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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
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Jan 23 2019

Call Julianne Moore By Her Name

byJason Adams

A couple of weeks agoI told y'all aboutLuca Guadagnino's next film project,a feature based off of Bob Dylan's 1975 albumBlood on the Tracksthat he plans to make with Chloe Grace Moretz.Well Luca,never one to rest on them laurels of his,has sneaked in a totally seperate project while we weren't looking (or rather while we were gaping at the exploding heads of hisSuspiriacoven),much to my thrill.He's gone and directed a 35-minute short film slash "memory piece"for the fashion house Valentino that will star Kyle MacLachlan and Julianne Moore,along with Marthe Keller,KiKi Layne,Mia Goth (aka the secret MVP ofSuspiria),and Alba Rohrwacher.Here's how it's described in Variety:

"Moore plays Francesca,an Italian-American writer who lives in New York and must return to Rome – and,by extension,her childhood – to retrieve her aging mother,a painter played at different ages by Keller and Goth.Layne plays "the spark that triggers the stream of consciousness in Francesca,"said Guadagnino,while Rohrwacher plays "a grande dame at a party."All the male characters – "fathers,lovers,servants,"Guadagnino noted – are played by MacLachlan."

Making a short-film for a fashion house probably isn't the best way for Luca to combatlast week's criticismfrom the originalSuspiria's director Dario Argento that he "makes beautiful tables,beautiful curtains,beautiful dishes,all beautiful…"but Luca gonna Luca (and bless him for it,quite honestly).The short was shot byCall Me By Your NameandSuspiriaDP Sayombhu Mukdeeprom and the soundtrack is from Oscar-winner Ryuichi Sakamoto,and the plan is for it to hit legitimate film fests so stay tuned,fabulousness ahead.

Nov 04 2018

Does Box Office Matter to Best Actress Hopefuls?

by Nathaniel R

Helen Mirren's The Queen was in many ways a completely standard win...a solid success before the nomination and an even bigger hit afterwardsDoes Box Office matter to Oscars?亚博主页It does and it doesn't.And how much it matters varies from year to year and from category to category.It obviously matters,regardless,if you're either a flop or a big hit but anything inbetween (where most movies fall) is up for speculative debate.

For instance,just this year people have debated whetherThe Wife's box office take is strong enough for a Best Actress nomination for Glenn Glose (hint: it totally is...though winning will be harder) and whether it will matter thatRomawon't really have that much of a theatrical presence (it might not.The streaming only/mostly thing is relatively uncharted territory) or if the major success ofA Star is Bornwill make a win possible for Lady Gaga (it won't hurt!)

For fun let's look at how much the Best Actress nominees films made before they were nominated for the past fifteen years and see what patterns emerge.The films in red won Best Actress Oscars.亚博主页


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Oct 02 2018

Les rousses

Sep 16 2018

TIFF Review: "Gloria Bell"

byChris Feil

Naturally,English language remakes of already great (and recent,at that) foreign language treasures are a dubious business.But Sebastián Lelio's revisiting of his ownGloria,formery led by the immaculate Paulina García,presents a convincing alternative to other misguided or less effective attempts.Now titledGloria Belland starring Julianne Moore,this version is one not only worthy of its predecessor,but an equal that may even edge it out ever so slightly...

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Jul 19 2018

Months of Meryl: The Hours (2002)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#29 —Clarissa Vaughan,a higher-up and hostess of the New York literary scene attempting to throw a party for her dying friend.

MATTHEW:  Even before Meryl Streep stepped before the cameras as the unraveling hostess Clarissa Vaughan on Stephen Daldry'sThe Hours,the actress already possessed a role in Michael Cunningham's Pulitzer-winning,tripartite meditation on love,loss,and Virginia Woolf.Early on in Cunningham's 1999 novel,Clarissa,while shopping for flower,catches sight of a movie star who may be Streep or Vanessa Redgrave or,much less excitingly for Clarissa,Susan Sarandon emerging from her trailer with an "aura of regal assurance."Streep's ephemeral appearance in what will prove to be one of the most pivotal days of Clarissa's life signifies,quite literally,the sublime;her quasi-cameo is a perfect encapsulation of one of those chance,indirect encounters with a famous face that we use,with varying levels of embarrassment,to distract us from the mundanities of our daily routine,a glimpse of the extraordinary amid the everyday.That Streep the Star,who was gifted a copy of "The Hours"by Redgrave's late daughter Natasha Richardson,is removed from Daldry's film speaks to the many,many excisions that occur within any page-to-screen transfer,but it also informs us that Streep's cinematized Clarissa Vaughan is simply beyond distraction...

I will always appreciate Daldry's version as a rare if principally partitioned meeting of three extraordinary screen stars...

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May 13 2018

Beauty Break: Happy Mother's Day!

Michelle Pfeiffer with her daughter Claudia Rose early onHappy Mothers Day to any of our readers who are mothersandHappy Mother's Day to all ofyourmothers,too.Herewith some of our favorite actresses with their first born...

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