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"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman.More about him than about her.  Scarlett,to me,is the open question.By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor."- Melchiades -Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda,whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what,3 or 4 scenes.Great review!"-Alex

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Mar 28 2016

The Furniture: Batman's Nightmare at the Museum

New Series.Daniel Walbertalks production design in "The Furniture".Previously we looked atThe Exorcist,andCarolandBrooklyn.And now...

In the Oscar battle between Batman and Superman,there is no real contest.Superman's three nominations,zero wins and one special achievement award have nothing on Batman's fifteen nominations and three wins.And it doesn't look as if we have to worry about the tally getting complicated by any nominations forBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However,the arrival of the newest Batman movie is anexcellentexcuse to discuss the oldest.Tim Burton's 1989Batmanremains the only superhero movie to ever win the Best Production Design Oscar,an honor it certainly deserves to keep...

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Mar 02 2016

The New Actor Hierarchy: Oscar's Most Beloved Male Stars

Leonardo DiCaprio is now an Oscar winner but where does he stand in history?

If you're feeling celebratory -- and we've all lived through his rise into cinematic legend so why shouldn't we?-- you really need to check out this cute video ofLeo getting his Oscar engravedor this silliness ofa party of bros celebrating his winlike mad men (hey it's better thanthe bro-ness of the pussy posse reuniting) or the once mocking memes that have turned intoodes to Leo Joy.Good funny stuff.

Even if you weren't enamored withThe Revenant(*raises hand*) or find it downright suspect,his filmography is so loaded with memorable films that surely anyone can find one therein to direct all their feelings towards in this momentous week for the 41 year old superstar.I'm choosing to view the Oscar as a career achievement Oscar for specifically prompted byGilbert Grape,Romeo + Juliet,andThe them all!)

Last year when Julianne Moore won her long-awaited Oscar forStill Alicewe quickly tabulatedthe All Time Oscar Actress Hierarchy;movement in the ranks at last!Given that DiCaprio waited even longer for his eventual statue,nabbing his first nomination at the dewy age of 19 forWhat's Eating Gilbert Grape(1993),four years before Julianne Moore's first nomination,it seemed only right to do the same thing for the men in the wake of Leo's coronation.

What follows is Oscar's32 All Time Favorite Actors!
It's restricted to men with 5 or more nominations.Only the acting statistics are accounted for so George Clooney,for example,is not (yet) ranked.If you counted non-acting nominations,you'd also see DiCaprio jump a rank as he was nominated for producingWolf of Wall Streettwo years ago and Brad Pitt would also factor in since he won Best Picture for12 Years a Slave.Now that many major stars are involved in producing these types of extra nominations stats are likely to make Oscar lists of the future progressively murkier so we're opting not to include them for now.

If you'd like to see how the ranks were determined (it's not as simple as basic addition or there would be many ties) that's at the bottom of the post.

And 28 other Royals

after the jump

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Feb 18 2016

Q&A: Actressexual Longings & Carol Gender-Flipped

It's another Q & A.Ask it and it shall be er...might be answered.When I started typing this week I couldn't stop and before I know it there were thousands and thousands of words.So that takes care of two Q&As .

Here's the first half of the madscribblingstypings then.

What is your favorite non-nominated performance from each of the five titans of the acting nominations?(Meryl Streep,Katharine Hepburn,Jack Nicholson,Bette Davis and Laurence Olivier) - SEAN

NATHANIEL: Oh this is a tough one since those people were Oscared for breathing.Okay.Let's take them in reverse order of preference as actors...

Sir Laurence Olivier.Weirdly I was just watchingAs You Like It(1936) just the other day.I wasn't all that impressed though he definitely had an easier time with the material and the medium than the other stagebound performers.I have seen several of his non-nominated films,mostly from when I was very young so I don't remember them well.Spartacus?Dracula?That Hamilton Woman?I have no idea.I'm not a Sir Larry personat all!I almost always prefer his co-stars even in his biggest hits.

