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"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Jan 30 2018

Pfeiffer in New Zealand.But why?

by Nathaniel R

Jane Campion and Michelle Pfeiffer embracing in New Zealand

Thanks to the twitter pfan accountLaPfeifferfor alerting us to this but Michelle Pfeiffer was recently spotted in New Zealand hiking with her husband David E Kelley and...(gulp) Jane Campion,only one of the greatest living filmmakers.But why was she there...?

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Jul 29 2017

Podcast: Dunkirk and Spider-Man Homecoming

In this episodeNathaniel,JoeandNicktalk about the latest superhero movie (Spider-Man Homecoming) and the latest heroic movie without super powers (Dunkirk).Plus Nick has very exciting upcoming Film Comment issue news.

Index (42 minutes)
00:01 Nick talked to Jane Campion,omg!
03:15Spider-Man Homecoming,Tom Holland,Marisa Tomei,and a brief sidebar toAvengers: Age of Ultron
13:33Dunkirk,ChristopherNolan's recurring obsessions,and brief tangents toDetroitandThe Beguiled

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

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Dunkirk and Spidey

May 28 2017

Beefcake and Linksnacks

Today's Must Read
"Male Stars Are Too Buff Now,"a great funny true read from E Alex Jung about Zac Efron inBaywatchand other visually alarming superhuman specimens.

Daily ActorCorey Hawkins on the Juilliard audition he almost failed
Charlene's (Mostly) Classic Moviesa "Medicine in the Movies"Blogathon - articles onContagion,Night Nurse,Reversal of Fortune,The Fountain,and many more
Cartoon BrewNigeria hopes to train 'an army of animation professionals' with the market for thoe films exploding

The GuardianGuy Lodge's latest DVD column onToni Erdmann,The Salesmanand more
Varietymore 'sequels we don't need!' news.Boss Babyis getting one for 2021.Sigh.I actually thought that movie was unexpectedly good but most movies don't actually need sequels.Stop trying to make movies into big TV shows with multiple episodes!TV is great but Movies are not TV!

I Wouldn't Normally Link This But...
Life Site,which appears to be some sort of Christian Fundamentalist Anti-Choice website,has a piece on theAlienfranchise that I found gripping and nutjob funny (Satan is the screenwriter ofAlien Covenant!) and also kinda justified on a couple of intriguing points.Thanks to IndieWire for pointing it out.

Cannes Mania
Film CommentPt 1 of Nick Davis's 'Cannes Staycation' looking back at 1987 in which Nick talksUnder the Sun of Satan,I've Heard the Mermaid's Singing,and many more...
Film CommentPt 2 in which Nick talksWish You Were Here,Shy People,Matewan,andBabette's Feast.Part 3 is coming in a few days.
VultureHow Jane Campion feels about her status as the only woman to win Cannes in its 70 year history
IndieWire10 Best of Cannes
IndieWireEric Kohn on what it's like to be a jury member of the sidebar "Critic's Week"at Cannes

Off Cinema
Films for Action"What makes 'call-out' culture so toxic?"
Broadway Worlda timeline look at Tony nominee Andy Karl's career.(I know he's not likely to win this year but someday!-- such a great performer)

Feb 20 2017

Interview: Greig Fraser talks "Lion,"his shifting style,and Jane Campion

Here's one mystery solved: Greig Fraser isn't pronounced any sort of fancy way.It's merely "Greg"with a silent extra "i".If you want to say it perfectly,though,you'll have to say it with an Aussie accent,mate.

We've been singing the praises of the cinematographer Greig Fraser for 8 years now,even if we often pronounced his name wrong while doing so.After the visually jaw-dropping calling card ofBright Star(2009) one of the new century's most undervalued and most transcendentally beautiful movies,his name appeared more and more regularly in major prestige films.Curiously though,despite his ever broadening range (he's aced virtually every genre he's hopped to and front) and quite a few critically lauded and Oscar nominated movies under his belt,he is just now enjoying his very first Oscar nomination for his evocative and resourceful lensing of the Australian hit and Best Picture nomineeLion.

Fraser (top left),Sunny Pawar,and director Garth Davis on the set of Lion

I was eager to talk to him about his ability to tackle any genre,his time with Jane Campion and the challenge of Lion.Here's our interview...

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Jun 17 2016

Top of the Lake's Silver Through-Line

As you have undoubtedly heard since it was announced on the internet about 1,000 different times over the course of about six months (as if each meeting was the official official,'no really officialthistime!' news,Nicole Kidman will co-star inTop of the Lakeseason 2 (with Elisabeth Moss returning to her leading role).It's her first reunion with herPortrait of a Ladydirector Jane Campion from back before she was fully NICOLE KIDMAN but basically getting there if you know what I mean.

What we didn't know until now is that she will be sporting Jane Campion's favorite hair color just like Holly Hunter did in Season 1 way back in 2013...

Nicole Kidman in Top of the Lake (S2)Jane Campion and Holly Hunter on the set of Top of the Lake (S1)

Can this be a thing for each season?A gorgeous Oscar winning actress suddenly sporting grey hair even though she's only in her mid 40s to mid 50s?Why should men get all the silver fox action?

Let's pray forTop of the Laketo be renewed in perpetuity (that first season was straight up amazing) and even though they're slow with them -- once every three years?weird,but okay -- might we suggest:

Season 3 (2019) Juliette Binoche at 55
Season 4 (2022) Gwyneth Paltrow at 49
Season 5 (2025) Cate Blanchett at 56
Season 6 (2028) Anne Hathaway at 46
Season 7 (2031) Anna Paquin at 49 (Pianoreunion!)
Season 8 (2034) Kirsten Dunst at 52 (we'll just assume she's won the Oscar by then,shut up!)
Season 9 (2037) Alicia Vikander at 49
Season 10 (2040) Elle Fanning at 42 (see: Dunst reasoning)

Sorry.I'll stop now!

Jun 14 2016

Nicole Kidman Reuniting With Jane Campion

While we've been pounding the drum for our Emmy hopefuls in the past week,we got some new television casting news to obsess over: Nicole Kidman has signed onfor the second season ofTop of the Lake.

The previously rumored casting is most exciting for the reuniting of our beloved star with herThe Portrait of a Ladydirector Jane Campion at long last!This coming season will jump forward in time with Elizabeth Moss's detective returning for a brand new case,so it's fair game on what role Kidman will play in the investigation.But a lack of details is the tiniest of complaints when you are reuniting a pair that collaborated on what is some of the most underrated work for them both.

Game of Thrones's Gwendoline Christie is also joining this season,but this won't be Kidman's first actress heavy dive into long form television.Next year,she also has HBO'sBig Little Liescoming with both Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern.That's hours of Kidman to soak up,not to mention her upcoming filmsHow to Talk to Girls at PartiesandLion(andGeniusout now),so rejoice away!

This second season ofLakehas been longing gestating since the miniseries first debuted in 2013,winning Moss a Golden Globe and becoming a Netflix staple.If you haven't caught up to it,now's the time for a binge watch before one of our favorites signs up.

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