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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jul 11 2016

Thoughts I Had While Staring at the "Table 19" Poster

Manuel here.There is nothing funnier (I guess?) than a wedding,which explains whyTable 19is the latest comedy to tackle the hilarity of seeing two people profess their love to one another in as public a venue as one can imagine.I joke,though I have to admit this sub-genre has many great examples to justify its continued deployment:Father of the Bride,Bridesmaids,My Best Friend's Wedding,Muriel's Wedding,Four Weddings and a Funeral.Heck,evenWedding CrashersandThe Wedding Singerhave their charm.

WillTable 19join that esteemed group?Let's take a look at its poster:

- Can we all agree this is a pitch perfect teaser poster?It gives you a sense of tone and setting with one simple image.I do wish we'd gotten fancier nail art though.

- "Don't Fit In.Take A Number"strikes me as a better tagline for a comedy set in a deli,a butcher shop,or somewhere else where you'd take appointments.(Rather than a wedding where you just get a number assigned to you,no?)

- What I love about this cast is that it perfectly captures the very spirit of a random table at a wedding.What could they possibly have in common but mere contiguity?Just thinking of the comedic stylings of Stephen Merchant hilariously (one hopes) clashing with those of Craig Robinson is surely one of the selling points.

- The promise of Kendrick and Kudrow in a film is enough to get me to buy a ticket,though now I'm wishing Kudrow had invited thePitch Perfectstar to do an episode ofWeb Therapy.

- So glad Revolori (so great inThe Grand Budapest Hotel) will be back in our screens.Now if only he'd dragged Mr.Gustave himself with him as his +1.They'd fit right in with the teaser poster's color scheme.

- Is June Squibb the best recent example of an Oscar nomination breathing life into a character actress' career?I didn't much care for her inNebraskabut I've been happy to see her pop here (Girls) and there (Getting On).

- January 2017?Oy.I'll try not to read too much into that release date but I already foresee it getting lost in the shuffle of the New Year cinematic doldrums (Oscar players aside).

Oh,and the trailer is up but they had me at the cast and I'm too scared to realize the parts may be greater than the sum,so take a look at give it your own YNMS in the comments.

Will be RSVPing (sorry!) Yes toTable 19?

Mar 08 2014

Drag Race: Big Opening Pt 2

Sorry this is so many days late!I promised we'd play along this year.And by play along I don't mind dress up in drag while typing but you can't see me so you'll never know but weekly posts on the best reality show on television (the Emmys sure are missing theboatfloat with their exceedingly conventional and stale nominations).Unfortunately "The Big Opening Part 2"which brough us another set of 7 queens,was much less cinematic in its shout-outs,so I made one up myself: Darienne Lake and June Squibb have the same designer.Pass it on! as I typed: June Squibb would make the best Guest Judge on this show.Make that happen,Ru.

Not that no queens were compared to queens of the screen.Milk was told to "flash that Lauren Hutton smile"and Trinity K Bonet decided to go with 'something between Star Wars and Buckingham Palace for her look,citing Princess Leia as inspiration.The actual runway look skipped that generation and went straight for Princess Amidala.It worked for the judges.

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Mar 05 2014

Red Carpet Lineup: Oscar Beauties,86th Edition

We're almost done!Only 35 more Oscar posts before w--- No for reals though we have to talk about fashion at least briefly.There sure was a lot of granny froufrou beading fussy texture on trend this year,huh?Which works on some people but not everyone.And weirdly it doesn't work at first and then totally works by the end of the evenin on some people.By some people I mean the happyBlue Jasminetwosome,whose gowns worked really well once you saw them all snuggly together in their seats.


America's Sweetheart 90s Edition,Sally,America's Sweetheart 10s Edition,Sensation,Squibb

I thinkJulia Robertsshould've gone younger/sexier to combat the visual drabness of the Barbara role inAugustand becauseJennifer Lawrence,red hot,has already stolen her Sweetheart crown (in fairness Julia abdicated the throne after her Oscar win so no one really took it from her).Sally Hawkins!(Why do I feel like her bohemian signature characters Ginger & Poppy both would not approve of what their creator is wearing?) I was going to do a poll of best dressed but I figuredLupita Nyong'owould get 100% of the votes making it the most boring poll of all time.Iknowthis is June Squibb's favorite Christmas Party Dress getting a surprise airing in March.


5 Times,18 Times,6 Times,2 Times

Judi Dench never shows.Do you think she watches overseas?

