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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
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Dec 17 2018

Sunday in the Link with George

This link roundup was intended for last night,hence the title.We cannot be bound by time here at TFE

Jake Gyllenhaalomg he's joined instagram and on his second post he's singing Sondheim with Annaleigh Ashford.L-O-V-E
Vulturea fun interview with Patrick Wilson onAquamanand much more
TalkhouseBruce LaBruce on underknown Canadian Christmas thrillerThe Silent Partner
MNPPStephan James eight times
JezebelOscar-nominated actress/ sometime director Sondra Locke (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) has died but the obituaries are all about her turbulent relationship with Clint Eastwood

THRNetflix is making aDark Crystalprequel with Taron Egerton,Anya Taylor-Joy,and Nathalie Emmanuel as the lead gelflings
AV Clubmore Emmy rule changes around what counts as a TV movie
DeadlineKate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan to star in a lesbian romance
VarietyLumiere award nominations from France (not to be confused with the Césars which are the Oscar equivalent but announce later)
The New Yorkera convincing pan ofThe Marvelous Mrs Maisel(and you don't see that every day!) that ends with a recommend list of other 'high-feminine mythmaking' worth checking out
Polygontalks to Phillipa Boyens about the best moment inReturn of the Kingfor its 15th anniversary

The IndieWire Critics pollhas been released.I continue to be dumbfounded that critics support,nay,EMBRACE,category fraud as if they,too,have no respect for any actor who isn't the lead of a movie.You'd think critics (of all people) would be the check and balance on this sort of anti-art gamemanships.It's dumbfounding because they have nothing to gain by kowtowing to the whims of publicists and the egos of movie stars,rather than voting with integrity.They get access either way.I know as one such critic who everyone knows rejects category fraud wherever I see it.As with SAG,60% of the Supporting Actress list is leading ladies.If you're wondering why Bradley Cooper missed the Best Actor list please know that for some reason he was left off of the pulldown list during voting.I wrote him in but I imagine a lot of people would not have gone to the trouble,not for any nefarious reason but because he slipped their mind when they did not see him on the list of choices.I do not support these kind of shenanigans!But the winners areRoma,Alfonso Cuarón,Olivia Colman,Ethan Hawke,Rachel Weisz (for best leadingsupportingactress),and Steven Yeun.

Sep 24 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Sugar & Spice & Everything March

Hello and happy Monday everyone,Jason fromMNPPhere with another edition of our "Beauty vs Beast"series - Louisa May Alcott's bookLittle Womenjust turned 150 this year and it's hotter than it's ever been.There was aBBC versionwith Maya Hawke and Emily Watson and Angela Lansbury that aired here in the US in the spring.Then this very weekend there'sa modernized retellinghitting theaters.And then of course the one sucking all the air out of the room - Greta Gerwig's all-star edition set for next year,whose cast is so stacked we'd be here all day if I try listing off everybody -just look at the IMDb page.

Anyway a lot of us (even if we're excited to see all of those actors in one place and under her direction) aren't entirely sure why Greta's making this new version - not when there's Gillian Armstrong's perfectly lovely 1994 adaptation already,anyway.Winona Ryder as Jo,Christian Bale as Laurie,Susan Sarandon as Marmee,Kirsten Dunst as Amy,Claire Danes as Beth (cough cough)...these are the people I picture when I pictureLittle Women.And then one second later I immediately remember Amy burning Jo's manuscript and I see red...

PREVIOUSLYI'm not sure if it was mostly Riz Ahmed Lust or if it was just that Jake's character is so (deliciously) despicable,but y'all surprised me and went and gave Riz/Rick your prize onlast week'sNightcrawlercontestwith nearly 60% of the vote.Lou's a loser!

Anyway maybe it's just simply whatNick Tsaid:

"Rick's just a nice cute guy who doesn't even know he's in over his head and Jake's a mean ol' lizard.Easy call."

Sep 21 2018

And the Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day

At several key moments in Jacques Audiard's hymnalThe Sisters Brotherstime stands still and we watch a curtain gently shift to and fro in the breeze,mid-day sunlight coloring in its folds,making shade where none just was.Take a moment to smell the roses,the film whispers,because hey you never know if and or when you might get shot right in your face...

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Sep 17 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Video Nasties

Hey everybody it's Jason fromMNPPhere poking my head out from in between NYFF screenings to entertain us with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"real quick - this weekend Jacques Audiard'sThe Sisters Brothersis hitting theaters,but as I am sure you are each and all aware it's not the first time we have been gifted the sight of Jake Gyllenhaal & Riz Ahmed on-screen together.Nope four years ago they gave us the wonder that was Dan Gilroy'sNightcrawler,in which the self-determined (ha,understatement) Lou Bloom (Gyllenhaal) took the slightly less determined Rick (Ahmed) under his wing.And what a scratchy wing that was.

PREVIOUSLYAlthough her fate was a downer inCrouching Tigerwe can now these many years later finallygive a round of applauseto Michelle Yeoh's character of Yu Shu Lien,who roundly trounced Zhang Ziyi's Jen Yu,taking 73% of your vote.I'm sure it's little comfort given what she lost,but hey,whatcha gonna do.SaidAni di:

"Not fair,this is like a gay sophie's choice.Torture."

Sep 11 2018

TIFF Review: "Wildlife"

byChris Feil

Paul Dano's directorial debutWildlifeis a period domestic drama with a fire in its gut.It's the kind of piercing portrait of a family that makes you want to marinate in all of its surprising details just as you desperately want to escape its breathlessly realized pain.

Picturing an emotionally desolate suburban America of shitty lawns and ranch style homes,Dano strikes a balance between toughness and compassion,cruelty and honesty.It's as if its family was built on the fault line of two massive tectonic plates and no matter how violent the inevitable eruption that is to come,it might be sadly better that they be ripped apart.For everyone.

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May 02 2018

Jake Gyllenhaal and Steven Spielberg playing with the legacy of Leonard Bernstein

by Nathaniel R

Have you heard the news that there's a Leonard Bernstein biopic coming?There's good news and there's bad news.The good news is that there's a Leonard Bernstein biopic coming at all!I mean...he's only a bonafide genius of the 20th century.Even better Jake Gyllenhaal is attached to star.Even better Cary Joji Fukunaga (Jane Eyre,Beasts of No Nation,True Detective) will be directing!Gyllenhaal gives quote:

Like many people,Leonard Bernstein found his way into my life and heart throughWest Side Storywhen I was a kid. But as I got older and started to learn about the scope of his work,I began to understand the extent of his unparalleled contribution and the debt of gratitude modern American culture owes him.As a man,Bernstein was a fascinating figure—full of genius and contradiction—and it will be an incredible honor to tell his story with a talent and friend like Cary."

More after the jump...

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