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"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman.More about him than about her.  Scarlett,to me,is the open question.By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor."- Melchiades -Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda,whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what,3 or 4 scenes.Great review!"-Alex

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Oct 27 2014

Beauty vs Beast: The Babysitter's Club

JA fromMNPPhere with our final Final Girl match-up "Beauty vs Beast"style before All Hallows hits us on Friday!Over the course of October we've paired offA Nightmare on Elm Street'sNancy vs Freddy,Scream'sSidney vs the boys Billy & Stu,last weekthe Torrances came out to play,and now...well there were Final Girls who came before and there were Final Girls who came after,but to my mind the clearest cut definition,the Platonic Ideal of Final Girlism,every box is checked with Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis),heroine and survivor of John Carpenter's sleek nightmareHalloween.

Jamie Lee Curtis isn't the preeminant Scream Queen in many a fan's mind for nothing,but before I tilt the scales too far in her favor right here before the match-up let me make it clear that Laurie wouldn't work if she wasn't the immovable object meeting a truly irresistible force...

If the dance she danced was with a weaker partner (can you name JLC's character or the villain inTerror Train,for example?),and let it be said that the only movie character that's ever made its way into one of my nightmares is Michael Myers.That white mask haunting every corner of every frame,night and day-time,outside a window,behind some sheets flapping in the breeze,in every tan station wagon sitting outside your kid's school...the boogeyman is real,you guys.

You have seven days to carve your jack-o-lanterns,cut eye-holes into your sheets,and choose between the boogeyman and the babysitter -- have at it.

PREVIOUSLYLast week I asked you to pick betweenThe Shining's Jack and Wendy Torrance- well we've found our way out of the hedge maze and just like in the movie it's Wendy that's our survivor,poor Jack left a popsicle in the past.Said Evan:

"Shelley Duvall is a Gumby-esque goddess.Her flailing around the Overlook adds a campiness that feels tonally detached from the rest of the film,but somehow still works."

Oct 21 2014

Lunchtime Poll: Multiple Acting Oscars亚博主页

I was all prepared to list the most Oscar winning Actors for a quickie top ten list.Until I remembered there were only six with 3 or more Oscars (for acting)亚博主页

Four Leading Oscars亚博主页
01Katharine Hepburn
Three Leading Oscars亚博主页
02 Daniel Day-Lewis
Three Oscars (Lead/Supporting Mix)亚博主页
[Three-Way Tie]
03 Ingrid Bergman
03Meryl Streep
03 Jack Nicholson
Three Oscars (Supporting)亚博主页
06 Walter Brennan

YOUR TASK: Make it a top ten by filling slots seven through ten.Name the four actors who most deserve to join them as three-timersorthe ones who seem most likely?

Oct 20 2014

Beauty vs Beast: Writers Retreat

JA fromMNPPhere with our third week's worth of Halloween-flavored "Beauty vs Beast"treats - today we're swerving away from Wes Craven's cadre of high school students in distress to hit up a whole different kind of Final Girl fight club: jump in the Snowcat,we're heading up to The Overlook Hotel to face off the ill-fated Torrances,Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and Jack (Jack Nicholson),with their snowed-in battle for little Danny's soul.

You've just got one week til the cold takes over,the elevator doors swing open,and the blood gets off on the second floor,so cast your votes and let us know which Torrance you feel for in the comments.

PREVIOUSLYYou screamed,I screamed,we all screamed for Wes Cravenand his 1996 slasher classicScream- would Sidney whoop those bad boys Billy and Stu's butts once again?Naturally she did - four full movies couldn't keep our Super Bitch down,this was no contest.SaidTom:

"This is my 90's!Sidney all the way.She isn't the perfect innocent virginal girl most horror movies have as the heroine.She is probably just as disturbed as the villains she defeats.She fights the darkness inside and out.No wonder there was speculation that she would be the killer inScream 4."

Jul 29 2014

Curio: Suspect and Fugitive

Alexahere with your weekly arts and crafts.Nathaniel'sbanana Bond boredomfrom last week reminded me of a project that Seattle-based artist Kris Garland/Rakka Deerdid back in 2008.TitledSuspect and Fugitive,the series involved making one item a day from suspect (questionable) and fugitive (non archival) materials.This involved Rakka combining pop culture portraiture with food (and sometimes other materials) in new and clever ways every day for one year.

Like this pancake Cate Blanchett...

Pancake Blanchett

Maybe Nathaniel should try this.Favorite actresses and foodstuffs maybe?In any case,here is some more inspiration courtesy of Rakka from Donnie Darko to Doris Dayafter the jump

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Jun 23 2014

Beauty Vs Beast: Going Batty

JA fromMNPPhere with this week's batty edition of "Beauty Vs.Beast"- Twenty-five years ago today Tim Burton'sBatmanopened,and I think it might have maybe had a little bit of an effect on The Movies?Let's see - how many superhero films are set to open in the next five years?I think it's something like [edited because you can't look directly at this number,it is Lovecraftian in its ability to break your brain and instantly render you mindlessly bonkers].Something like that.Once upon a time though this was not the case.Moreso even than the Christopher ReeveSupermanmovies that preceded it,Tim Burton'sBatmanshowed Hollywood what a juggernaut these things could be - it was the biggest movie of 1989 by far (nearly 60 million dollars ahead of its closest competition,the thirdIndiana Jones),and I have distinct memories of everything I owned that year being covered in Bat symbols - my t-shirts,my backpack,my Trapper Keeper.

Generational arguments still break out (see:Neighbors) about who was the best Batman (yes I am old and Team Keaton all the way) but fewer people seem to argue about which Joker they prefer between Jack Nicholson and that dude who won an Oscar for his performance - that's not to say I don't know people who'll argue for Team Jack and his closer-to-the-comics hamminess.Thankfully I'm not dropping us into that mire today (although feel free to express your opinions in the comments on that) - instead we're facing the oldest question in the Bat-pantheon: Are Batman's villains always inherently more interesting,more fun,than the dude in the big black suit himself?Sound off!

You have one week to dance with these devils in the pale moonlight and let us know in the comments why you picked which - have at it!

PREVIOUSLYLast week's competition sawthe titular Hitchcock blonde of 1963'sMarniefacing off against her James Bond savior slash terrorizer slash romantic interest - judging by our comments we all pretty much agreeed that neither of these folks was anybody we'd want to be stuck in an elevtor with,but Tippi snapped the win in her bright yellow purse and sauntered away all the same.Said Tom:

"Voting for Marnie.The movie really is a snore,but Tippi Hedron really is great.This is proof she had the goods to be an actress,and it's kind of a shame nothing really happened after this movie for her."

Sep 04 2013

Just Jack

JA fromMNPPhere with some sad news - it'sbeing reported thatJack Nicholson has officially,if quietly,retired from acting.Given that's it's been two years since the 76 year-old made a movie it's not the most surprising news in the world,but he's taken that long between roles before and I kept hoping he'd come back with one killer role and not go out on a sour note likeHow Do You Know(a title whose lack of punctuation still grates two years later).Radar is quoting ye old anonymous "Hollywood insider"as saying that it's due to memory loss - that he just can't remember his lines anymore,and that's why he passed on reuniting with hisAbout Schmidtdirector Alexander Payne on the upcomingNebraska,a role that eventually went to Bruce Dern.So...there's Johnny.What's your favorite Nicholson?

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