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Aug 06 2019

10th Anniversary: Julie & Julia is an 'Over & Over'

by Ginny O'Keefe

BONJOUR!It's now been 10 years since Amy Adams (with a bad wig) and Meryl Streep (with platforms to make her look 6'2") starred as the title characters in the delicious Nora Ephron film,Julie and Julia.The film follows New Yorker Julie Powell in 2002,challenging herself to make every recipe in Julia Child's famous cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking"while simultaneously chronicling Child's start of her cooking profession in 1950's France.I saw this film for the first time in theatres when it premiered back in August 2009 and thank God I had a large popcorn and Buncha Crunch by my side because otherwise I would've died of starvation.

Without a doubt,this is my favorite food film ever.It lets a legend and a regular person share the spotlight while paralleling each other through their obsession and love of good French food.This film inspired an interest in the culinary arts for this then 14-year-old me.I decided to make more food for myself (instead of just relying on my mom)...

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Oct 11 2018

Months of Meryl: Julie & Julia (2009)

The Filmography: Across 52 films,Meryl Streep taught America how to act,and how to accept awards.It's been 41 years since Ms.Streep's first film.Today we might think we live in the world Jennifer Lawrence,Brie Larson,and Alicia Vikander made,but beneath it all is Meryl,69 if she's a day,and no one can touch her.

The Contenders: Too young to recallThe Hourspress tour,and much too young for any pre-Devil Wears Pradacontext,really,MatthewandJohnwere looking for a challenge.And fromStill of the NighttoDark Matter,they found it.Risking their sanity,their jobs,and Ingmar Bergman centennial retrospectives,they have signed on for a deranged assignment.

365 days.52 films.A dozen-plus accents.Three Oscars.亚博主页Two boys.One refurbished Blu-Ray player.How far will it go?We can only wait.And wait.And wait...

TheMonths of MerylProject.Wrapping up soon on a blog you're already reading.

#41 — Julia Child,beloved chef and unanticipated television star of singular personality.

MATTHEW: In surveying all 21 of the films that constitute Meryl Streep's history-making haul of Academy Award nominations,Nora Ephron'sJulie & Julia,to my mind,represents an acting challenge that only this stupendous performer could have possibly played and been rewarded for playing...

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Feb 04 2012

Readers' Ranking: Streep's Oscar Noms, #10-6

Previously onStreep Reader Rankingswe coveredThe French Lieutenant's Woman,Music of the Heart,Doubt,The Deer Hunter,One True Thing,andIronweed.Now we hit the top ten.Ten and Nine were a statistical tie,constantly trading dominance as I tallied the results of your ballots.Since both films were listed in last place on 7% of the ballots,I broke the tie by looking at first place votes.Only one of the two had any.

According to The Film Experience Readers亚博主页

10.Julie & Julia(2009)
Role & Balloting
: Streep has played many biographical parts in her long career which accounts for some of her record-obliterating nomination haul (8 of her 17 nominations are for biographical roles and she is now 5 nominations beyond her nearest rival Jack Nicholson).This widely seen warm serio-comic interpretation of the famous chef Julia Child is the last film in the countdown without any #1 placements on reader ballots.

Who Won the Oscar
: Sandra Bullock,The Blind Side
Other Nominees in Guesstimate Order of AMPAS Love: Meryl (Julie & Julia),Gabourey Sidibe (Precious),Carey Mulligan (An Education) and Helen Mirren(The Last Station)
The Dread Sixth Place Finish?
:  One supposes the fifth slot was neck and neck between Mirren and Emily Blunt (The Young Victoria).There wasn't a ton of enthusiasm for either film though,since the top four candidates absorbed all the Oscar heat.

09.Out of Africa(1985)
Role & Balloting: Streep had another huge success with this romantic epic about the Danish author Isak Dinesen (aka Karen Blixen).If Geraldine Page hadn't been so absurdly overdue (It was her 8th nomination which was at the time the longest stretch by any actor without ever having won the gold.Peter O'Toole now holds the record with 8 nominations without a win) the Best Actress race would've been between Whoopi and Streep both headlining very very big hits.(The Eighties were a different time with box office and moviegoing;people still flocked to prestige dramas in big numbers.)

Who Won the Oscar: Geraldine Page,The Trip To Bountiful
Other Nominees in Guesstimate Order of AMPAS Love: Whoopi Goldberg (The Color Purple),Meryl (Out of Africa),Anne Bancroft (Agnes of God) and Jessica Lange (Sweet Dreams)
The Dread Sixth Place Finish?:  Cher was left on the outside looking in forMaskas the mother of a deformed boy.The snub even resulted in an Oscar night moment when Cher,clad in one of her typically outre outfits quipped:

As you can see,I did receive my Academy booklet on how to dress like a serious actress."

Reader Comment.Marcos writes:

I first noticed Streep inThe Deer Hunter.I liked her a lot and was impressed,but I became utterly fascinated when I was able to realize the extent to which she immersed herself in roles that were so different.Choosing betweenBridgesandOutofAfrica[for #1] was difficult.OneofStreep's best scenes ever was her lover's funeral. She moves forward to grab a handfulofearth to throw it on Robert Redford's grave.She moves ahead,but the camera stays still.She grabs some earth and extends her arm to throw it on his grave. Her hand starts shaking and, without releasing the earth,she brings it to her chest and walks away."

Three more Oscar roles after the jump

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