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Supporting Actress Smackdown of 1960
Shirley x 2,Janet,Mary,and Glynis.Who gets your vote?

"Janet Leigh should've won,but I feel like the fact that she was even nominated for that movie might've been a victory in itself."-Philip H.

"How great is it considering this was 59 years ago that three of these ladies are still with us and the two Shirleys are working on a semi regular basis."-Joel6

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Jun 27 2018

1994's Unsatisfying Best Actress Race

1994 was our year of the month for June so before the month closes,a couple of more forays into that year.Here's Nathaniel R responding to a reader requestduring the Supporting Actress Smackdownto discuss the actual leading nominees.

It's an age old question and the answer is (nearly) always the same.

Q: What happens when all the best stuff in a film year is within genres Oscar doesn't care for?
A: The Academy sticks to their traditional loves even if it means providing history with a weak shortlist that they'll judge harshly!

Some recent years have suggested that Oscar is loosening up in this regard.The swell of new members might be helping along with the increased visibility of critical passion (the plethora of precursor awards constantly saying "but this is great!won't you please look at it?"seems to have shifted Oscar votersa bitmore towards critical passion and away from "Oscar Bait").But overall they stick to what they love (dramas,message movies,epics,biopics,etcetera).This is especially true of the Acting branch which rarely met a teary face it didn't fall for and continually sticks up its nose at laughing or screaming orunusualfaces given their aversion to comic genius,horror films,and auteur experimental or sci-fi/fantasy work.Which brings us to 1994's BEST ACTRESS LIST...

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Oct 03 2017

Box Office Three-Way and Dependable Dame Dench

by Nathaniel R

Weekend Box Office (Sept 29th-October 1st)
800+ screens
excluding prev.wide
1.KINGSMAN 2$16.9 (cum.$66.6) 1.TIL DEATH DO US PART$1.5 on 562 screens
2.IT$16.9 (cum.$290.7)REVIEW|5 TAKEAWAYS 2.VICTORIA AND ABDUL$1 on 77 screens (cum.$1.3)
3.AMERICAN MADE$16.7 3.A QUESTION OF FAITH$1 on 661 screens
4.LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE$11.6 (cum.$35.2) 4..STRONGER$922k on 645 screens (cum.$3.1)REVIEW
5.FLATLINERS$6.5 5..JUDWAA 2$638k on 192 screens
6.BATTLE OF THE SEXES$3.4 (cum.$4) 6.BRAD'S STATUS$400k on 453 screens (cum.$1.7)REVIEW

= new or significant expansion

numbers (in millions unless otherwise noted) frombox office mojo

A bit late on the quickie box office chart this week but for a good reason.The race for #1 was so tight between three films that it took til Monday to clear it up with theKingsmansequel topping and the new Tom Cruise actionerAmerican Madeon bottom....

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Mar 11 2017

Feud: Bette and Joan. "Pilot"

by Nathaniel R

The title sequence forFeud,really couldn't be better.The Saul Bass inspired graphics cut-outs act out both the iconic beats in hagsploitation classicWhatever Happened to Baby Jane(1962) and Joan Crawford and Bette Davis's own rivalry as stars while alluding to their embattled natures (the hearts as tears is a particular fine move) within Hollywood where both had been wildly successful but not without their backs up and claws out,as it were.

When the action kicks off inFeudthough we're in 1961 and both were now "has been"at least in terms of A list leading lady roles at 55 (Crawford) and 53 (Davis).Feud: Bette and Joancastsmucholder actresses to play them with Jessica Lange (67) and Susan Sarandon (70) which is maybe the most unintentionally positive takeaway of the show;it takes much longer to be considered "old"in Hollywood now!

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Dec 09 2015

Mad Max,Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett Win Big at the Australian Academy

Glennhere.As expected,it was a big night for Oscar hopefulMad Max: Fury Roadat the AACTA Awards last night,while Cate Blanchett gave yet another wonderful speech upon winning the Longford Lyell Award for outstanding achievement to Australian screen.Split over two ceremonies in Sydney,this year's "Australian Oscars"亚博主页were honouring the most successful year for Australian film on record – yes,that meansof all time(inflation not included) – as well as television.Miller's film picked up eight trophies all up,bringing the total number of AFI/AACTA Awards won by the franchise to 16,while Miller has now amassed 8 career statues.Yes,eight!!

Jocelyn Moorhouse's homegrown phenomenonThe Dressmakerwas also a hit winning five including for actors Kate Winslet,Judy Davis,and Hugo Weaving as well as the audience choice award,which goes to show just how popular that period western has been here and how much it's captured the public's attention (it has come within mere millions ofMad Max's box office).The most sentimental win of the night was for lead actor Michael Caton,the industry legend whose first win finally came at age 72 inLast Cab to Darwinabout a dying man driving cross-country.AIDS-era gay romanceHolding the Mansadly went home empty-handed despite being one of the finest dramas this country has ever produced.

Best Film:Mad Max: Fury Road
People's Choice Award:The Dressmaker
Best Direction:George Miller,Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Lead Actor:Michael Caton,Last Cab to Darwin
Best Lead Actress:Kate Winslet,The Dressmaker
Best Supporting Actor:Hugo Weaving,The Dressmaker
Best Supporting Actress:Judy Davis,The Dressmaker
Best Original Screenplay:Robert Connolly and Steve Worland,Paper Planes
Best Adapted Screenplay:Reg Cribb and Jeremy Sims,Last Cab to Darwin
Best Documentary Feature:That Sugar Film

More winners + Cate Blanchett (!)after the jump...

No,we won't stop using this gif!

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Oct 30 2015

Mad Max & Fashionable Kate lead the 'Australian Oscar' nominations

The AACTA Awards,essentially the Australian Oscars,亚博主页are in their 5th year.But the "5th"business they're promoting is misleading.It's the fifth year under their new name,AACTA,but they've actually been giving out prizes since 1958 when they were called AFI Awards...not to be confused with the AFI events across the Pacific,America and Australia both starting with "A"and both having Film Institutes.But they're obviously promoting a reboot mentality since they consider the 2011 AACTAs the "inaugural"awards.

Leading the pack this year are Kate Winslet's fashionista revenge comedyThe Dressmaker(still awaiting news on a US release) and the critically belovedMax Mad Fury Roadwith 12 and 11 nominations respectively.George Miller's action masterpiece could even win since AACTA doesn't have the genre bias Oscar does -- Australia's industry is to small to have such silly biases!-- giving Best Film toThe Babadooklast year.IfMad MaxFury Roadcould repeat this trick at the American Oscars -- 11 nominations (!) -- 95% of cinephiles would experience the rapture and never be heard from again.亚博主页

The film nominees are after the jump...

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Sep 16 2015

TIFF: Kate Winslet Goes Couture in 'The Dressmaker'

Glennhere.I'm not in Toronto (booo!),but I did get to see this homegrown film recently so let's talk aboutThe Dressmaker.This is a film thatmakes a lot better sense when the end credits roll and you realize that director JocelynMoorhouseco-wrote the screenplay with her husband,none other than P.J.Hogan.It makes sense becauseThe Dressmaker,despite the refinement suggested by its prestige audience-courting title,iskindacrazy.It is a buoyantly excessive feat of far-fetched camp that isn't as good as its highly-stylized cinematic cousins of the early 1990s such asStrictly Ballroom,The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert,and Hogan's ownMuriel's Wedding,yet which nonetheless has enough of a unique voice to work as a very Australian piece of crowd-pleasuring fluff.It's the cinematic equivalent of Betsy Johnson designing anhautecouture line forDior.[more...]

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