Amy Adamshas never looked better and that dress was so tight that visual effects were employed to show her jumping up to dance with Pharrell in it.Because: impossible.Meryl Streepwith a little off the shoulder glam.But white blouses are risky when you're eating pizza.Cate Blanchettlooking like an etherealelf quee...hey,wait a minute.AndSandra Bullockalso looking sensational.The Best Actress shortlist did the red carpet proud.

But which among them wins your "best"votes.Tough call.right?

Mar 05 2014

Which of the First-Time Nominees Will Return Soon to Oscar?

Some years ago now I did a study on how often actors win second nominations.I can't find the figures at the moment but I believe it was around 42%.Obviously it's not as many as we pretend each Oscar love-in season.Though it's arguablyeasierto win a second nomination than it is a first -- they're already considering you if you will -- that doesn't mean it'seasy,if you get me.The Oscars are definitely a pyramid in shape.亚博主页There's onlyone actorwith 18 nominations and there are hundreds of thousands with 0.I don't mean to be a bummer,just to underline how special and rare the Oscar experience is even for celebrity actors.Lineups likeBest Actressthis time,which I believe has the highest average nomination countof all timein an acting shortlist,fool us into believing otherwise but the majority of first nominations are alsolastnominations.

the first-timers this year that DIDN'T win: Chiwetel,Sally,Barkhad,Fassy,June*should we do a fashion post?

But let's stay optimistic!

Who among this year's first-time nominees do you think will be the first to be invited back?Explain your choice in the comments.I think I'm going with Sally Hawkins only because her work has been really solid for a long time and now that they've noticed her,perhaps a rush of even better roles will happen?It's not always easy to predict. I mean,who among us thought that Jonah Hill would be the first among the new men from the class of 2011 to do it?There's no wrong answer.At least not for another year or three.

If you like this poll,there are more,you know.Vote on those,too!

Mar 04 2014

And the Link Goes To...

Mashable"12 Ways June Squibb is the New Jennifer Lawrence"
Kenneth in the (212)Indiewire article onThe Normal Heartappears to be outing Taylor Kitsch.Typo?Weird punctuation?Odd sentence structure?
Yahoo Moviespremieres thePaddingtonteaser.But don't get too excited Nicole Kidman is nowhere to be seen
/FilmThe Avengers Age of Ultronscrambling to rethink shooting schedule.They start shooting next month when Scarlett Johansson will totally be showing (4 months pregnant at the moment)

MNPPdo dump or marry: two Hemsworths,one Ben
Dark HorizonsHugh Jackman planning to hang up the Wolverine claws soon.YES!I 100% co-sign everything my friend JA says about this one on his blog:

Honestly at seven films down I'm kind of ready for Jackman to do something else,too.As long as he keeps taking his clothes off,of course!But the bulging vein Wolverine look has gotten to be too much.Smaller and sleeker but still naked - that's what he should do.

Oscar Hangover
Self Styled Sirena must read on Kim Novak's industry history and her Oscar appearance
LA Timesa Memo to Hollywood on Lupita Nyong'o's future.(Her slate is pretty much free now -- Who's going to sign her to what?)
MNPPis this the best picture from the Oscar after parties?The expressions!
The Wire"We All Have To Get On The Same Page Of What Oscars Year This Is"亚博主页I'm so happy Joe Reid has joined me on this lonely battlefield
Variety5 brands that deserve an Oscar for marketing.Arby's certainly made a brilliant move on Oscar day

Today's Watch...

Idina Menzel remembering to have fun with the third defining song of her career on Jimmy Kimmel.(If you haven't been paying attention -- her two other huge cultural moments were "Defying Gravity"in Wicked and Maureen in general in Rent & "Take Me or Leave Me")

Feb 15 2014

15 Days Til Oscar ~ Supporting Oscar Chart Fun!

Have you voted on the polls yet?I feel like you haven't voted on the polls yet.Supporting ActressandSupporting Actor,in particular,have been bereft of your attention.While you're there check out the new "how'd they get nominated?"analysis on both of those categories

Did "Katniss"help Jennifer Lawrence win a nomination for "Rosalyn"and how much did "Plunging Necklines"factor into each of theAmerican Hustlenominations? The percentages are cooked up in my very own science oven.They're 100% accurate!

16 Days- Irene Sharaff's 16 nominations
17 Days- Looking back atThe English Patient,Sal Mineo...and 1917?
18 Days- Meryl Streep's 18th nomination
19 Days- Julianne Moore's awards history
20 Days- Flashback '93 Oscars:亚博主页Age of Innocence,Farewell My Concubine,The Piano
21 Days- What's your favorite Billy Wilder?