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"My gay gaggle got together last night to watch ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE.Unfortunately,we chose to watch Ali Wong's comedy specialHard Knock Wifefirst.The special is *so funny* that the movie's flatness only stood out further"-Glenn

"Here for EXISTENZand GHOST WRITER-- two fine films for two different reasons."-Owl

"MAGIC MIKE such a great movie,and yes,agree that Cody Horn is very good in it - especially her face during the scene where Channing strips to 'Pony'"-Rebecca

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May 29 2019

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NYTWhich Cannes films and performances will factor into the Oscar race.Kyle Buchanan thinksParasiteandPain & Gloryare the biggest foreign threats butOnce Upon a Time in Hollywoodis the big one.
Hugh Jackmansinging Happy Birthday to Sir Ian McKellen with a whole staidum backing him.Awesome
VarietyOwen Gleiberman surveys his Cannes experience and how well the movies filled the big screen
VarietyChris Hemsworth is the coverboy at the moment so here's the big profile
The Sheila Variationson Joseph Cotten's active listening inGaslight(1944)

Varietyso far Netflix is the only studio to speak out on Georgia's attack on abortion rights which could threaten the massive amount of filmmaking that goes on in that state.
Outfor a blu-ray release ofTo Wong Foo,Thanks for Everything,Julie Newmar,John Leguizamo is talking about his character Chi Chi Rodriguez
Town & Countrywe missed this news during Cannes but congrats to Jennifer Lawrence who is now engaged
IndieWiresurveys critics on the best movies that played at Cannes.Parasitecomes out on top just as it did with the jury,butPortrait of a Lady on Fire(which only took Screenplay at Cannes) was the runner up.
Varietymore Cannes prizes.FIPRESCI choosesThe Lighthouse(from the director ofThe VVitch)
/Filma piece on Quentin Tarantino's female characters  in light of a tense moment at Cannes when he was asked about Margot Robbie's lack of dialogue inOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood

Tony Season
NYTfun piece on "mysteries"of this Broadway season including how tall is the tall man inHadestown,how does Santino Fontana sing like a woman inTootsie,and how does one do partner dances while in a wheelchair?As for that 'tall man' in Hadestown.We first noticed him inFrozenand we ran into him on the subway over the weekend and he was as sweet and gorgeous as can be while towering over us.
• ...Timothy Hughesis his name and you can follow him on Instagram
StagecraftRosemary Harris will get a lifetime achievement at this year's Tony Awards.But her previous Tony has a typo on it!
PlaybillWesley Taylor (Smash)who recently won the Chita Rivera Award for Outstanding Male Dancer is engaged to marry Isaac Powell (last seen inSpongebob Squarepants)
PlaybillFresh out of high school,Renée Rapp,who won this year's Jimmy Award (that's the highest honor for High School students in musical theater) is stepping into the role of Regina George inMean Girlsfor her Broadway debut this summer.

And look here's a video about Dianne Wiest's latest play Off Broadway.It's a monologue play from Samuel Beckett

Nov 07 2018

Watch at Home: Latin History,Ernest & Celestine,Christopher Robin, BlacKkKlansman

Heads up on what's newly available to you this week.Links go to previous coverage / reviews here at TFE.

Bel Canto-Julianne Moore as an opera singer.It was barely released
BlacKkKlansman- Spike Lee's best in ages.We think it might be competitive for Picture,Director,Adapted Screenplay,and Editing nominations.Do you?
Christopher Robin- Ewan McGregor stars as the boy all grown up revisited by Pooh,Tigger,and the Hundred Acre Woods gang.
Incredibles 2- The year's fourth biggest hit globally with 1.2 billion in the bank
Loving Pablo- Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem star in this drama about a journalist and a drug lord.
Papillon- Rami Malek and Charlie Hunnam remake the Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen prison drama
Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood- a salacious documentary about a man who allegedly secured same-sex sex for the movie stars of Old Hollywood.

