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a look back atKing Kong(1976)

"Worth every dollar spent to mount it on Broadway."-Romy

"It looks fabulous but a love story musical does need two lead that have chemistry or no matter how dazzling the show will not work"-Jaragon

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Jun 11 2019

FYC: "Counterpart"

Team Experience will be sharing FYCs as the Television Academy votes on Emmy nominations over the next two weeks.Here's Abe Fried-Tanzer...

Last year,Counterpartwon exactly the number of Emmy Awards it was nominated for – one.Its Main Title Design victory,while deserved,is hardly indicative of its tremendous quality.Starz has struggled generally to find a footing in the non-technical categories,earning only Best Limited Series mentions in the past decade,forThe Pillars of the EarthandThe White Queen.Golden Globes enthusiasm forOutlander,Boss,andBlunt Talkdidn't translate to Emmy love,and so there's little hope thatCounterpart,which was cancelled back in February by Starz,will break through in the way it should this year.

Season two represented the opposite of a sophomore slump for this sci-fi political thriller.The ideas presented in season one were expanded upon and the show transformed into something completely different.What initially began as a showcase of an incredible two-handed performance from Oscar winner J.K.Simmons as the same man from two different worlds turned into so much more,with his two starring characters shying away from the spotlight as other players came into focus...

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Jun 08 2016

Make America Link Again

Vague Visageswhy critics often fail when writing about acting
EWForget to link up to the Meryl Streep as Donald Trump thing.Sadly no better video has emerged than this very shaky cel phone
Playbillin the most exciting theater news imaginable The Lovely Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon will co-star in the revival ofThe Little Foxes.The best part?They'll be alternating roles periodically!
TFE...If you missed our Smackdown which featuredThe Little Foxesyou should read it.It is a great play which made for an excitingly cutting movie with killer performance by Bette Davis and Patricia Collinge.Can't wait to see it on stage and see what Linney & Nixon do with those two very different roles.

Slatethe enduring influential portrait of genius and mediocrity inAmadeus
The Tarzan Fileshas images from Total Film's behind the scenes report on the Legend of Tarzan
VarietyNetflix releases some data on how quickly people binge watch but not enough.I mean,I wanna hear how often a viewer DOESN'T complete a show.There must be stats on that and is that how they decide what to cancel?
VarietyGeena Davis producing a documentary on Hollywood's gender inequality
/FilmJK Simmons is working outa lotto play Commissioner Gordon.Doesn't he know Gordon never gets any action beyond telephone calls and holding a gun?
Village Voiceon Brian de Palma and divisive auteurs eventually being labelled masters
Comics AllianceJames Wan talks about why he chose to directAquamanoverFlashas both were offered to him
Pajibaon the worst thing aboutWarcraft.Yup,we have another incredibly good looking actor (this time it's Daniel Wu) buried in makeup and latex until you can't recognize him.
TFE...If you missed the last podcast we talked about this problem with franchise pictures.Why do they keep hiring beautiful actors when they intend to cover up their beauty and make them unrecognizable?
Antagony & Ecstasya rare 10/10 review forThe Lobster

Off Screen
SBSa breakdown of victim blaming using pie charts

Feb 10 2016

The Grace of Keanu Reeves

Our sometimes contributor Angelica Bastien wrote a great piece for Bright Wall / Dark Room called "The Grace of Keanu Reeves"in which she argues against the common dismissals of his acting ability.As a longtime fan of Keanu (Point Break/Private Idahobeing the peak era of devotion) this was a joy to read.

One of her greatest points deals with "the crossroads of virile and vulnerable,territory previously charted by actors as legendary as Montgomery Clift,James Dean,and Paul Newman.But there's a difference.

These actors often seem to fight against the lustful gaze of the camera,while Keanu supplants himself to it.Where they seem cynical,disinterested,or too wounded as a romantic lead,Keanu is utterly open.

In "Point Break,"he's a hotshot with a gun and a badge.But he's also an object of lust for the camera (and audience),with a disarmingly open smile.Furthermore,without the help of a woman—the short-haired pixie vixen surfer Tyler (Lori Petty)—he wouldn't be able to integrate himself into the gang of robbers/surfers led by Bodhi (Patrick Swayze).This artful dynamic—a woman of greater skill guiding a passive man into a world beyond his imagination—develops even further in "The Matrix"(1999).Some of this,of course,exists on a plot level.But Keanu tends to let his scene partners take the lead,becoming almost a tabula rasa on which they (and we) can project our ideas of what it means to be a hero,a man,a modern action star.

Do check it out.And share your feelings about Keanu in the comments.This article brought the guilt down that I have yet to seeJohn Wick(2014).

Jul 07 2015

Review: Terminator Genisys

Tim here."The best Terminator movie sinceT2: Judgment Day"is a statement like "Jai Courtney's best-ever performance in a movie": they both have the functional shape of a compliment,but they're not actually saying very much that's complimentary.And they're both true ofTerminator Genisys,the little movie that couldn't over the 4th of July weekend,and is currently on pace to be one of 2015's most visible and embarrassing box office flops.

That's not...entirely...fair.It is probably the case thatGenisysgets more wrong than it gets right,starting right from that ghastly title (it's derived from an in-movie brand name designed for maximum marketing impact,but that hardly makes it less obnoxious).But it doesn't only get things wrong,and some of its successes are genuinely worth the time it will take to watch the first half of the movie on Netflix several months from now.

The plot is a jam-packed muddle,but the basic strokes are that,in the war-torn California of 2029,human resistance leader John Connor (Jason Clarke) is about to stamp out the evil artificial intelligence system Skynet,but before he can,Skynet sends an assassin robot called a T-800 (Brett Azar's body with Arnold Schwarzenegger's younger face CGI'd on) back in time to 1984.


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Feb 16 2015

Beauty vs Beast: Little Drummer Bot

Howdy folks it's Jason fromMNPPhere,pulling myself out of the snow-heap I was buried under last week to drum up a new round of our "Beauty vs Beast"series,in which we ask you to pick sides between good and evil,movie-style.By this time next week the 87th Academy Awards will have come and gone in an explosion of gold-dust and gowns,so I figure I'll get one more contender in here before it's too late...and what better place to celebrate Oscar Season than with the Best Picture nominee that's all about the blood and the sweat and the brutality that goes into slicing and dicing art down to ecstatic perfection?Replace Miles Teller's drumsticks with little golden men and replace JK Simmons with,well,let's say Harvey Weinstein cuz you know why not,and you get the idea.EnterWhiplash,where losers need not apply.

You've got one week to pick your picks,and please do furiously hit up the comments,pounding your opinions yay or nay onto your keyboard so hard your fingers draw blood.Although I probably shouldn't say please?Fletcher doesn't like it if I say please.

PREVIOUSLYI go away for one week and before we know it Nathaniel's got us drowning in sexy gingers - he can't help himself!(And we're not complaining!)Last week's competition faced-offJulianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne two times over,and because we all love them both we were kind enough to spread the wealth - as the mother-son-lovers inSavage Graceit was Juli who came out on top,but it wasEddie and hisJupiter Ascendingabsthat dominated her goth stab in the dark inThe Seventh Son.SaidNikaof the latter,winning my heart with pure logic:

"I hated Eddie's performance inJupiter Ascending,but,boy,he is shirtless.I can't resist."