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Aug 30 2011

Beauty Break: New Heartthrobs According to VMan

VManmagazine offers up a black and white survey of future heartthrobs,the leading men of tomorrow today.All of the photos are shot by Hedi Slimane.These round-ups always amuse in retrospect because will we even know who they are in 10-20 years?(like when today's teenagers see those old Vanity Fair Hollywood covers wherein they tried to predict the new generation of Julia Roberts and Tom Cruises and half the faces have zero meaning).

This particular future stardom candidate above,Logan Lerman,declares himself a cinephile in the capsule icons and influences bios (you know the kind: it's the legit actors version of a centerfold's romantic preferences masturbation fodder quotes).Though they aren't pictured,Lerman has real balls.Consider this: the 19 year old actor (best known asPercy Jackson) is starring in PaulW.S.Anderson'sThree Musketeersand has the stones to name PaulThomasAnderson as the director he's dying to work with.W.S.must HATE that!Talk about biting the hand that just fed you.You know more than once poor Paul has had to explain that he's notthatPaul and the person's face has inevitably dropped with disappointment.

Nobody else's bios has anything quite so off-mag image-conjuring but the photos are pretty.

There are more young would-be stars after the jump if you're so inclinedbut I wanted to giveJosh Pence(to your right) his due right away since he got so shafted in the wholeArmie Hammer Debutante Ball(AKAThe Social Network) last year.It was Pence's face that was digitally removed to make room for twinned Armie.Maybe he'll catch up to his physical twin,career-wise,if his work inThe Dark Knight Risesas the Young Ra's Al Ghul gives Hollywood whatever it is that they're looking for?

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Apr 10 2011

Links: Haynes,Malick,Madonna, Mitchell

direct this
looks at the entire career of Paul Anderson.No,not that one.The other one,the Paul W.S.Anderson one.
The TelegraphTim Robey awaits the return of Hollywood's poet Terrence Malick withThe Tree of Lifeand investigates his mystique.
Nick's Flick Picksencounters the first Todd Haynes project he's not totally gaga for:Mildred Pierce.I share his trepidations but like him,am definitely enjoying the details and the actressing.
La Daily MustoJohn Cameron Mitchell (Rabbit Hole) is even using Kickstarter now?It's a whole new world.This is for funding for an animated film.

in less auteur driven news...
PlaybillHere's an interesting idea.Andrew Lloyd Webber doesn't think it will ever happen but he wants Madonna,who already playedEvitain his world,for the big screen version of hisSunset Boulevardmusical.
Movie|LineRemember Josh Pence,who got that SAG nomination for just his body appearing onscreen with Armie Hammer's face on it inThe Social Network?Now we get his face: he's got a role inThe Dark Knight Rises.Happy endings.
Twitch Filmbrings you the winners of the Dallas International Film Festival.Congratulates to this one we're hearing about the first time:Jess + Moss.