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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Mar 09 2019

Jennifer Jones Centennial: "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing"

Reader Request: You voted on which Jennifer Jones films we had to write about for her centennial and this was your top choice.So it's your fault,then.

One of the tag lines reads...

In each other's arms they found a love that defied 5,000 years of tradition!

'Defying tradition?But what's more traditional than Hollywood casting white stars in Asian roles?' he said sarcastically.Figured we should get this out of the way upfront and then try to ignore it: Jennifer Jones's last Oscar nomination came for playing Han Suyin,a biracial doctor,who falls for Mark Elliott,an American foreign correspondent (William Holden) in Hong Kong...

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Mar 06 2019

Jennifer Jones Centennial: "Indiscretions of an American Wife"

We're celebratingJennifer Jones's centennial.By your request (you voted on which two movies we'd cover),here's Nathaniel R...

Your viewing assignment should you choose to accept it,and you really should,is Vittorio de Sica'sIndiscretion of an American Wife(1953),a floridly emotional 65 minute drama (you read that right) in which a very thirsty Jennifer Jones engages in some illicit behavior because what else can you do when confronted with the beauty of Montgomery Clift in the 1950s?

Though 1953 was arguably Monty's peak (he also starred in Hitchcock'sI Confess!and the Best Picture winnerFrom Here to Eternitythat year),this melodrama from the Italian master Vittorio de Sica is Jennifer Jones's film from fussy indecisive start to farewell heartbreak finish...

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Mar 02 2019

Jennifer Jones,the early years and 'years at the top'


Paolo wasn't kidding when he said thatthe Centennial of Jennifer Jones (that's today!) would be a challenge.Though we usually havesomebuy-in for centennials literally no one else onTeam TFEvolunteered for this one so it'll be short.But I'll do one or two pictures.i'm annoyed that I can't doDuel in the Sun(1946),which I've never seen,but I can't find it to stream.Actually easy availability is how I came up with your choices.So vote and tell me which of these films you most want to discuss:

But before we get there,and overview of her career.

And the eternal question: How long can any given star can stay at 'the top' from Old Hollywood to the right now...

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Feb 28 2019

Jennifer Jones Centennial: Cluny Brown (1946)

For the Centennial of one of Oscar's largely forgotten superstars,we asked Team Experience to pick one of her films to watch.

by Paolo Kagoaoan

We've done centennials here before but this one comes with some degrees of difficulty.It doesn't help that someone changed her name from Phylis Lee Isley into the whitest name in the world,and that the person who gets more Google results forthatname is a curler.As a Canadian I can't say anything bad about curling,but shouldn't a Best Actress Academy Award winner be on at least equal standing to a Gold medallist?Look up all the women who have had five Oscar nominations and a win (Bancroft,Sarandon,Hepburn,Maclaine,etc...) and imagine the world forgetting them.Explaining Jones to friends is equally difficult,even to people in the film industry who know her second husband's name,David O.Selznick.

I'd only previously seen Jones inBeat the Devil,a terrible dengue fever dream of a film.And it's on TV all time instead of films with better reputations likePortrait of Jennie,which is her highest rated film on both iMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.OrCluny Brown,her film with the highest rating on Letterboxd,and one that also came out the same year asDuel in the Sun(the film that brough her her 4th conseuctive Best Actress nomination) so that's what I picked to watch...

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Oct 23 2018

Be More Link

GlamourAmandla Stenberg goes au naturel with the body hair at the Rome premiere ofThe Hate U Give.Oh and also its their 20th birthday today.Happy birthday to them!
/FilmRelease date shuffle.Wonder Woman 2has been pushed back to 2020 so now it's theTerminatorreboot (with the original stars) and a reboot ofCharlie's Angelsfacing off in Wonder Woman's old Novemeber 2019 date
Self Styled Sirenanecdote of the week involves 1940s and 1950s star Jennifer Jones
MNPPlots of photos of Cory Michael Smith to celebrate his coming out and his new film1985

MCNfirst Gurus of Gold chart of the season with the actressing awards and Best Picture
Orlando WeeklyIndiana Jones Land is probably coming to Disney World in the early 2020s with various parks dreaming up pitches
Varietyit's going to be a big year for traditional studios at the Oscars亚博主页
Coming SoonIn demand Jean-Marc Vallée attached to a Yoko Ono / John Lennon biopic
VarietyCritics Choice nominees for Documentaries.I really can't with the randomness of 6-9 nominees (are there any rules) in 12 different categories.It's like CHOOSE.If you nominate everything there is zero drama and no reason to look at what's been chosen.
THRHow to Build a Girlabout a young woman (Beanie Feldstein) becoming a rock critic is building an impressive supporting cast with Emma Thompson,Paddy Considie,and Chris O'Dowd all joining
New Yorkerlottery drawings in the age of plutocracy
Next Best Picturea report on 'lone acting nominations'
DeadlineBe More Chill,opening soon on Broadway has already auctioned off its film rights.MeanwhileHamiltonstill hasn't ironed out a deal for the film rights but its expected to be a $50 million sale

Exit Video
Hey look & listen,it's a brief soundbyte of aMary Poppins Returnssong in this "special look"that's basically pieces of the original trailer recut with a pieces of a song.

Nov 05 2017

Podcast Smackdown Companion: Gaslight,Since You Went Away...

Please read theSupporting Actress Smackdown of 1944before listening please!

After voting in the SmackdownNathanieland the panel which includedMark Harris,Loren King,Farran Smith Nehme,Molly Pope,andMatthew Rettenmundgot together to talk about the five films we watched and that era in Hollywood during World War II.We hope you enjoy the conversation!

Index (62 minutes)
00:01 Introductions of the Panel
03:00Dragon Seed,yellowface,production trouble,and Oscar theories
11:50Since You Went Away,war propaganda,and acting styles
24:00None but the Lonely Heart,Cary Grant,Barrymore and "great lady"acting
38:50GaslightandMrs Parkington
51:30 Our favorites of 1944 includingMeet Me in St LouisandDouble Indemnity
57:30 The forgottenWilson,final Oscar notes and goodbyes.

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

Gladys Cooper downing the drinks!Was she watching Dragon Seed,too?

FYC after listening...
Mark's "Five Came Back"as a miniseries on Netflix
Matthew's new nostalgia siteGr8ter Days
Molly co-stars inBulldozer: The Ballad of Robert Moses(previews begin Nov 25th)
Farran's book "Missing Reel"

Smackdown 1944