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"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Apr 28 2014

Jane Campion's Gorgeous Cannes Jury

Cannes is but 17 days away and we'll have a TFE team member there this year!Alas it's not me so I'll have to be envious of Diana as she jets off to France in two weeks.We already knew that the brilliant auteur Jane Campion,who regained some cultural caché recently withTop of the Lake(she never lost it with us:Bright Star,hello!) would preside over the jury but this morning the full nine member panel was announced.

Joining Campion this year is a great mix of onscreen talent that happens to include a few people The Film Experience is generally just gaga for from left to right: TFE's favorite Mexican actor ever since亚博主页Amores Perros, Gael García Bernal;the future reinterpreter ofThe Little Mermaid,one of our favorite ladies Sofia Coppola (USA);  former Bond Girl Carole Bouquet will represent the hometeam of France;A Touch of Sin/Platformdirector Jia Zhangke (China) who I wasliterallyjust talking about at brunch yesterday;TFE's favorite Korean actress Jeon Do-Yeon (Secret Sunshine,The Housemaid);theotherMad DaneDrive's Nicolas Winding Refn (Denmark); Hollywood star,experimental indie fixture,and Wes Anderson repertory company player Willem Dafoe (USA);and Leila Hatami,the beautiful Iranian star ofA Separation.

I am in a puddle for this jury.LOVE.

Mar 08 2013

It's International Women's Day !

I had so many different ideas with which to celebrate today that I didn't manage to get any of them done.It's a typical problem when you have more ideas than time and when indefatigable ambition meets easily exhaustable execution.So herewith...a few off the cuff LISTS celebrating actresses that work primarily outside of the English language that are every bit as good and sometimes a whole lot better than their American/English/Aussie counterparts who get the bulk of attention in the global market.

The gold standard here is always Deneuve."Catherine Deneuve"...go ahead,sound it out.The name itself just reverberates with glamour but the razzle dazzle of her international celebrity is hardly the reason she's the gold standard.She's also got a filmography that would be the envy of any actor who cares about cinema beyond their own image and though she'll turn 70 this fall,she's still challenging herself.Frankly,if you look at some of the work she did in the past dozen years or so (Dancer in the Dark,Potiche,Pola X,Beloved,8 Women,A Christmas Tale,etcetera) other actresses her age are slacking...

10 Foreign Film Actresses Most Likely To Get Me in the Movie Theater

Paprika Steenmultiple actressy lists after the jump!

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Mar 18 2012

Two Box Office Lists,One "A Separation"Inspired

It was a big weekend for spoofing familiar concepts with21 Jump Streetfilling movie houses and the only other top ten newbieCasa De Mi Padre,doing a parodic riff on Mexican movies starring Will Ferrell and everyone's favorite Mexican tag team: Gael García Bernal & Diego Luna.Would love to hear from anyone who saw the latter in the comments since this one slipped me by and GGB is an old favorite.(My review of21 Jump Streetwill be up tomorrow evening.)

TOP TEN (Estimates)
0121 JUMP STREET$35new in wide release
02 THE LORAX$22.8(cum.$158.4)
03 JOHN CARTER$13.5(cum.$53.1) [ReviewandTaylor Kitsch Beefcake]
04 PROJECT X$4(cum.$48.1)
05 A THOUSAND WORDS$3.7(cum.$12.1)
06 ACT OF VALOR$3.6(cum.$62.3)
07 SAFE HOUSE$2.8(cum.$120.2)
09CASA DE MI PADRE$2.2newin limited release
10 THIS MEANS WAR$2.1(cum.$50.5)

Another Milestone forA Separation
Asgar Farhadi's Oscar winnerA Separation(our favorite of 2011) continues its incredible theatrical run passing the 5 million mark.Five million for an Iranian family drama at the US box office?Unheard of.Every once in a blue moon the nation's box office gives us good news for quality cinema.While we're here why not a look back at the biggest foreign hits from the past year?

Disclaimer: I didn't countThe Artist.Though it's foreign,it's silent so we're excluding it but you'll understand that if we did it'd be number one with an incredible $42 million.Don't believe those naysayers that call it a box office disappointment.Black and white + no stars + silent + foreign = $42 million is bigbignumbers.

Kristin Scott Thomas continues to be a draw least when subtitled.

