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Nov 09 2014

The Governors Awards 2014: Honoring Cinematic Giants

Updated with Acceptance Speech Videos!

The Governors Awards are in swing in Los Angeles and though I am in sweatpants typing from my rented apartment and not in a tux (maybe next year if the cinematic gods shine down on The Film Experience?) just being in the same zip code is somehow comforting.亚博主页Maybe that's because I feel more invested after our Honorary Oscar miniseries.We should have been doing this every year at TFE!It's a shame that at nearly every corner of the internet,the Honorary winners are basically just as neglected as they are by the Academy on the big night.So I feel proud of our efforts at paying them homage just as awards season explodes.Which is does tonight,in fact;basically anyone hoping for an Oscar nomination is in that room tonight...but more on the attendees soon.

This is the lady we're most happy is there ...Maureen O'Hara.She just turned 94 so it took the Academy long enough!

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Nov 05 2014

The Honoraries: Jean-Claude Carrière,Part 2

Our 2014Honorary Oscar tributeseries continues with a two-part look at the long fascinating career of Jean-Claude Carrière.Here'sTimwith Part Two.

Yesterday,Amir did a wonderful job of introducing us to the supremely gifted and abnormally prolific Jean-Claude Carrière,focusing on his iconic collaboration with Luis Buñuel.As important as that work was for both men,it tells only a fraction of the tale.With nearly a hundred screenplays to his credit in a career that's still holding steady,54 years on,it's simply not possible to reduce the full scope of Carrière's contribution to cinema to his work just one collaborator.

And so we now turn to Carrière's writing in the years following Buñuel's death.Given the transgressive,ultra-modern nature of their films together,it's perhaps a bit surprising that Carrière's output from the ‘80s to the present would be dominated by prestigious literary adaptations and costume dramas - what could possibly be less transgressive than that?But just asBelle du jouris nothing like the usual late-‘60s erotic drama,so are Carrière's late-career period pieces only superficially akin to awards-bating fluff.1979'sThe Tin Drum,which he adapted alongside director Volker Schlöndorff and Franz Seitz,is one of the nerviest films about the psychology of Nazi-era Germany ever filmed.In the scenario he provided for Andrzej Wajda's 1983 French Revolution filmDanton,he built a foundation for an angry,vivid drama about the corruption of politics.These are confrontational films,even upsetting.

As the years progressed,Carrière perhaps mellowed,enough to pick up one final Oscar nomination for 1988'sThe Unbearable Lightness of Being,which he shared with that film's director,Philip Kaufman.Although even here,"mellowing"is a relative term.

(The Unbearable Lightiness of Being,Birth,andValmontafter the jump)

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Nov 04 2014

The Honoraries: Jean-Claude Carrière,Part 1

Our 2014Honorary Oscar tributeseries continues with a two-part look at the long fascinating career of Jean-Claude Carrière.Here'sAmirwith Part One.

Here at The Film Experience,亚博主页we are normally opposed to the idea of past winners receiving honorary Oscars.亚博主页This,after all,is an honor bestowed on a recipient whose career not only merits the attention,but also lacks it.When there are so many giants of the medium that the Academy hasn't recognized,why double dip with already rewarded names?But there is something incredibly satisfying about seeing three time nominee and one time winner,Jean-Claude Carrière,receive an honorary Oscar this year.His is one of the most fascinating careers in film history,and one that has lasted six decades and spanned several countries and languages.

Carrière started as a novelist,his first work published in 1957,five years prior to winning an Oscar in the best short film category forHeaureux Anniversaire.In the intervening fifty-three years between his two golden statues,he's worked with filmmakers as varied as Jean-Luc Godard,Andrzej Wajda,Louis Malle,Jonathan Glazer and,most recently,Abbas Kiarostami who penned him a short but memorable role inCertified Copy.

His most fruitful collaboration,one that still arguably defines his career still today,was cultivated in the 1960s.[More...]

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