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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jun 02 2019

Review: Octavia Spencer lets loose with "Ma"

by Sean Donovan

In an age where critics praise a generation of thoughtful,innovative,and dazzlingly styled horror films,a deceptively basic package likeMa --unconcerned with winning good reviews,elevating the genre,or acquiring a fancy boutique label like A24 -- is uniquely refreshing.Ma's jump scares are familiar,its plotting is predictably iffy,its logic and emotional contexts for its supporting characters even more so- but goddamn it,it's fun.

The ‘fun' comes from feeding off the joy of Octavia Spencer inhabiting domestic horror-thriller,Hand That Rocks the Cradlerealness.No longer is Spencer smiling on a gilded stage,frozen while Peter Farrelly and Nick Vallelonga accept prizes for socially regressive trash to which she's somehow attached.Octavia's back baby,and this time she's got hell to raise and teens to terrify....

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Dec 18 2018

"What's Eating Gilbert Grape"- Still Wonderful!

Here's Eric Blume to celebrate the 25th anniversary ofWhat's Eating Gilbert Grape,currently available for rental on most services...

It's now been a quarter century since the release of Lasse Hallstrom'sWhat's Eating Gilbert Grape.That deeply felt family drama earns its tears not through sentimentality but through true sentiment.It's arguably Hallstrom's best film,and likely the best performances Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio have ever given.I'm happy to report,after a recent revisit,that it only looks better with age.

Hallström lays out the canvas of these characters' lives with none of the condescension or cliché that we often see in films about small-town America,and he keeps everything fizzy and surprising...

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Nov 08 2018

Months of Meryl: August Osage County (2013)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#45 —Violet Weston,the cancer-stricken,drug-addicted matriarch of an Oklahoma family.

MATTHEW: Tracy Letts' high-octane,Pulitzer Prize-winning family dramaAugust: Osage Countywas the toast of the 2007-2008 Broadway season,which made a cinematic adaptation all but inevitable and the star involvement of Meryl Streep an equally foregone conclusion.The vituperative,pill-popping Violet Weston is the crowning achievement of Letts' play and arguably the meatiest dramatic role to come along for sexagenarian actresses in the past 15 years.The part has been previously interpreted on stage by the Tony-winning Deanna Dunagan (who originated the character in the initial Steppenwolf production),Estelle Parsons,and Phylicia Rashad,any one of whom could have bowled us over in an alternate film,as might have rumored candidates like Jessica Lange,Sissy Spacek,and Glenn Close.This isn't to take away a single merit from Streep's no-holds-barred work,but rather acknowledge that Streep herself is the rare and defiant exception who proves the rule that actresses over the age of 50 are anathema to Hollywood's gatekeepers.

Before falling in love with the eye of the camera,Streep was first and foremost a creature of the theater...

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Sep 27 2018

The Link Persuasive

Coming SoonJuliette Lewis is joining theRoseannespinoff sitcomThe Conners
MNPPACK!Somehow I missed the news that there's a new documentary coming about Montgomery Clift and it's playing at NewFest next month
Awards DailyWillem Dafoe and Paul Greengrass are getting tributes at the Gotham Awards
AV ClubEric Idle confirms a longstanding rumor about Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in a scene fromEmpire Strikes Back...

Lots more after the jump including Judi Dench's frustration,Wicked's anniversary,Chris Pine's penis,Glenn Close's movies,JK Rowling's foot-in-mouth problem,and English language remakes of foreign hits which are fine as they are (sigh)...

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Jun 27 2018

1994's Unsatisfying Best Actress Race

1994 was our year of the month for June so before the month closes,a couple of more forays into that year.Here's Nathaniel R responding to a reader requestduring the Supporting Actress Smackdownto discuss the actual leading nominees.

It's an age old question and the answer is (nearly) always the same.

Q: What happens when all the best stuff in a film year is within genres Oscar doesn't care for?
A: The Academy sticks to their traditional loves even if it means providing history with a weak shortlist that they'll judge harshly!

Some recent years have suggested that Oscar is loosening up in this regard.The swell of new members might be helping along with the increased visibility of critical passion (the plethora of precursor awards constantly saying "but this is great!won't you please look at it?"seems to have shifted Oscar votersa bitmore towards critical passion and away from "Oscar Bait").But overall they stick to what they love (dramas,message movies,epics,biopics,etcetera).This is especially true of the Acting branch which rarely met a teary face it didn't fall for and continually sticks up its nose at laughing or screaming orunusualfaces given their aversion to comic genius,horror films,and auteur experimental or sci-fi/fantasy work.Which brings us to 1994's BEST ACTRESS LIST...

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Nov 21 2017

Would you rather...?

Time for our intermittent stupid game in which we fantasize about hanging with celebrities.You can see all past roundupshereif you want to be confronted with yet more impossible choices as to your celeb-fueled fantasy life options.Ready?Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

Would you rather burgers with directors Gregg Araki & Andrew Ahn? your makeup with Janet Jackson?
...tour Russia with Sarah Jessica Parker?
...celebrate Jeremy Jordan's birthday with a slice of Star Wars cake?
...cosplay Wonder Woman with Manila Luzon? out with Cynthia Erivo?
...try Madonna's new skin care line with one of her BFFs Debi Mazar?
...visit an art gallery devoted to cinema with Emmanuelle Devos?
...get Christmas sweater-festive with Juliette Lewis? inspired by the superhero Nightwing in your fitness goals with Vincent Rodriguez? Naomi Watts celebrate her mom's new book launch?

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