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Apr 10 2019

Happy National Siblings Day!

by Mark Brinkerhoff

Fontaine and de Havilland in 1967 at a Marlene Dietrich show

"I bequeath all my beauty to my younger sister Joan,because she has none."
- Olivia de Havilland,according to her "will,"age nine
Apocryphal?Who can say.Delicious?100 percent!
Though chronicled to death (at TFE and elsewhere),the purported feud between the most famous siblings of Hollywood's Golden Age endures like no other.Why?Because it seems silly and pointless in retrospect,as most sibling rivalries and familial angst do.But rather than dwell on the negative,let's turn our attention to more positive outpourings of mutual love and respect,shall we?
Here are 10 of the more famous (in some cases infamous) siblings over the years on the ties that bind—and unbind—them to each other,not to mention the public's imagination...

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Apr 04 2018

The Men in the High Castles

Jason Adamsreviews Chappaquidick,new in theaters this Friday

"I am a collage of unaccounted for brushstrokes - I am all random."Those are among the last words spoken by Stockard Channing's character inSix Degrees of Separationas she flees another ritzy party,her sense of self in tatters.Who are we,just an assemblage of stories we tell ourselves,and others?Is there something in between the molecules,if you drill down deep enough,or does infinite digging render everything dug?When we get up and look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning,are our eyes showing us Fake News?The post-modern self is an existential crisis in overdrive,but at a certain point don't you have to just stop drilling and take stock of what you actually see?Where does the scrutinizing of facts end and the perversion of them begin?Who writes our histories?

On July 18th,1969 in Chappaquiddick,Massachusetts,Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge and a 29-year-old woman named Mary Jo Kopechne died.What happened in the hours following that accident has been the subject of numerous books,not to mention many a feverish speculative daydream of right-leaning politicians and pundits.But it hasn't gotten the movie treatment until now with John Curran'sChappaquiddick,starring Jason Clarke as Kennedy and Kate Mara as Kopechne,out in theaters this Friday.Curran seeks to write that history...

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Aug 10 2015

Review: Fantastic [sic] Four

Tim here.The best and maybe the only compliment I can pay to the newFantastic Four,the third unsuccessful attempt at bringing the oldest of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's creations at Marvel Comics to the big screen,is that it's notobviouslythe worst one yet.Its insipidities,and it isveryinsipid,aren't inherently worse than those of the ghastly 2005 big-budget version.That film heralded the end of the "brightly colored larks that are wholly insubstantial but also not much fun"era of comic book movies;time alone will tell if its 2015 sibling will similarly ring down the curtains on the "ludicrously dark and serious-minded exercises in bitterness and misery"era,though I think we should be hopeful.

How much of the film's misery and internal confusion is due to the awkwardly visible fencing match between director Josh Trank and the executives at 20th Century Fox is beyond our ability to say for certain.It does feel like a movie that wants to be anything other than what it is.There were rumors that Trank was hoping to make PG-13,summer-friendly body horror,and there are vestigial traces of that conception;it would have been better for the film to have gone all the way,for at least then the bleakness of tone would have felt like it had some actual purpose.[More...]

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Jun 15 2015

Yes/No/Maybe So: The Martian

Manuel here to talk space trailers.It's been a week since the trailer for Ridley Scott's latest project about Matt Damon getting stranded inMars dropped,and we have been mum about it here at TFE.Is it because we have no Fassy to look forward to this time around?Or because we prefer our Scott vehicles better when they involve a certain Ms Weaver?The Martiancenters on Watney (Damon),an astronau that finds himself stranded in the red planet when a NASA mission is forced to quickly retreat.Alone,unable to contact Earth and armed only with a month's worth of food,he sets out to survive in a planet where,as he says in the trailer,nothing grows.Will his science-know how keep him alive long enough for him to call for help and wait for his team to rescue him from Mars?We'll have to wait until November to find out!

In the meantime,let's break down the trailer in true TFE-fashion:


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Feb 06 2013

Slithery Spacey & Co.Rule the "House of Cards"

Hello,lovelies.Beauhere,returning after a major binge of quality television during the past seventy-two hours.

Yes,I have finished the first season of the newest business model for the entertainment industry,the David Fincher / Beau Willimon project "House of Cards",with a large cast led by Kevin SpaceyasFrancis "Frank"Underwood,a ruthless ambitious politician in DC.

I'll be perfectly honest in admitting that the show didn't do much for me.WhereasHomeland,Downton Abbey,GirlsandArcherhave proven to be tried and true addictionsHouse of Cardstreads over familiar territory with little to supplement the politics.

Spacey is,naturally,exceptional,having a ball with the material and the ability to flaunt his ungodly talents.The asides to the audience turn us into co-conspirators,advisers to his machinal,instinctual desire for revenge.Robin Wright (long one of my favorite actresses,who hasn't been given a fine enough opportunity to strut her stuff sinceNine Livesyears ago) fares slightly less well,given that her promising Lady Macbeth front slowly withers butallthe drama is internal.

[more after the jump]

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