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Jan 28 2019

Michel Legrand (1932-2019)

by Eric Blume

Michel Legrand in 1981French film composer Michel Legrand passed away this past weekend after six decades of work in the industry.He was truly one of the greats. Chief among his accomplishments was the sung-through score for the masterpieceThe Umbrellas of Cherbourg(1964),delivering music that soared and perfectly caught the melancholy tone of director Jacques Demy's pastel/sad view of the world.The Legrand-Demy collaboration was deliriously French and remains a pristine achievement over a half century later...

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Jan 06 2017

La La Demy Land

Now thatLa La Landis in wide release word of mouth from regular moviegoers (rather than critics) keeps expanding.As expected with Best Picture frontrunners,not all of it is kind.This unique and ravishing film has begun to suffer from the inevitable backlash.  Some of my musical theater friends are balking that neither star is a great singer,the songs aren't sophisticated,and it doesn't honor Hollywood musicals in the way they'd expected.

To harp on these issues misses the point of what director Damien Chazelle has created.  It's true that neither Emma Stone nor Ryan Gosling have Broadway-caliber singing voices,and it's also true that future composers of musical theater are likelier to study Sondheim than Justin Hurwitz.  But Chazelle isn't making a Broadway show,he's crafting a wholly-original tone for a film,stealing bits and pieces from a wide variety of sources,and doesn't seem interested in making a purely traditional Hollywood musical.

Chazelle has spoken in interviews about how the single greatest influence onLa La Landwere the two musical films of French director Jacques Demy:The Umbrellas of Cherbourg,andThe Young Girls of Rochefort...

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Feb 13 2016

Valentine's - Les chansons d'amour

Team Experience are sharing their favourite love scenes for Valentine's.Here'sDavidfrom THE city of love...

Murtada was firstto share a musical movie moment to celebrate Valentine's,but,as the famous Shakespeare quote goes,"if music be the food of love,play on…",and so it is that I bring you an actual Love Song - one of the gentle acoustic numbers of Christophe Honoré's Les chansons d'amour...

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Aug 04 2014


HitFixPaul Feig (Bridesmaids) may well remakeGhostbusters with a female cast.I'm normally against do-overs unless you significantly reinvent so best wishes to all
Roger Ebertthe Jacques Demy collectio.WANT
MNPPLee Pace & Matt Bomer went to high school together.Awwww
MNPP which is hotter,Dick(1999) anniversary!
GuardianChristina Hendricks interviewed aboutMad Menand more.Her original agency dropped her when she took the Joan Harris part.D'oh!
Gothamistfunny Julie Klausner on Jonathan Demme'sStop Making Sense
Shortpacked!a webcomic for everyone like me who feels totally alone in not likingGuardians of the Galaxy very much
Coming Soona boring onset shot of Daredevil's altar ego Matt Murdock in his lawyer drag from the new Netflix series
AV Clubtalks to Brendan Gleeson abouvCalvary,Harry Potter and more
Cinema Blendthey're making Richard Linklater'sSchool of Rockinto a TV series
Nick's Flick PicksNick and Joe have completed their choices for the "best of"the year's first half with leading performances and Best Picture.Good smart read with lots of love forBlue Ruin,Only Lovers Left Alive,Edge of Tomorrow
Coming SoonJames Gunn teases work onGuardians of the Galaxysequel.Whew,already?
Comics AllianceComparingGuardianstoThe Last Starfighter,an 80s sci-fi flick
Boy Culturereviews Oscar winner Lee Grant's autobiography "I'd Still Say Yes"
Slant Magazinereviews a biography on Joss Whedon

Cast This!It appears that there's going to be a movie calledRuss & Roger Go Beyondabout the making ofBeyond the Valley of the Dolls(1970).Who should play that infamous movie's celebrated writer Roger Ebert?

Why did no one tell me about Vance Joy's "Riptide"which is now as far as I can tell like a year old.Love the emphatic fantasy of this lyric,duh!

I just gotta,I just gotta know
I can't have it,I can't have it any other way
I swear she's destined for the screen
Closest thing to Michelle Pfeiffer that you've ever seen,oh

May 15 2014

Mad Men @ the Movies: Mutilations,Model Shop,and Mojo

Don't open the box,Peggy,don't open the box!DON'T OPE

Too late.With so much time,cameras and distance between us Peggy didn't hear the shouting from my apartment.Yeah,I was actually shouting.I am generally as quiet with the TV as I am in movie theaters...unless the show calls for raucous participation like,oh,Election Night orDrag Race.And thoughMad Meninvites gasping and laughter and speculation and veritably lives to provoke responses those responses are generally of the sort that take time to unpack.

Which is,perhaps,why I never write about the show.Or at least not weekly as intended.I'm always still unpacking;the show seems denser than ever what with its ever expanding universe (now bicoastal and double-floored in NYC) and ever growing cast of characters to populate the agency which has tripled (at least) in size since Season 1.That's a lot of baggage to unpack.And not just of the personal damage variety...though there's always been plenty of that in Matthew Weiner's masterwork.

A trip to the movies,intruding showbiz,and a couple of stray observationsafter the jump...

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