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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Nov 02 2017

"Lion King"Revival Announces Cast

Your childhood memories are about to get Beyoncé'd.

Disney'sThe Lion Kingis getting the live-action treatment and previews for it have already showngreat promise.Disney has now revealed the list of stars that will voice your most cherised prepubescent traumas.Standouts include James Earl Jones as Mufasa (he also voiced the original in 1994),Chiwetel Ejiofor as maybe-gay uncle Jafar,and budding singer/song-reader Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.The voices of the newKingfeatures great diversity that we hope is indicative of the crew behind-the-scenes.

Check out the full main cast up next...

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Feb 18 2017

I Just Can't Wait to be Link

/FilmDonald Glover will be the voice of Simba and James Earl Jones the voice of Mufasa in the forthcoming remake ofThe Lion King...I notice it's being lumped in with all the other Disney 'live action remakes of animated pictures' in articles but this one isnotlive action,but CG and mo-cap likeThe Jungle Book.
E!NewsMalin Akerman recalls her nude modelling shoot with Jamie Dornan
AnOtherinterviews John Waters.Multiple Maniacsis getting a rerelease overseas...hence the interview.What I want to know is where in the box set of his complete filmography?
TV LineDarren Criss is Andrew Cunanan and Edgar Ramirez Gianni Versace in the next American Crime Story
Awards Daily TVBest Actress in a Limited Series is already crazy competitive for the next Emmys viaFeud,Big Little Lies,and more...

Links after the jump including more Viola,plusArrival,The Lion King,Night of the Iguana,Boyd Holbrook and more...

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Jun 23 2016

Cue the Imperial March.

Daddy's back!

One of the most iconic characters of all time is set to return to the big screen.Darth Vader returns to cinemas whenRogue Onehits on December 16th.But do you sense a disturbance in the force?A few questions get raised here.Was Darth Vader added in the reshoots when the studio was reportedly in panic?Perhaps the biggest question of all is: do we need to see Darth Vader again?

It would be surprising not to have Darth Vader mentioned at all as he is a very large character in the universe at that time this new (old) story takes place,but to appear on screen is a huge moment to promise.Audiences will return just to see this character again but isn't that,perhaps,detrimental to the larger revival of the franchise.Part of the success ofThe Force Awakenswas the way it balanced nostalgia whilst shaping a new path.It ensured Vader cast a dark shadow,and his absence was felt which is a successful use of nostalgia but not overkill.

Have we already spied Darth Vader in the Rogue One trailer?

Vader has appeared frequently in the animated TV series but the big screen where he's the big bad is another thing.Still a tip of the hat to the never ending successful Star Wars PR machine.They reveal only that Darth Vader will reappear,and millions of voices cry out in glee.But doyoufind the lack of originality disturbing?

Oct 09 2014

Stage Door: "You Can't Take It With You"& "From Here To Eternity"

The Best Picture winners of 1938 and 1953,which were based on hit plays and best selling novels respectively,have moved to the stage.Let's take a look...

Annaleigh Ashford dances up a comic storm in "You Can't Take It With You"

For this Broadway revival of the classic 30s comedy,famously moviefied by Frank Capra back in the day,they've gone all star: James Earl Jones plays the tax-avoiding follow-your-dreams grandfather,Broadway vet and A+ comic actress Christine Nielsen (recently Tony nominated forVanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike) is the easily distracted mother of a large brood,Rose Byrne her gorgeous daughter (essentially the 'Marilyn Munster' of this band of eccentrics),Fran Krantz fromDollhouseandCabin in the Woodsher rich would-be fiancee and Annaleigh Ashford,who has been on such a brilliant role these past couple of years with her ex-hooker lesbian receptionist onMasters of Sexand as a factory girl in Broadway'sKinky Boots,is the dance-crazed busybody.

If you've boned up on your 1930s Best Picture winners you'll know that those are the roles once inhabited by Lionel Barrymore,Spring Byington (Oscar-nominated),Jean Arthur,Jimmy Stewart and Ann Miller;tough acts to follow all.

As it turns out the theatrical and farcical antics of this family play better on stage...

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Sep 11 2014

Team Top Ten: All Time Greatest Voice Performances

Amirhere,with this month's edition ofteam top ten.As the art of acting and our interpretation of it evolve,definitions of what we consider a good performance change.It's become an annual tradition to discuss whether a motion capture performance or some "alternative"form of acting deserves to be in the awards race.Last year's topic of conversation was Scarlatt Johansson's voice work inHerand that's the topic we've turned our attention to.(Thanks toMichael Cusumanofor his suggestion!)

Voice acting has existed since cinema found sound and it has contributed to the medium in more memorable ways than a list of ten entries can represent.We were not limited in our option to animated films or any genre.So long as the voice performance was not accompanied by visual aids from the same performer (e.g.Andy Serkis's work in LOTR was not eligible),it was fair game.Naturally,our list is animation-heavy,but there were others firmly in the race likeAlec Baldwin's exquisite narration ofThe Royal Tenenbaumsor especialy Marni Nixon –of whom The Film Experience is a big fan亚博主页– who received several votes butjustnot enough.

