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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Mar 27 2019

Would you rather?

OMG.Did you hear that Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster are doingThe Music Manon Broadway together for the 2020 season?Aaaaahhhhh how perfect.Anyway,since Hugh is on the brain (and seems to be getting younger !?!),it's time for another round of our celebrity-fantasy quick decision poll time ago (an excuse to share our fav instagram posts on the regular essentially).So,would you rather

...go falconing with Hugh?
...get your beard did with Rune Temte (Captain Marvel) in Oslo?
...reenactLady & Trampwith Justin Theroux?
...reminisce aboutNatural Born Killerswith Juliette Lewis? skate with Jonathan Van Ness?
...have a drink with Russell Tovey & Andrew Scott?
...ride camels with Sandy Powell?
...chopper to an island for fine snail delicacies with Michelle Yeoh?
...dunk your hair in the pool with Tracee Ellis Ross?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

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Dec 13 2018

Would you rather?

It's our silly aspirational daydream game.Thank you for indulging our curiosity about you relationship to celebrities.We went a little overboard today.Sorry it's called procrastination!Try it.

Would you rather...

...choose between Pop!Funkos ofyourselflike David Dastmalchian?
...honor Stonewall and the LGBTQ movement with Madonna?
...hang in Brazil with Trevante Rhodes?
...babysit with Henry Golding?
...rehearseVeep's final episode with Julia Louis-Dreyfus?
...engage in locker room talk with Ronnie Kroell?
...face a new day in Hollywood with Ileanna Douglas?
...taste the rainbow in Hawaii with Woody Harrelson?
...fight Justin Theroux to be RBG's plus one? (?) snails with Sam Claflin?
...inspire the next generation whilst getting your hair did with Ellie Kemper?
...or humble-brag with show-runner TV creator Bryan Fuller ofPushing DaisiesandHannibalfame (note his coffee mug)?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide...

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May 09 2018

Us Links

Click to enlargeVanity FairEverything thats known about Jordan Peele'sGet Outfollow upUsand a nifty teaser poster for it to your left!Like Get Out it's going for a first quarter of the year release.Yes!We love it when films don't feel the need to open in October,November or December.
ViacomonYounger's successful social media strategy
Coming SoonThat didn't take long -- Focus Features has asquired Asghar Farhadi'sEverybody Knowsfor distribution after its Cannes bow
VarietyEmpirestar Jussie Smollet wants to be 'the black male Barbra Streisand,' adds directing to his repertoire of talents
MNPPJustin Theroux ten times
DeadlineNominations for the Golden Trailer Awards honoring the best in film marketing and promotion are out
IndieWireTerry Gilliam will be debuting his 20 years in the makingThe Man Who Killed Don Quixoteat Cannes
MNPPfav movies of 1970 (since it's our year of the month,I was searching and now i'm linkin' up)
Boy CultureMadonna at the Met Gala - she performed!
THRwill the Academy's wave of expulsions prompt more of the same.Some are happy,others claim "moral policing"
/FilmWell,that negotiation took a long time.We've known that Quentin Tarantino wanted Margot Robbie to play the actress Sharon Tate (Roman Polanski's late wife,murdered by the Manson family) in his next film for an entire month.She's finally signed on.

Jun 12 2017

Emmy FYC: Justin Theroux in "The Leftovers"

For the next two weeks with Emmy nominating ballots in progress Team Experience will be sharing personal favorites.Here's Eric Blume...

When you talk about Justin Theroux,inevitably you turn to the subject of fairness.  On one level,is it fair to the rest of us mortals that Justin Theroux looks like this...

Then again,it's exactly because Justin Theroux looks like that that he is grossly undervalued.Usually,if someone who looked like that was even just able to spell his own name,he would be fawned over.  But in the acting game,male beauty is rebuffed,and awards bodies tend to eschew acknowledgement if the male actor isn't an everyman.

Part of the glory,ironically,of Theroux's acting in HBO'sThe Leftoversis that he so deeply inhabits the everyman,in the true sense of that term.  The trajectory for his character,Kevin,was of loving husband and father,trying to protect and save his family,as men do.  He couldn't understand how to bring his family together,how to truly be vulnerable enough to connect.  And Theroux's physical power was the perfect foil for his paralyzing inner fear...

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Apr 12 2017

Instagram Battles: Sir Ian vs Blake vs Keaton

Would you rather...

...have a cuppa in Istanbul with Sir Ian McKellen?
...spend some time bedazzling with Blake Lively?
...hug a pitbull with Justin Theroux?
...take a quick nap with Rossy de Palma?
...order around Diane Keaton's "housekeeper"Emmie while she dusts?
...take costume-fitting selfies with Jennifer Ehle?


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Jan 09 2017

Best Dressed Men at the Globes?

Who was the best dressed man at the Golden Globes?We took a quick poll of Team Experience to answer the infrequently asked question (don't worry the marquee category "best gowns"is coming later).Here are the responses though we must know which tux had you at full attention in the comments.

Jose: Donald Glover.Every time I saw I remembered the "polyester suit / it's wool"exchange from La La Land

Steven:If you told me someone was going to wear a brown tux to the Globes,I would have assumed Jimmy Fallon was doing some misguided bit.But Donald Glover's ensemble was the real deal.I was very thankful they trotted him up to that stage twice...

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