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Jan 19 2016

15 Best LGBT Characters of '15

We promised a grand total of15 "Best of "2015"Lists(apart from the awards -- yeah,we're overplanning crazy) so here's the second to last.Diversity is the hot topic of the week and regardless of any one particularity (like an Oscar nominee list) thing are getting better on television (obviously) and at the movies,too,though you have to look a little bit harder.Still,if you go to a lot of movies and attempt to draw up lists like this you'll find you're spoilt for choice.There are so many more films these days directed by women,for gay audiences,for people of the color and the like.You just have to look beyond Big Hollywood and keep your eyes open for intriguing surprises if you do regularly hit the all wide releases multiplex.

Since 15 is a finite number (damn you math) not every film with an LGBT character can make the list.Some I didn't see only because you can't see everything (Legend,Duke of Burgundy,Cut Snake,Eastern Boys) and some just didn't make this particular list (Tom at the Farm,Saint Laurent,Gerontophilia,Ricki and the Flash,Mr Holmes,The New Girlfriend,Boulevard,Stonewall,Match,andThe Danish Girl) though that shouldn't reflect on the film itself because that group has everything from terrible to great movies within it.The most high profile miss is Lili Elbe (Eddie Redmaybe) but that's mostly becauseThe Danish Girlneeded to be queerer and because there are several women that were far more fetching on this list.

Without further ado...

15 Best LGBT Characters of The Movies of '15
fromNasty BabythroughStar Wars(???) and on up toCarol

15Freddy (Sebastián Silva) inNasty Baby
Silva,one of Chile's best known filmmakers,doesn't usually star in his own movies,but this time out he gifts himself the lead role.Freddy,an artist working haphazardly on a new project involving adults pretending to be babies,desperately wants to be a dad and is continually trying to make it happen between his boyfriend (Tunde Adebimpe fromRachel Getting Married) and his best friend (Kristen Wiig).Silva's a fluid filmmaker when it comes to gender,ethnicity,and genre andNasty Babyis a fluid movie, freely hopping from genre to genre without much warning:  drama,comedy,character study,art world satire,and even thriller.(Bonus points for the cat-loving.)

more after the jump

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Nov 25 2015

Kieran Gives Thanks

Kieran,here wishing all TFE readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Being part of Team Experience these past few months has been a sheer joy.I'm thankful for a place to share my writing where the discussions are always interesting,thoughtful and fun.Thanks to our gracious host,Nathaniel for providing this space.

I'm thankful for

...Shamelessand more specifically Emmy Rossum onShameless.After her breakthrough in 2004'sPhantom of the Opera,it seemed that Rossum found herself underutilized and underserved in a lot of films.After that rocky slate of film roles,seeing her cast against type onShamelessand doing some of the best,criminally ignored work on television today is absolutely thrilling.


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Nov 17 2015

Special Report: Spirit Awards Preview/Predictions

?????The Spirit Award nominations are announced a week from today.Here's special guest and our podcast cohortJoe Reidto preview/predict the nominations.

The 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards will announce their nominations next Tuesday,the earliest full slate of nominations (the Gothamscan call me when they get supporting categories) and for many the clearest opening bell for awards season.After them,the critics awards start rolling in,then the Golden Globe nominations,and by then we're off to the races.I have always found the Spirits to be the most difficult to predict and the most fun.Partly because they happen so early in the season but also partly because the qualifications are always just a bit mysterious.

A reminder,per the Spirits' rules and regs: to qualify,a film must be an American film made for under $20 million,and have either been released in theaters in 2015 or played one of six major U.S.festivals (Sundance,Los Angeles,New Directors/New Films,New York,Telluride,Toronto).Of course,even with those rules,there are splittable hairs.

predictions after the jump

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Nov 12 2015

AFI Awards: Mustang,James White,and More...

Deniz & AliceThe Los Angeles AFI Festival,presented by Audi,ends tonight with the premiere of Paramount'sThe Big Shortwith it's all star (male) cast.But two women we're instant new fans of were the winners.First time feature directorDeniz Gamze Ergüvenand second time feature directorAlice Winocourboth had films in the fest (Mustang,which they cowrote and Ergüven directed,andDisorder,which was titledMarylandwhen it first debuted at Cannes,which Winocour wrote and directed.)Mustangopens in NY & LA a week from tomorrow.Disorderis due in March next year.They're both very much worth seeing so keep an eye on these two very talented women.I know we will.


Jury:  Inkoo Kang (TheWrap),Sheri Linden (The Hollywood Reporter,Los Angeles Times) and Nigel M.Smith (The Guardian).

New Auteurs Grand Jury Award:Land and Shade(César Augusto Acevedo)
The jury cited it's  "visual eloquence,formal rigor and emotional power"in painting a portrait of a rural family in Colombia and its observations about the explotation of the poor and environmental degradation

more prizes follow...

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Nov 09 2015

AFI Fest: James White

Kieran,here reporting from AFI Fest in Hollywood.

James White (played by Christopher Abbott) is a 21-year-old whose life is in a kind of disarray that's sometimes indistinguishable,at least from the outset,from typical millenial aimlessness.He spends his evenings binge drinking,getting high and instigating bar fights all while harboring vague notions of becoming a writer.His estranged father has recently passed away and he sleeps on the sofa of his ailing mother,insisting that he's only there to take care of her.There's a lot in that plot description to suggest something trite and indie-by-numbers.My own antennae were up for yet another indie about a disaffected,yet ambiguously wealthy young white man.Thankfully,writer-director Josh Mond's directorial debut (he was previously a producer onMartha Marcy May Marlenewhose director,Sean Durkin is a producer here) opts for something more specific and lived-in here.

The film's saving grace,at least on the script level,is that it manages to be kind to its lead character without co-signing his worldview or behavior.Yes,James is "a mess"as a family friend played by Ron Livingston tells him during a job interview that's going terribly in every possible way.[More...]

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Feb 02 2015

Sundance: A Bleak Character Study Triple Feature

Michael C hereto look at a trio of dark films that premiered at Sundance.What would Sundance be without some downbeat character studies?Every festival gets its share of films charting the process by which self-destructive people make a shambles of their lives.Some of them are utterly engrossing and have the audience hanging on the protagonist's every move.Many of them are a chore,dragging the audience through fifty variations of misery to no clear purpose.The type of film where you tip your hat to the artistry and to the gumption it took to get it made,while silently resolving that you never need subject yourself to that again.

(I Smile Back,James Whiteand Patrick Wilson inZipperafter the jump)

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