Without further ado,here the collective top ten created from the rankings of each contributor's individual ballot

Top Ten Voice Performances of All Time

10.Peter O'Toole (Ratatouille)
Peter O'Toole's Anton Ego doesn't have much screen time inRatatouillebut his contribution to Pixar's best film outside of theToy Storytrilogy is immeasurable.The final monologue by Ego – what an apt name for the food critic,or any critic,really – has become a reference point for film writers.The text is definitive,reminding us that "in the grand scheme of things,the average piece of junk is more meaningful than our criticism designating it so."Yet,the bitter truth in the text wouldn't strike the right chords had it not been for O'Toole's sombre,elegiac tone.Remarkably balancing his authority with a palpable sense of resignation,O'Toole's final words elevate the scene beyond criticism.
-Amir Soltani

9.Eleanor Audley (Sleeping Beauty)
Angelina Jo-who?While the voluptuous star brought sexiness and unnecessary warmth to the part of Maleficent in this summer's blockbuster adaptation,she still doesn't hold a candle to the incomparable work of Eleanor Audley in the 1959 animated version.The actress bookended the 1950s for Disney through two of their most iconic creations,having also voiced Cinderella's stepmother in the 1950 version.ForBeautyhowever,she was firing on all Machiavellian cylinders as she brought a sense of immeasurable dread to what was considered to be a children's film.Her Maleficent is barely in the film,but she makes every line count.We don't need to hear her entire (or any) backstory to know that she was truly evil in ways we could only begin to imagine.In a time before villains were cool,she's the most interesting character and when she says "listen well,all of you",you couldn't pay us to ignore her command.
- Jose Solis
(more on this performance)

8 more great vocal performancesafter the jump...

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Aug 03 2011

On Oscar's Honorary Statues: Who Gets Them,Who Still Waits?

...mogulOPRAH WINFREY(The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award),actorJAMES EARL JONES(Honorary Oscar) and makeup artistDICK SMITH(Honorary Oscar).

I heard this in the wee hours of the AM this morning but didn't have time to ponder it whilst collapsing from a day spent swooning over Judy Garland (♥♥♥♥) and then Sufjan Stevens at "Celebrate Brooklyn".

Several hours later after a good night's sleep the news makes much more sense to me because last night I thought they'd given Opraha regular honorary Oscar-- most of the headlines are saying just that -- and I was pissed.For the record,though a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award looks just like an Oscar,it's actually a statue commemorating your humanitarian endeavors rather than your screen work.And few would argue that Oprah isn't deserving once you make that distinction.I think the Jean Hersholt statue shouldn't look the same as a regular Oscar so it gets confusing.

The Color OprahAnd really a regular Honorary Oscar wouldn't have surprised me.The Academy,much like the rest of the world,tends to think that celebrity = deserve.But really fame should have much less to do with who gets Honorary Oscars than that person's contribution to the cinema.亚博主页And really what has Oprah ever done to warrant a regular Oscar?If you sayThe Color PurpleI'd have to smack you upside the head witha Margaret Avery (The Color Purple) or an Anjelica Huston (Prizzi's Honor)and then if you're still trying to say "The Color Purple"a mandatory viewing ofThe Kiss of Spider Womanis in order.Brazil's non-nominated Sonia Braga was AMAZING thrice over (multi-part performance) in that film.Can I get an amen?

The makeup artistDick Smithalready has an Oscar forAmadeus(1984) but maybe they felt he needed an honorary since just maybe he was the one on the makeup team that put cotton balls in Marlon Brando's mouth forThe Godfatherand he also did fine comic work onDeath Becomes Herwhich we love and which Oscar mostly ignored.

Though really,should a previous winner ever get an honorary?

Here's why the repeats are problems.In the past 30 years only 4 actresses have won honoraries and one of them,Sophia Loren,already had a competitive statue.The Academy has screwed over a lot of female screen icons over the years so why double reward someone when so many greats are still denied?Oscar's contempt for women -- remember they rarely let them present Best Picture either -- seems to be getting worse.Since the glorious early 90s when Sophia Loren,Deborah Kerr and Myrna Loy won them in quick succession,only Lauren Bacall has been so honored.ONLY ONE ACTRESS SINCE 1994.In that same time span,1994 to now,5 actors have been so honored and one of them (Sidney Poitier) already had an Oscar.We complain about this every year but there's a long list of actressy screen icons who never won an Oscar and whose screen contributions and legacies are undeniable.Chief among them I'd argue areCatherine DeneuveandMia Farrow.They'll both turn 70 soon -tick-tock,tick-tock.

One of the greatest filmographies in the business.Still challenging herself well into her 60s.Deneuve for the Honorary Gold.

But there are also other past nominees with rich Hollywood histories -- names in bold are still alive -- including (Angela Lansbury,Doris Day,Natalie Wood,Ava Gardner,Irene Dunne,Gena Rowlands,Eleanor Parker) and some with rich filmographies who were never so much as nominated (Maureen O'Hara,Marilyn Monroe) and there's the current working aging crop who they'reobviouslygoing to pass on competitively (Annette Bening,Julianne Moore,Michelle Pfeiffer...maybeGlenn Closeif it doesn't happen this year) and who are more than deserving of these "thank you for your career"prizes.

Come to think of it,if AMPAS was smart about honoraries they could stop voting for competitive prizes as cumulative honors and just reserve those 'you were never THE best of any particular year' people for the honorary statues.You know Meryl Streep is more likely to get an Honorary than any of these women and she already has two!

Congratulations to this year's recipients!Honestly,I'm not throwing shade on them.Don't misunderstand.It's just the Academy has so many blind spots with their honorary prizes we'd like them to see the eye doctor before they lose their sight entirely.