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Nov 24 2013

Podcast: A Nebraskan Thanksgiving!

Happy Holiday Podcast!

In this week's episode,Nathaniel,KateyandNickprepare for the impending Thanksgiving dinners by sharing our favorite turkeys (movies) and succulent hams (actors). We answer reader-submitted questions on topics ranging from Jennifer Lawrence's meteoric rise to fame, through Michael Fassbender's decision not to campaign for Oscar and on to confessions about nominated movies and performances we've never seen. Plus: Nathaniel and Katey share celebrity run-ins with Melissa Leo (Prisoners) and Nicole Holofcener (Enough Said)

But we begin by taking a black and white road trip to Best Picture hopefulNebraskawith Alexander Payne as tour guide. (Nick doesn't like the way he drives but Katey and Nathaniel enjoy the view)

You can listen at the bottom of the postor download it on iTunes. Join in the conversation in the comments.

纳撒尼尔和Katey(和他们的朋友罗布中期dle) November 2012

We also briefly mentionlast year'sFox Searchlight Holiday party (as well as this year's) and our friend Rob so I thought I'd include this photo that Katey and I took there a year ago.

A Nebraskan Thanksgiving

Nov 16 2013

Chart Revision & Trivia: Supporting Actress

June SquibbHaving recently seenNebraskaa second time (full review coming), I'm more confident that Alexander Payne favorite June Squibb (who played Jack Nicholson's wife inAbout Schmidt) can ride her scene-stealing laughs in the new film to a nomination. The film opened yesterday in limited release and though the Oscar attention is all on Bruce Dern at the moment, that could well change since the film is endearing on more than just the Dern-level.

Trivia Alert #1If June Squibb is nominated she will be the third oldest nominee ever in the Supporting Actress category after Gloria Stuart (Titanic) and Ruby Dee (American Gangster)

August Osage County and Jennifer Lawrence trivia after the jump

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