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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jul 15 2016

"Main Titles"- An Emmy Curiousity

American Horror Story is one of the only series eligible every year in this category.It was nominated for Murder House,Asylum,and Freakshow onlyA good title sequence is a godsend to any series.The best of them convey the tone and spirit of the show but in a creative rewatchable way (my favorite of the past few years:Marvel's Daredevil).Series are only eligible for this Emmy award in their first year on television.The exception is of course anthology series which tend to change their opening credits each year.For exampleAmerican Horror Storyhas had three nominations in this category forMurder House,Asylum,andFreakshowbut was passed over forCovenandHotel.On the odd occasion that a non-anthology totally changes their main titles they can submit again. This limitation makes the category,by default,my pet favorite.After all it's the only one that voters are forced to rethink anew each year.They can still be lazy with their votes,of course,but they can't be lazy in the exact same way that they were the year before.Progress!

Do the nominees this year make you want to watch the show?Do you think these were worthy choices or did you have subsitutes in mind?All the nominees are after the jump...

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Jan 08 2016

Link Linker Linkiest Linking Links

New York Posthas wise words for Netflix on their strange feet dragging for Season 2 of Jessica Jones
Slate Movie Club2015 closes I'm assuming you read all 18 entries.They were A-MA-ZING.My favorite Movie Club by Slate ever I think.Mark Harris,Dana Stevens,Amy Nicholson,David Ehrlich,and Dan Kois outdid themselves.
Decidergreat piece by Joe on the rise of the bad seen as villain inStar Wars: The Force Awakensand other blockbusters
DeciderJoe also counts down the 10 times Globes were more fun than Oscars (10?亚博主页This list could go to 1000) but there's a massive typo in his post because it says "7."[sic] by the part about Elizabeth Taylor slurring "GLADIAAAAATOR"

THRexcerpt of a new interesting book  "Starflacker"from a longtime PR pro Dick Guttman
The GuardianAnthony Hopkins and Sir Ian McKellen remade the Oscar nominated film The Dresser (1983) for the BBC in 2015- how did I miss this news?
The WrapAnnihilation,a female led sci-fi picture from Alex Garland (Ex Machina) may star Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez
Variety33 people will be honored at the Academy's annual Scientific and Technical Awards

TowleroadSo John Boyega is just a wee bit shy of how fun he seems so far in public.He's already put the kabosh on the gayStar Warsrumor saying that it's all in Oscar Isaac's head
The Envelopea video chat with Michael B Jordan aboutCreed.
Vanity FairRyan Coogler would be just the guy to direct theHamiltonmovie adaptation.Make it happen world.
Tracking Boardlooks at series orders from various TV distributors (we don't call them networks anymore,right,since they're are so many ways to get tv?).Netflix has a series called Gypsy.Unfortunately it's not a musical about the stripper.
Pajibapays tribute to Brie Larson's social media game

Top Tens & Best Of Lists
Yes,they're still going on.Check out:John Oursler's which hasPhoenixandTangerineandThe Tribe;Kyle Turner takes a more holistic 'best of' approach of with all sorts of personal notes and thus personal obsessions like Noah Baumbach,Spectre,and such;David Polandpublished his but without commentary of any kind.I don't even know if they're in order

Oscar Confusions
Voting has closed.I love how utterly perplexed almost every professional and amateur pundit is this year.The guilds and precursors have been all over the place.Kris Tapleytracks the events that happened while balloting was going on.This is an absolute joy if you like the unpredictable AND you don't have a particular film you can't live wihtout.Unfortunately I have two masterpieces to worry (which is more than usual!) so I'm having trouble enjoying the will they or won't they nerves.But I'll start doing final predictions this very weekend so bear with me!If you need to think about this RIGHT NOW though check outFisti's thoughts(he predicts that both my masterpieces will be shut out.Thanks,man.Argh).Glenn Whippstill thinks thatMad Max Fury Roadwill lead nominations.I've never been that bullish on it but still crossing my fingers.There's also aGurus of Goldupdate.Though honestly I think some of my numbers are from the previous week because I definitely haven't been confident in Redmayne or Mara lately.Hmmm

Video of the Week
It's beautiful that the week Anne Marie beganher Judy Garland seriesanother Judy Garland spectacle made the rounds.Obsessed with thisWizard of Ozvideo am I.It recuts the film to be in alphabetical order by word (post credits though the credits themselves per title card are also quite a trip).I've only watched through to the "home"which took 45 minutes lol...the time flew by.But only two moments I was expecting to be favorites were "because"and "Dorothy."The other best parts aren't at all the parts you'd be expecting.I'm especially fond of "arf"and "back"and "dead"and "doing" and "frightened"and "ha".It really is mesmerizing how the video just naturally gives you these weirdly gorgeous breathing moments between its hyper edited assaults as with "Boo!"and "bye"or even "hhh"-- Judy Garland is a heavy breather,don'cha know!Or how words that are only used once feel weirdly crystalline in this new context like "billowing"and "delicately"or how some super fast strings of words appear to be in conversation with each other like "heroes""heroine""herself"

Of Oz the WizardfromMatt BucyonVimeo.

I'll stop talking now and leave you with a song,in this format...

a a And are blue come do dream dreams heard high.
I in land lullaby of Once
Over over rainbow rainbow Really skies
Somewhere Somewhere that that the the the
there's true up way you

Dec 14 2015

I link.I die.I link again!

