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Dec 20 2017

Soundtracking: "Love Actually"

Chris's weekly look at music in movies gets festive forLove Actually!

Love Actuallyis so loaded with musical sequences you could almost call it a quasi-musical.That said,it is light on holiday music even though it is set at Christmas time.However,you can easily forgiveLove Actuallyif you want it to be loaded on melodic holiday cheer because it usestheChristmas song of the past few decades: Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You".

Like Spider-Man and multiple lobsters' participation in this Christmas pageant,Love Actuallythrows everything it can into its insane mix but is nevertheless a delight because of the reliable charms of genre hallmarks."All I Want for Christmas is You"is about as indispensable as they come and a guaranteed bop.How many times have you already heard it this holiday season and how many more times will you hear it again before it's over?Despite its ubiquity,the answer to both questions is "probably not enough".

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Nov 07 2016

On This Day: Marie Curie,Steve McQueen,Bush v Gore

On this day in showbiz history...

15Agrippina the Younger,the sister of the infamous Caligula and wife of Claudius is born.She's been played in movies for film and television by actresses like Barbara Young (I Claudius),Lori Wagner (Caligula),and Ava Gardner (A.D.) among others
1867Pioneering physicist Marie Curie is born in Poland.76 years later her biopicMadame Curieis nominated for 7 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actress (Greer Garson)亚博主页.It's worth noting that there's a new Polish biopic about her life opening next month in Europe starring Karolina Gruszka
1874Political cartoonist Thomas Nast first uses the elephant to symbolize the Republican party in an illustration...

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Apr 26 2011

April Showers: Diane & Viggo 'Busy Being Free'

waterworks weeknights at 11 in April

Have you ever wondered why people don't talk more about Tony Goldwyn'sAWalk on the Moon(1999)?  It's one of those pictures that contains all sorts of stuff people came to love afterwards in embryonic or transformational stages.It was here thatDiane Lanepracticed the mesmerizingly guilty adulteress act that she'd be Oscar nominated for inUnfaithful(2002).It was the moment whenViggo Mortensen,so often backgrounded in pictures till then,revealed that he was a Star.It was also the mainstream bridge between Anna Paquin's sexually curious wicked child (The Piano) and sexually wicked curious psychic (True Blood) since she played one of her most ordinary roles as a teenager struggling with all the hormones swirling around inside her and outside of her as her screen mother (Lane) was also experiencing a sexual awakening.

It was even inA Walk On the MoonthatLiev Schreiberplayed the uptight wronged husband and,perhaps learning that Sex-On-A-Stick-Wife-Stealer was the better role,flipped parts forThe Painted Veil(2006),  bedding Naomi Watts (onscreen) which he's been doing ever since offscreen.Now,maybe we're reading too much into it.But the point is this: We likeA Walk on the Moon.

Mostly it's an enjoyable picture because Diane & Viggo were at the arguable peak of their screen beauty and looked even more sensational paired.Certain star pairings just elevate everything,right?And does any actress do 'aroused but totally conflicted about it' as well as Diane Lane?There are moments in this performance that are just mesmerizing like the one pictured above wherein she shyly lets Viggo give her a necklace,briefly daring to meet his gaze before dropping her head into his chest in submission.Her shyness is fascinatingly mixed in by the actress because the repetitive act of visiting his mobile clothing store is rather brazen;she knows instinctively what awaits her therein.Viggo is such a smooth and hypnotic ladykiller that her legs are over his shoulders before she's realized she's horizontal.Next thing you know,she's let her hair down metaphorically enough to experience sex in the outdoors.Under a waterfall,God's own high pressure shower.

More after the jump[mild nudity] including a question for film historians with a minor in sex scenes.

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