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May 08 2019

The Man Is Chan

BySalim Garami

What's good?

I just wanted to tie upour celebration of Jackie Chan's quintessentialPolice StoryandPolice Story 2finding their way into the esteemed catalog of the Criterion Collectionby recognizing the other thing he's best known for besides kicking fools in the face: pre-emptively auditioning for the Jackass crew by partaking in some of the most dangerous stunts recorded on film.Safety is for mere mortals as far as Chan is concerned and he is probably convinced that if any characters are ever killed on-screen in a movie,then the actor themself must also be killed for versimilitude.

Not really,but much like his fight choreography,the sort of discipline and ambition Chan displays on screen in order to wow audiences around the world is the kind that pays off a lifetime of painful falls and crashes.He mirrors his own character's resilience to obstacles and defies fear and death with his stuntwork.

Let's get that listing over with so we can watch some more Jackie Chan.

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May 05 2019

Chan's the Man

BySalim Garami

What's good?

This past Tuesday saw the home video Criterion Collection release of a 4K restoration forPolice StoryandPolice Story 2,two of movies that made a household name out of Hong Kong international superstar Jackie Chan.Chan is ostensibly a man who needs no introduction in the world of action cinema,but put it this way: the bodily injury and risk,the way this man twists and flips his body and face for our entertainment,the rigorous and grueling discipline that he pushes despite looking so rubbery and clownish...it all makes Tom Cruise's high-altitude climbs and dives look like square cowardice.

The Hong-Kong-based actor-director is a more painful descendent of the school of physical comedy that Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton opened up,utilizing his background in the Peking Chinese Opera to make things as small as answering multiple phone calls look like athletic feats...

In order to illustrate his excellence and to celebrate this canonization and recognition through the Blu-Ray set release,I've opted to provide two mini-lists here:his top five fights in this postand his top five solo stunts in a post later tomorrow...

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Nov 16 2016

Honorary Oscars - The Acceptance Speeches亚博主页

The General Election really threw off coverage here but we're back on our feet (if a bit wobbly) and we hope you are,too!The annual Governor's Awards where the Honorary Oscars are handed out were held this past weekend with basically亚博主页everyonein attendance.Here are the four honorees giving their very sweet speeches from the event.They're so moved as well they should be by this historica honor.

Enjoy if you haven't yet seen them...

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Sep 01 2016

Honorary Oscars to Jackie Chan,亚博主页Frederick Wiseman,Lynn Stalmaster,and Anne V Coates

The Board of Governors from AMPAS have finally announced their selections for this year's Honorary Oscars.亚博主页This year they're not giving out the Thalberg (for Producing) or the Hersholt (for Huminatarian efforts) but just the regular ol' Honorary Oscars.亚博主页If such a thing can be deemed "regular"since they're so hard to come by.Consider that James Ivory still doesn't have one despite being a masterful oft imitated but never duplicated director behind three major Best Picture contenders (and many other beautiful films) and never having won an an Oscar and being 88 years old.Nathaniel wept.Oscar remains remarkably stingy with the gays but at least they've noticed the need for diversity in other ways.

Congratulations to this year's esteemed recipients!

Jackie Chan's starmaking hitThe Legend of Drunken Master(1978)

He's a famous actor,producer,and director and his filmography is just enormous with well over 100 films under his belt.What's more he's a major figure in Asian cinema which is about the last place Oscar ever looks to hand honors so good on them.He's only 62 which is young for an Honorary prize but Spike Lee got his while still in his late 50s recently so they appear to be loosening up with their age restrictions.

Though The Film Experience is against Oscar's strange practice of giving Honorary Statues to people who've already won (like Coates) there's no denying that she's one of the best editors the cinema has ever seen.亚博主页And in truth they've been a bit stingy with her with only 5 nominations and a win (Out of Sight,In the Line of Fire,The Elephant Man,Becket,and her winning filmLawrence of Arabiawhen she was still in her 30s).I was personally horrified when she was not nominated for her vigorous artful editing onErin Brockovich(2000).At 91 she doesn't work much anymore but she did editFifty Shades of Grey(2015) recently.

The Academy has been egregiously stingy with this 86 year old.He'sneverbeen nominated despite being considered one of the all time greatest documentarians.He has made nearly 40 documentaries including such well regarded titles asTiticut Follies(1967),High School(1968),Hospital(1970),Welfare(1975),Domestic Violence(2001),andAt Berkeley(2013)

Since AMPAS does not have a category for casting this is a great use of the Honorary award.Lynn Stalmaster is 88 years old and a legend in his field.Within his first three years as a casting director he already had a Best Actress winning film under his belt(I Want to Live!,1958).Among his many films there are quite a few examples of situations where the perfect actors for that particular project where chosen including:In the Heat of the Night(1967),The Thomas Crown Affair(1968),They Shoot Horses Don't They(1969),Harold and Maude(1971),Deliverance(1972),Tootsie(1982),The Right Stuff(1983),Nine and a Half Weeks(1986) and many more.I adore that he had such a thing for Faye Dunaway though maybe she regrets how frequently he cast her sinceMommie Dearest(1981) andSupergirl(1984) were towards the end of it.

The non-televised Governors Awards will be held on November 12th.As usual we'll be doing some posting on these four careers in the lead up to their honors so we have quite a range of films to choose from.Any requests?