Daily MailTim Burton's type is hilariously permanent.Now he's on to Eva Green who fits it like a T
New YorkerThe brilliant Emily Nussbaum on sexual consent and PTSD on Jessica Jonesand itsBuffy The Vampire SlayerSeason 6 reflections
DGAChris Nolan interviews Quentin Tarantino aboutThe Hateful Eightwhich will now enter wide release on January 1st instead of the 8th.
Slatereflects on what theStar Warsfranchise is given that it's not "sci-fi"
Varietyhas a few old FYC and congratulatory ads forStar Warsfrom the 70s.Good stuff
Vanity Fairtoday's celebrities all want to be Han Solo

The Black ListIf you've got some free time you can wade through Hollywood's favorite unproduced scripts.List was just announced today.
Mad Max Fury Roadmay return to theaters in a black & white version -- Miller's original intention before they opted for super saturated color.
VarietyBrad Pitt's satireWar Machinewraps shooting in the United Arab Emirates.
Tracking BoardWarner Bros is moving forward with aSpeedy Gonzalezfeature,date TBD.(He was my second favorite of the Looney Tunes as a child,after Pepe Le Pew...but they both have cultural stereotyping issues.How will they walk that line?)
VarietyMelissa McCarthy is nearly free ofMike & Molly

List Mania
Slantpicks the 25 best films of the year from45 YearsthroughChi-Raqand on toMad Max: Fury Road.But sinceCarolis way down at #19...What?
Los Angeles TimesBrooklyntops Kenneth Turan's otherwise alphabetical top ten
Indie Wirecritics poll for the year with Mad Max & Carol fighting for supremacy.Fassbender & Rampling take the acting prizes
Pajibacelebrates the best 'comfort movies' of the year - not particularly challenging but great watches from your couch in your jammies:Cinderella,The Intern,and more...
AV Clubon the best film scenes of the year includingCreed's continuous shot boxing match and lots of interesting and unexpected choices -- yay for including "Summer in Ohio"fromThe Last Five Years

Today's Watch
If you've got a free two hours you can watch all six previousStar Warsmovies at once?  It's an art installation.Click on the image if you wish to do this craziness.

Nov 21 2015

Are you watching Jessica Jones?

Netflix knows when you're watching.Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is watching everyone suspiciously.Killgrave is watching Jessica Jones and tracking how closing she's watching for him.Everyone is watching everyone being watched!

Happy paranoid Thanskgiving!

Curiously I haven't been able to decide if I like Marvel's latest attempt to pummel us all into pop cultural submission with their All Marvel All The Time multiverse agenda but after the dull way too sober first two episodes (sorry,if i want self-important dourness alone we already have Warner Bros DC for that!) the show does pick up and becomes more compulsively watchable in direct relationship to how many characters we've met.

And Marvel Studios finally has a good villain in Killgrave.Loki excepted it only took them dozens of projects to come up with one.

Oct 30 2015

Links: Oscar,Kubrick,Jones,Knightley,and Ado Annie

PlaybillReviews are in for Keira Knightley's Broadway turn inTherese Raquin
VarietyNicole Kidman lines up a new thrillerSilent Wife.The good news is the director is Adrian Lyne who is great with actresses: seeFatal Attraction&Unfaithful
Just JaredJonathan Groff dies of happiness when Beyoncé pays him a compliment

Brooklyn Magpornish art films before Gaspar Noé's Love
PajibaPatton Oswalt ranks the GOP candidates with D&D statistics
PajibaQuentin Tarantino vs.Cops.Ugly business.
My New Plaid PantsRachel McAdams,Serious Journalist (viaSpotlight)

The Superverse
Varietytalks to superhero loving TV megaproducer Greg Berlanti (The FlashandSupergirlare big hits ...but they aren't even his first superhero shows - remember thatIncredibles/Fantastic4ripoff calledNo Ordinary Family?)
Empirelots of newSuicide Squadphotos
Coming SoonMatthew McConaughey turns Marvel villain role down - I mean wouldn't you?Their villains suck
Tracking BoardLi Bingbing (not to be confused with fashion icon X-Men actress Fan Bingbing) will supposedly headline a superhero film calledRealmwhich is an original idea of Stan Lee's.It's a long ways off since the script isn't even written yet.Li Bingbing has previously appeared in action films like the recent installments of the Transformers and Resident Evil series

Oscar Mania
Movie City NewsWhyThe Martianis the movie to beat for Best Pic at the Oscars亚博主页
Awards DailyTime to takeRoomseriously as a Best Pic winner?
In Contentionon the costume design Oscar race

Trailer Tease
After lots of teasing -- and we're sick of teasing!-- a real trailer finally emerged for Netflix'sDaredevilfollowup,Marvel'sJessica Jonesstarring Krysten Ritter.ICYMI it goes like so...

(On a personal note it'll be interesting to watch this one as for once I have no connection to the comic books.So much of contemporary comic book cinema and television is based on characters who've been around since before most of us were born.Batman,Wonder Woman,and Superman are practically octogenarians.Most of the Marvel superstars at the movies recently hit the half century mark.Etcetera.Jessica Jones didn't emerge in comic books until 2001 long after I had stopped reading them so I have no idea what to expect.)

Must See Mashup
This one is from some place called "GumpTV"which I hope isn't inspired by Forrest himself (blech).The short is called "The Red Drum Getaway"and it pits Hitchcock's Jimmy Stewart against the sinister auteurism of Stanley Kubrick.Terrifically edited,well paced,and that finale.Wowee.

The Red Drum GetawayfromGumponVimeo.

Showtune to Go
Did you know thatOklahoma!(1955) is coming back to movie theaters for its 60th anniversary?Here's Kristin Chenoweth singing "I Cain't Say No"in celebration.