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May 03 2017

Thoughts I Had: First images from "Murder on the Orient Express"

To Entertainment Weekly the honor of introducing us,or re-introducing us rather,to the characters ofMurder on the Orient Express.The Agatha Christie book was first published in 1934,got a very popular Oscar loved film adaptation forty years later and another forty-plus after that it'll be back in movie theaters again with a brand new cast.

After the jump a mega post about this cover and the adjacent character photos that came with it...

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Apr 21 2017

Best Actress - April Foolish Oscar Predix

We always save the best category for last.

The April Foolish Oscar predictions areofficially completewith theBEST ACTRESS chartwhich has just gone up.So many talent women.So much luscious actressing to come.We cannot wait to see these performances,wherever they happen to fall on the chart.Predictions are for fun and do not indicate who we're rooting for ever -- we try not to root for anything without actually seeing the films because "may the best performance win!"and we don't know what that will be yet,now do we?This year the April Foolish crystal ball says "all previous nominees"but that's largely because it does not appear to be a year where many women whoaren'tprevious nominees have managed to land leading roles.But we shall see.

Answer me these questions three:

1.Which actress's double feature are you most excited to see?The busy choices are: Jessica Chastain (A Woman Walks Ahead,Molly's Game),Kate Winslet (Wonder Wheel,The Mountain Between Us),Sally Hawkins (Maudie,The Shape of Water),and Charlize Theron (Tully,Atomic Blonde).Let's leave the very busy Nicole Kidman out of this survey since the size of her roles aren't totally obvious this year.

2.Do you think Annette Bening has momentum due to that near-miss last season (those sometimes build goodwill) or do you think20th Century Womenis irrelevant to this year's prediction equation?

3.Which performance are you convinced will be great sight unseen?...and vice versa if you're feeling irritable today.

Past articles on this new Oscar race
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Feb 13 2016

Valentine's - A Room With a View

Team Experience is celebrating Valentines Day with favorite love scenes.Here's Lynn Lee on an 80s classic

Great Moments in Screen Kisses #20,Julian Sands and Helena Bonham CarterEveryone who loves this film remembers The Kiss.  It's the moment proper Edwardian girl Lucy Honeychurch (a very young Helena Bonham-Carter),vacationing in Italy,discovers romantic passion for the first time.  She doesn't know it yet,but the odd free-thinking young man she's only recently met (Julian Sands) is her soulmate.Heknows it,though.

Besides being (literally) storybook-romantic—a sun-drenched poppy field in Italy!lush soprano aria in the background!—the kiss is also wreathed in comedy,as the film cuts back and forth between Lucy,wending her way uncertainly towards George,and her fussy chaperone Charlotte (Maggie Smith) bonding with another fellow tourist,a hacky romance novelist (Judi Dench),over scandalous love stories before she starts to worry about Lucy.  Meanwhile,the Italian driver who led Lucy to George looks on in amusement at what he has wrought.  He knows what's up,his own public display of affection having been previously smacked down by these uptight Brits.  But the Kiss will not be denied.

It's also the kiss that keeps on giving for the rest of the movie.  Its memory haunts Lucy during her utter failure of a first kiss with her fiancé,Cecil (Daniel Day-Lewis,vying for comic MVP with Maggie Smith),in England.  It reappears again at a critical and exquisitely awkward moment as a passage in a terrible romance novel,penned by none other than Charlotte's novelist friend,that the clueless Cecil just happens to read out loud to none other than Lucy and George.  The tension that was simmering since George's reentry into Lucy's life then comes to full boil,precipitating a chain of events that eventually forces out in the open what Lucy's been denying for too long: she and George belong together.

All thanks to one glorious kiss.

Our Valentine's Series
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The Painted Veil (2006)
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Jan 01 2016

Who's Your Favorite Dame?

Imelda Staunton.Photographed by David Rose.[Source]Here'sMurtadaon his favorite subject;British ladies of a certain age who delight on screen and stage.

Happy New Year!Some Brits usher in the new year celebrating their newly bestowed knighthoods.This year Queen Elizabeth II honors,among others,Idris ElbaandDavid Oyelowo.There are different designations to the honor.For exampleImelda Stauntonbecame a CBE i.e.not yet a Dame but well on her way.It's obvious The Queen hasn't ventured out to the theater in 2015 or Staunton would be Dame Squared for hertriumphant Mama Rosealone.

This year's newly minted Dames are British TV stalwart Barbara Windsor (EastEnders,theCarry Onmovies) and Welsh stage veteran Sian Phillips (Daniel Day Lewis' mother inThe Age of Innocence),who was once Mrs.Peter O'Toole.

But when we talk dames we mostly talk about the holy trinity who still have vibrant movie careers:Judi,MaggieandHelen.No last names necessary if you say Dame first.Oscars and other awards,亚博主页big successes on the boards on both sides of the Atlantic and long thriving careers for all three.

But who is your favorite?To help you decide let's dig a bit deeper. [More...]

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Sep 14 2015

Judi Dench as Paulina in "The Winter's Tale"

Manuelhere to talk theater.Well,theater that will be soon coming to a screen near you at least.Did you know Judi Dench,who has been a staple of the London stage for over 50 years (oh to have been in the audience for her Sally Bowles in 1968!) is starring in Kenneth Branagh's mounting of Shakespeare'sThe Winter's Talethis fall?

Now you do!And now we also havethe first look at Dench as Paulina.

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Mar 06 2015

Posterized: Judi Dench

Today marks yet another onscreen reunion of besties & Dames Maggie and Judi:The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotelopens in limited release (it goes wide next weekend).They shared a dressing room at the Old Vic in the 1950s and they've been tight ever since.

Dame Judi & Dame Maggie in 2014

They're both Oscar Royalty of course,among the most beloved actresses to ever live,but Judi Dench's story is particularly interesting since it took her so long to cross over into full stardom.Long a valued commodity in the UK,America was slow to discover her.Perhaps it started with the international hit and Best Picture nominatedA Room With a View(where she & Maggie played spinster friends - they both won BAFTAs for their roles,Maggie in Lead,but only Maggie went on to an Oscar nomination with a demotion to supporting).By the time Judi got her first true lead film role inHer Majesty Mrs Brown,Maggie was already a two-time Oscar winner,with five nominations under her belt.

So Judi's late life success is a unique story.Let's look at her career since her stateside breakthrough.How many of these 24 Judi Dench films have you seen?

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