Katharine Hepburn.Bringing Up Baby(1938) is such a comic jewel.Mid 30s to Early 40s is best with Hepburn.

Jack Nicholson.The Shining(1980).Sure he goes big but the nightmare requires that level of commitment to devilish abandon.He does supersized devilish abandon inWitches of Eastwick(1987) as well but in the latter case it's distracting since the women are already sparking so much.Take it down,Jack.

Bette Davis.I confess: I haven't seen all that many of her non-nominated performances.I don't think she's very good inHush HushSweet Charlotteor her late camp work and not very memorable inThree on a Match.Hmmm.MaybeThe Great Lie(1941)?But Mary Astor performs Grand Theft Movie in that one.What a knockout star turn.

Meryl Streep.Easy.The Hours(2002)."I seem to be...unravelling."

lots more after the jump

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Jun 22 2015

Beauty vs Beast: Down & Out In Hollywood

Jason fromMNPPhere,and I'm ready for my close-up - we're devoting today's edition of "Beauty vs Beast"to the late great director Billy Wilder,who was born on this day 109 years ago.If you had to pick your favorite Wilder picture,what would you go with?It's a query that'll break the brain of many a cinephile,so rich stands his cinematic legacy even all these decades later.I personally am torn betweenThe Apartment(so glad I was able to hang out in the bar that Fran and C.C.frequent before it closed) and today's competitive centerpiece,1950'sSunset Boulevard(aka still the greatest movie about Hollywood ever made),but cases made for a couple other Wilder films could probably convince me they were his be all everything too.Point being Billy didn't used to be big,heisbig,and it's the pictures that got small without him.In that vein...

PREVIOUSLYLast week we wished Helen Hunt a happy birthdaywith a look back at herand Jack Nicholson's 1997 Oscar wins forAs Good As It Gets-- facing them off y'all were decidely Team Carol with her thundering past a full 3/4ths of the vote.Explained Denny:

"Loved this film then and like it now,despite all the shit it gets.Jack is on fire - somehow Melvin doesn't come off like the complete and utter cliche he is on paper,and it's solely due to Nicholson's unique charisma - but it really is all about Helen Hunt and her warm,deeply lived-in performance as Carol.Yes the "fucking HMO pieces of shit"bit is great,but where the character (and the actress) really sings for me is in the quieter,more intimate moments.She somehow ups everyone's game when she's in a scene with them,and that's no small feat.But really,Carol wins just for being able to handle Melvin and all his bullshit."

Jun 15 2015

Beauty vs Beast: Sidewalk Stories

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"-- the very first movie that I ever saw being filmed in person was on one of my first trips to New York City;I guess it must've been in the spring of 1997?There I was walking down a side-street near NYU,a wide-eyed country bumpkin in the big city,when who should suddenly be standing in front of me but Jack Nicholson.Jack Nicholson!That'll stop you dead in your tracks.Beside him was Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear and you guessed it,it was James L.Brooks' multiple Oscar winnerAs Good As It Gets.

I watched them film for about half an hour (it was the scene where they were getting into the car to go on their mid-movie road-trip) in awe,and now whenever I think of this movie I think of that experience and how fundamental it was to cementing this city as where I wanted to live my life.There's magic around every corner,wedged terrifyingly in every crack of the sidewalk.Long story short today is Helen Hunt's birthday (and Greg Kinnear's birthday is on Wednesday) soAs Good As It Getsit is...

PREVIOUSLYLast time around we anticipated the weekend's great big movie (movie-a-saurus)with a claw-off between theTyrannosaurus Rex and the Velociraptor in Steven Spielberg's 1993 originalJurassic Park- ya'll love your Clever Girls and the Raptor slashed her way to the winning circle with 60% of the vote.Saidforever1267:

"Velociraptors are one of the few movie monsters that really scared me while watching the movie.They aren't supposed to be smart!They're not supposed to be able to open doors!They're not supposed to be clever!Chills!"

Nov 21 2014

Good Morning