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Aug 27 2018

Sharp Objects: Episode 8 - Finale "Milk"

byChris Feil

Sharp Objectshas come to its conclusion,bringing with it some scratched heads and hesitant praise wondering when we would be served some real clues on the identity of its killer.Meanwhile it built it's own slow burn reveals from the inside of Amy Adams' Camille,leading to a firestorm of consequence and context in its final few episodes that had nothing and everything to do with who killed those girls.

For those of us who had already read Gillian Flynn's source novel,we also watched the unfamiliar audience as we waited for the rug to pulled out from under them.We knew this was never to be a show built on closing cliffhangers to maximize bingeability and serve standard genre water cooler moments.But its bombshell final moment did just that and cruelly so,giving a conditioned audience the moment it craves the very second it completes;there is nothing more to come,we just have to reconcile its cruel dispatch.In some ways,Sharp Objectshas challenged the serialized medium,or at least how we consume and engage with it.

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Aug 20 2018

Sharp Objects: Episode 7 "Falling"

previous recaps
1 "Vanish"Spencer
2 "Dirt"Nathaniel
3 "Fix"Ilich
4 "Ripe"Murtada
5 "Closer"Chris
6 "Cherry"Nathaniel

Major seriesSPOILERSafter the jump (and throughout Episode 7) so get caught up before reading more...

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Aug 19 2018

Sharp Objects: Episode 6 "Cherry"

by Nathaniel R

As you may have noticed we've been passingSharp Objectsaround baton style amongst the team.I'm offended,offended I say,that Chris didn't spend 1000 words and nearly as many screen caps or gifs on that filthyfilthysex scene between Amy Adams and Chris Messina in the previous episode "Closer".In truth I nearly abandoned the series after my second episode duties were done but then I began to feel guilty that I was abandoning my teammates without commenting on their pieces so I binged the past four episodes back-to-back and finally perked up once,ahem,Messina did...

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Aug 06 2018

Sharp Objects: Episode 5 "Closer"

Previously:Episode 4 "Ripe"

byChris Feil

This week'sSharp Objectsinstallment opened with its morphing opening credits turned into an ominous cooing,as if from the lullaby of a captor.And this week was similarly barbarous with its flailing comforts."Closer",its chapter title promises,describing both our discovery of the mystery and the shows encroaching brutal intimacy.This is the most contained episode yet,taking place over the course of a single day and mostly set on Eudora estate with all of the players brought together.It's been a show built on a backbone of knowing glances,and "Closer"stacks several atop one another at once.Everyone has eyes on them,and no one feels fewer than Amy Adams' Camille...

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Jul 30 2018

Sharp Objects: Episode 4 "Ripe"


I was excited for this episode ofSharp Objectsas it was billed as "Camille and Richard finally go on a date."They sort of did,in theSharp Objectsway by visiting Wind Gap murder scenes.But the episode also gave us a glimpse into Adora and Alan's marriage and a memory involving Alan and Camille.I don't think we've ever seen the latter two characters have any meaningful interactions before last night.

At the end of last week's episode we saw Camille fleeing Wind Gap after her confrontation with Amma.However this time we start with her changing her mind and coming back.Images of dead girls fill the screen,we get it Jean Marc Vallèe,that's why she's coming back.The constant cutting between now and the Camille's memories feels played out to me despite the story's dependence on memory.It was fresh and exciting when we first saw it 4 years ago inWild(2014).Get some new tools,Vallèe!!

I've decided to let go of trying to look for clues to the mystery of the killer and just enjoy the performances and the eerie atmosphere that the series built.

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Jul 23 2018

Sharp Objects: Episode 3 "Fix"

Previously:Episode 2 "Dirt"

by Ilich Mejía

In this week's installment ofLet's Obscure Patricia Clarkson's Face To Visually Storytell,we barely get to make out Patty's moneymaker.In all fairness,while obscured,Patricia's unreasonable Adora still gets to crush common sense with pastels and Southern charm in front of characters outside her own family this week.Out of a familial context,her obsession with perception is amplified to a chilling perversity as she willfully obstructs her daughter Camille's attempts at finding the murderer of two young girls because *gasp* what will people say!We see how even at home,protected from the scrutiny of people outside of her circle,she prioritizes presentation: heels with nightgowns before bed,suede sandals while gardening,a maid never seen without her uniform.She's no different with less familiar acquaintances,winning over the local police chief and the grieving father with her facetious attention and sweetened coffee...

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