The ones that got a lot of people talking...
01SARAH'S KEY[France]$7.6
02A SEPARATION[Iran]$5.6 and still playing
The Oscar winner this yearwhich we like writing about.
03BIUTIFUL[Mexico]$5.1Technically a 2010 picture since it had a one week qualifying run before being pulled until the nominations were announced.But we'll count it for comparison's sake.
04OF GODS AND MEN[France]$3.9It was held back to 2011 to capitalize on a presumed Oscar,but the nomination didn't even come.Did very well for itself in 2011 anyway which is not the usual case for that sort of "wait for the Oscar"trick.

other successes
05DON 2[India]$3.6
06THE SKIN I LIVE IN[Spain]$3.1
"Success"being relative.This didn't do Pedro Almodóvar's usual numbers though I'm unsure as to why.
08PINA[Germany]$3.0 and still playingThe Oscar nominated dance 3D.
09RA ONE[India]$2.5
10INCENDIES[Canada]$2.0Another Oscar nominee from last year

POTICHE was such fun.Arthouse audiences (mostly) agreed.

minor hits...but still hits
13DELHI BELLY[India]$1.5
14THE DOUBLE HOUR[Italy]$1.5
16CERTIFIED COPY[France| Italy | Belgium ]$1.3
17NO ERES TU,SO YO[Mexico]$1.3
18DESI BOYZ[India]$1.0
19IN A BETTER WORLD[Denmark]$1.0The Foreign Film Oscar winner last year

ol' faithfulsFrench cinema and Bollywood continue to have the most reliable ticket buyers in the US arthouses.Bollywood movies don't need any press attention at all to find audiences.Even if you follow the movies religiously chances are you haven't heard of their annual hits if you're not out there looking for them.France is a different story in that way,gettingand needingthe media push.

Hrithik Roshan & Shah Rukh Khan are superstars of Bollywood.So is the male physique.

And also: What is it with Bollywood and über muscley male superstars?Bollywood men are way more objectified than their Hollywood counterparts.

Jeon Do Yeon,our favorite Korean actressjust outside the listJapan's ultra violent epic13 Assassinsgot some attention and press but didn't quite cross the million mark.

sad observation
Though South Korea is where it's at right now for regional cinema heat (as opposed to heat tied to specific filmmakers) the country's cinema has yet to catch on with arthouse moviegoers here in the States.Despite huge acclaimMother,ThirstandPoetry,three of the most interesting films of the past few years,didn't totally catch on.None of them crossed the magic million dollar mark and only one of them passed ½ a million.The HousemaidandSecret Sunshinewere also not true breakthroughs despite the exciting lead actressing of Jeon Do-Yeon.

Answer me these questions three

  • Which of the top 20 foreign hits did you see?
  • What did you see this weekend?
  • Any theories as to whyThe Skin I Live Inwasn't up to Pedro's usual numbers or why Bollywood worships male flesh?
Jan 10 2011

I Link You Phillip Morris

Link Almighty?
How the Link Stole Christmas?
Ace Ventura: Link Detective?

  • TowleroadJim CarreyBlack Swans himself for Saturday Night Live
  • In Contentionis Jim Carrey on the rise again?It's a good question.
  • My Life as a Bloginteresting piece on great acting and how we (generally) define it.Plus more praise for Jeon Do-yeon inSecret Sunshine(2007) and that's always worth rubber-stamping.
  • Cinema BlendTrent Reznor to scoreThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.The Fincher collaboration continues.
  • EWthe Coen Bros pick their favorite westerns on such criteria as "good hat brims"
  • Scannersbest shots,opening and ending of the year
  • /FilmWickedfilm in the works.But not the one we were waiting for,damnit.
  • Brown Okinawa Assault Incidenthas a list of indelible fashion moments in 2010 films fromThe RunawaystoI Am LovetoNever Let Me Go.Fun/interesting.
  • Roger Eberta little more detail on the NSFC awards as well as an official statement about the MPAA and theBlue Valentinecontroversy and such.
  • In ContentionBAFTA's rising star list.Go Tom Hardy (though I wonder why he wasn't nominated last year?That's when we honored him.

Finally,you should check outStinkyLulu's 5th annual Supporting Actress Blog-a-thonif you haven't yet.Each year,Stinky's enthusiams for "actressing at the edges"provides an interesting eclectic look at a broad swath of performances from their passionate fans.The blog-a-thon often feels quite personal so I respond to it that way in turn.Thus,it was most interesting to read about roles and performances that I...

a) didn't personally care for (Patricia Clarkson inShutter Island)
b)didn't see but am now curious about (Anne Hathaway in Valentine's Day)
c) hadn't thought twice about until the interesting write-up (Tammy Blanchard inRabbit Hole) or
d) obsess over on account of the film.

Regarding the latter,you know I'm talking aboutBlack Swanwhich as you can imagine hogs quite a bit of the blog-a-thon being an actressy effort.Mila Kunis gets more writeups than I've ever seen anyone get in these parties and Julian atMovies and Other Thingsmade me giggle withthis bit on Barbara Hershey.

She refrains from extremes,...never dipping intoMommie Dearest-like histrionics.I don't think she cares if Nina uses wire hangers for her clothes...

Hee.True enough,Julian.But she sure does care if Nina eats cake."WELL,IT'S GARBAGE NOW!"