlikely friendship of a new student Ned (Fionn O'Shea) and the star athlete Conor (Galitzine) at a rugby-mad boarding school.Their friendship is encouraged by their teacher Mr Sherry (played by the fine Irish actor Andrew Scott ofPrideandSherlockfame) but the rugby team isn't wild about it.Conor is a wonderful showcase for Galitzine's talent,and in more ways than one.The role also allows the actor to use what he calls his "separate passion,"music.

Screen International named Galitzine one of their "Stars of Tomorrow"in 2015 as part of their annual feature promoting the UK's most promising actors.Their prediction is looking sound.Galitzine,for his part,isn't taking it for granted.He appears both eager to test his range and grateful for his opportunities.He calls acting "the best job in the world"and admits that "I've been very lucky so far".

Our interview follows after the jump...

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Mar 17 2017

Beauty Break: St Patrick's Day Stars

After the jump a gallery of Irish stars or stars pretending to be Irish for the holiday -Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

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