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Jul 13 2019

Review: Stuber

byDancin' Dan

Stu is a nice guy.Far too much of a nice guy,in fact.After he clocks out from his job working a big-box sports store,he cleans his car and clocks in to Uber,enduring all the assholes and drunks that use the car service in and around Los Angeles.He does this to get the money to help his best friend Becca open an all-women spin center,because he's also hopelessly in love with her.So after a rash of particularly bad (and mostly unfair) Uber reviews puts his precious star rating in jeopardy,and taciturn cop Vic Manning gets in his car,Stu is willing to do just about anything to make sure he gets a five-star rating.The problem is,Vic is reeling from the death of his partner,has just gotten a lead on his killer,and just had Lasik eye surgery.He can't see,and needs someone to drive him.Let the sparks - and laughs - fly.

Yes,the plot ofStuberis pretty boilerplate buddy comedy stuff.But it gains a lot from its casting...

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Sep 23 2016

Thoughts I Had...The "Jumanji" Cast

Chrishere.Do you remember 1995'sJumanji?That 90s kids classic still holds up today,so naturally we have a remake coming our way.Stars Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black are no strangers to family entertainment,and they're also bringing along the bankability of Kevin Hart and fan favorite Karen Gillan.Here's a first look at what they have in store:

...and I have some thoughts:

  • What is this Lara Croft ensemble Gillan is giving us?I'm no prude,but oversexualizing the only woman for a kids movie seems a bit much.
  • No seriously,she can't be wearing that little clothes because the jungle is so hot.Jack Black is wearing seventeen layers.
  • Does this crew go inside the game?The point of Jumanji is that the wild comes toyou.
  • Johnson and Black have done plenty of family fare,but Kevin Hart is actually an inspired choice for this kind of entertainment.Can you believeThe Secret Life of Petswas his first voiceover work?
  • Remember Johnathan Hyde's hunter villain in the original and how Hyde was seemingly the villain in all mid-90s movies?I wonder if we'll get another stock villain actor here too.
  • ...sighWhat's Bonnie Hunt up to these days?

Jumanji opens next summer.Do you have fond memories of the original?