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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Jan 13 2016

The Razzies Are Here (Though You Wish They Weren't)

Kieran,here.The Razzie Awards,"honoring"the worst cinematic offerings of the year have announced their nominees and it's pretty much as expected—knee-jerk,steeped in misogyny and patriarchal nonsense (more on this later) and generally indicative that they don't care about quality filmmaking any more than the offenders they're highlighting.A little background on who votes on the Razzies—voting is actually open to the public.People who want to vote pay an annual fee or you can pay a whopping $500 for lifetime membership.Why would anyone ever pay to be part of this unseemly orgasm of fruitless schadenfreude,you ask?To quote Sarah Paulson'sAbby inCarol,"I can't help you with that".

Anyway,here are the nominees...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Feb 16 2015

Beauty vs Beast: Little Drummer Bot

Howdy folks it's Jason fromMNPPhere,pulling myself out of the snow-heap I was buried under last week to drum up a new round of our "Beauty vs Beast"series,in which we ask you to pick sides between good and evil,movie-style.By this time next week the 87th Academy Awards will have come and gone in an explosion of gold-dust and gowns,so I figure I'll get one more contender in here before it's too late...and what better place to celebrate Oscar Season than with the Best Picture nominee that's all about the blood and the sweat and the brutality that goes into slicing and dicing art down to ecstatic perfection?Replace Miles Teller's drumsticks with little golden men and replace JK Simmons with,well,let's say Harvey Weinstein cuz you know why not,and you get the idea.EnterWhiplash,where losers need not apply.

You've got one week to pick your picks,and please do furiously hit up the comments,pounding your opinions yay or nay onto your keyboard so hard your fingers draw blood.Although I probably shouldn't say please?Fletcher doesn't like it if I say please.

PREVIOUSLYI go away for one week and before we know it Nathaniel's got us drowning in sexy gingers - he can't help himself!(And we're not complaining!)Last week's competition faced-offJulianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne two times over,and because we all love them both we were kind enough to spread the wealth - as the mother-son-lovers inSavage Graceit was Juli who came out on top,but it wasEddie and hisJupiter Ascendingabsthat dominated her goth stab in the dark inThe Seventh Son.SaidNikaof the latter,winning my heart with pure logic:

"I hated Eddie's performance inJupiter Ascending,but,boy,he is shirtless.I can't resist."

Feb 09 2015

Beauty vs.Beast: Evil Julianne & Evil Eddie

Jason is out of town so it falls on me to complete hisBeauty vs.Beastduties this week.I cycled through so many possibilities before I succumbed to this fact: I spend at least 15 minutes of every day lately fantasizing that off camera  Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmaybe are reenacting mother/sonSavage Gracesequences at all of their awards season campaign stops.In addition to being the frontrunners forBest ActressandBest Actorthey also are the primary villains of two of this weekend's big poorly reviewed would be blockbusters that busted no blocks.So a twofer today,Savage Grace's psychotic beauty and murderous beast andJupiter AscendingandTheSeventh Son's Beauties who are also both Beasts.

Two Gingers,Twice.You've Got Two Votes.Go!

You have one week to vote starting now!

Last time we looked toGroundhog Dayand discovered we had more wintriness to endure.The battle of Phil Connor vs.Punxsutawney Phi is apparently doomed to repeat itself forever;you couldn't decide resulting in the second 50/50 split in this series history (the first and only other time was theBlack Swanepisode)

Brookesboy summed up your wishywashiness this cycle

I started voting for little Phil because he's got better hair.But it was only a shadow of a doubt.Gotta go with Bill.

Feb 09 2015


The Carpetbaggeron the rising red carpet revolt.No more 'who are you wearing?' no more Mani-cams?...
Lainey Gossip...but not everyone is okay with this.Here's an angry report on Nicole Kidman at the Grammys
PlaybillAnna Kendrick will perform at the Oscars but they're not saying what.亚博主页My guess is that they're doing a 50th anniversarySound of Musictribute -- I just hope they make Best Actress Julie Andrews a part of it somehow.
Vimeo"Life Inside Jabba the Hutt"
EWlongform goes 'sex lies and fifty shades of grey'
Film School Rejectsallows for the non-story silliness of imagining Ava DuVernay directing a superhero movie
Hubpageshow Franklin became the first black Peanuts comic strip character
Pajibaon the relatable marital awkwardness of HBO'sTogetherstarring Melanie Lynskey and Mark Duplass
AV Clubremembers Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen inStarman(1984).It's a goodie

Wachowski World
Hitfix Motion CapturedThe Wachowskis interviewed on the insanity ofJupiter Ascending,Wizard of OzandBrazilas influences and more
Varietythinks thatJupiter Ascendingfailed because it was too original
Hollywood Elsewhere...but Jeff Wells thinks it failed for the opposite reason

LGBT Interest
GawkerRich Juzwiak is brilliant as usual - a must read on Lance Bass's "masculine"Reality TV wedding
Women in HollywoodLionsgate won the bidding war for Julianne Moore and Ellen Page dramaFreeheld
In Contentionredemption might be coming for the much maligned54(1998) with Mark Christopher's directors cut?I remember loving hisAlkali,Iowashort which first won him attention but the version of54that hit theaters was weak.The new version which is said to contain 40 minutes (!!!) of unseen footage and excise 30 minutes of studio-forced reshoots premieres at Berlinale tomorrow!

Feb 08 2015

Podcast: Jupiter Etcetera

Remember us?It's been a month.How did that happen?Nathaniel,Nick,KateyandJoeare finally reunited.We had intended to talk Oscar nominations but we're so far past Nomination Morning that the conversation has a mind of its own and just goes where it may.Nathaniel keeps trying to bring upNightcrawlerand Ben Affleck,Amy Adams,Magic Mike and Djimon Hounsou's agent work there way into the conversation,too.

[42 Minutes]
00:01 We're back.DGA Awards &Birdman
10:54 Eddie Redmayne vs Michael Keaton vs Bradley Cooper
19:30 Original Song:Selma,The LEGO Movie
23:11Beyond the Lights& Gugu Mbatha-Raw
27:20Seventh Son&Jupiter Ascending

American Sniper Conversationfrom the podcast "Fighting in the War Room"

Please to enjoy and continue the rambling conversation in the comments.You can listen at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.

Jupiter Ascending & More

Feb 05 2015

Posterized: The Wachowski Siblings

Lana and Andy WachowskiWe have an early contender for movie that's most fun to read about this year.Andy and Lana Wachowski's latest,their lucky (?) number seven,Jupiter Ascendinghas arrived.It is apparently a doozy and your definition of that word will vary.Between insane costumes,insaner plot,insanest characters including Channing Tatum as a some sort of wolfish alien,and Eddie Redmayne as Glenn Close (?) with gigantic mouth and abs for days it promises to be memorable at least.Even if the memories are mostly of "What is Happening To My Eyes?"

But then the Wachowskis have been doing that since their blockbuster breakthroughThe Matrix(1999).Indeed the only film of theirs that seems "controlled"in the classic sense of 'this movie is perfectly constructed,awesome,and insanely watchable without being actually insane' was their very first: the lesbian noirBound(1996).For my money it's still their very best andstillcriminally underappreciated possibly because it's so atypical in that the only visual effects are how impossibly sexy and clever Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly are.

How many of their seven oddities have you seen?

I've seen them all -- or rather I will since I'm hittingJupitertomorrow or Saturday.The Wachowskis have the singular dinstinction of being the only directors in history to earn both an "A"(Bound) and an "F"(Cloud Atlas) grade within their filmography from yours truly.

I'm kind of hoping thatJupiter Ascendingearns both.