iTunes 99¢ Deals
Tomb Raider-Alicia Vikander takes over as Lara Croft.We missed this in theaters and no one seemed to care at the time.'Is it worth 99¢?' he asked any of you that did.
Critically Acclaimed Animation- 99¢ deals this week on a bunch of underseen nominees for Best Animated Feature:The Secret of Kells,Ernest & Celestine,A Cat in Paris,andChico & Ritaas well as smaller foreign titles that weren't nominated but were well regarded includingWrinklesandThe Girl Without Hands

Brand New Streaming This Week
Into the Forest(Netflix) a forgotten 2015 sci-fi movie with Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood as sisters trying to survive a looming apocalypse
Latin History for Morons(Netflix) John Leguizamo's fourth solo Broadway outing (afterFreak,Sexaholic,andGhetto Klown) brought him his first Tony Award after two previous nominations.His first two acclaimed Off Broadway solo showsMambo MouthandSpic-O-Ramadefinitely led to boosts in his film/tv career.Writing talent is so handy for the actors that have it.When people aren't giving you great material,write your own vehicle!

I put on my best dad hat and I go to him and I say buddy,honey,I'm sorry but life is gonna fuck you sometimes.It just is.  And you're going to have to...I don't know,just keep changing positions until it feels good somehow.

November on Netflix
November on Prime

Jul 14 2016

Review: The Infiltrator

Manuelhere with a review of The Infiltrator which opened yesterday nationwide.

Fact: Steven Soderbergh'sTrafficis one of the most influential films of the 21st century.That's not a qualitative assessment but an increasingly common thought that's rankled in my brain.Can you believe Soderbergh actually struggled to get his film financed because Hollywood execs didn't think audiences would want to watch an entire film about the drug trade?

Fast-forward to summer 2016 when USA is premieringQueen of the South,Netflix will bring us season 2 ofNarcos,two competing El Chapo TV series are in development,and Bryan Cranston'sThe Infiltratorjoins an ever-growing list of films about the war on drugs that range from the sublime (Sicario) to the pedestrian (Blow) with everything in between (Savages,anyone?).

In Brad Furman'sThe Infiltrator,theBreaking Badactor plays U.S.Customs Service special agent Robert Mazur who,as is par for the course in certain genres,decides to take on one last job to go undercover as "Bob Musella."...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Jul 22 2014

Happy 50th to the Inimitable John Leguizamo

Happy 50th to the enduring character actor and one man show trouperJohn Leguizamo.He has his first (film) hit in years this summer as part of the ensemble ofChefand he's arguably even its secret weapon;his cheerful sideline energy helps cut the sometimes sour taste of the movie's vaguely offputting self pitying / self aggrandizing central character business featuring Jon Favreau.

But Leguizamo has been doing that for years,significantly boosting or even altering the energy of pictures he was fourth or fifth or,you know,twelfth billed in.It's true that his brand of sideline showmanship often teeters towards hardly altruistic hamminess;he's an unrepetant scene stealer.But it was a treat to see him again,I raedily admit,and so shortly after I happened to watch his most recent one man show "Ghetto Klown"on cable or streaming or something (I forget) wherein he talks about this impending 50th birthday,the disintegration of his film career and trying to get things back on track.

That story has a happy ending given that it's hard to miss his earnest but unforced exuberance inChefand wish him well on future gigs.Especially if you have any fond recollection of past gems like...

From top left:Summer of Sam,the most all-around underappreciated of Spike Lee's quality joints,gave him a rare leading role as Vinny the hairdresser;he was wonderfully too much and Golden Globe nominated as Chi-Chi inTo Wong Foo,Thanks For Everything!Julie Newmarlike an excited drag puppy that couldn't stop peeing;and of course there's his unrequited romantic highly-fictionized version of Toulouse Lautrec in the classicMoulin Rouge!.These are his greatest film roles and it's just perfect that two of them have exclamation points in the title since he's that kind of actor.

I only speak the truth ♫ I only speak the truth "

What's your fondest memory of Leguizamo's career?