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Jun 20 2019

Smackdown '01: Connelly,Tomei,Winslet,and the Dames

A bohemian novelist,a longsuffering wife,a snobbish Lady,and a supremely competent housekeeper were the Oscar-honored roles in the Best Supporting Actress competition of 2001.

The shortlist that year was a veritable who's who of this very category,most of the actresses had been nominated before / would be again.One was already a two-time winner and Dame of the British Empire in fact (Maggie Smith...Helen Mirren wouldn't become a Dame until 2003).The anomaly / party crasher was Jennifer Connelly,who had been a teenage star and was receiving her first taste of awards glory as an adult,building on the momentum of a critically well-received turn the previous year inRequiem for a Dreamwith a borderline leading role in on of the year's biggest hits (A Beautiful Mindmade an incredible $170 million at the US box office,believe it or not).


Here to talk with your hostNathanielabout these five nominated turns are (in alpha order):Erik Andersonof Awards Watch,freelance criticValerie Complex,This Had Oscar Buzz'sJoe Reid,andShane Slaterfrom Awards Circuit.Now it's time for the main event...


Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Mar 18 2019

Beauty vs Beast: Won't You Remember Me

Jason fromMNPPhere on this chilly March afternoon thinking of leaving it all behind and boarding a train out to Montauk -- tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of one of the Great Films of the new century (née millenium),Michel Gondry'sEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,which rescrambled our brains for the first time on March 19th 2004,and we've never been the same since.Have you watched it lately?I watch it basically once per year,which guarantees I have one great big sobbing session at least once per year.Anyway we've already done one of our "Beauty vs Beast"contestsfor the film's leads before,so today we'll dive a little deeper into the film's exceedingly fine stable of supporting players -- on one side we have the delectably weaselly Patrick (Elijah Wood) and on the other the more-confused-by-the-minute Mary (Kirsten Dunst),who both enrich the film's main romantic thrust in surprising and sad ways...

PREVIOUSLYY'all truly surprised me withlast week's contest that pitFilm Stars Don't Die in Liverpool's lead lovers against one another -- Jamie Bell took the lead early on and never looked back,taking 65% at the end;it's very rare for actresses to lose here on TFE!Why do you think it happened this time?SaidMareko:

"I'm #TeamGloria in life (what an underrated talent) but lean toward #TeamPeter in this movie.Annette and Jamie really are sublime together,and isn't it interesting that she did back-to-back movies set in 1979?Imagine Dorothea Fields and Gloria Grahame in the same universe,living a mere hour away from each other!"

Dec 17 2018

Sunday in the Link with George

This link roundup was intended for last night,hence the title.We cannot be bound by time here at TFE

Jake Gyllenhaalomg he's joined instagram and on his second post he's singing Sondheim with Annaleigh Ashford.L-O-V-E
Vulturea fun interview with Patrick Wilson onAquamanand much more
TalkhouseBruce LaBruce on underknown Canadian Christmas thrillerThe Silent Partner
MNPPStephan James eight times
JezebelOscar-nominated actress/ sometime director Sondra Locke (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) has died but the obituaries are all about her turbulent relationship with Clint Eastwood

THRNetflix is making aDark Crystalprequel with Taron Egerton,Anya Taylor-Joy,and Nathalie Emmanuel as the lead gelflings
AV Clubmore Emmy rule changes around what counts as a TV movie
DeadlineKate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan to star in a lesbian romance
VarietyLumiere award nominations from France (not to be confused with the Césars which are the Oscar equivalent but announce later)
The New Yorkera convincing pan ofThe Marvelous Mrs Maisel(and you don't see that every day!) that ends with a recommend list of other 'high-feminine mythmaking' worth checking out
Polygontalks to Phillipa Boyens about the best moment inReturn of the Kingfor its 15th anniversary

The IndieWire Critics pollhas been released.I continue to be dumbfounded that critics support,nay,EMBRACE,category fraud as if they,too,have no respect for any actor who isn't the lead of a movie.You'd think critics (of all people) would be the check and balance on this sort of anti-art gamemanships.It's dumbfounding because they have nothing to gain by kowtowing to the whims of publicists and the egos of movie stars,rather than voting with integrity.They get access either way.I know as one such critic who everyone knows rejects category fraud wherever I see it.As with SAG,60% of the Supporting Actress list is leading ladies.If you're wondering why Bradley Cooper missed the Best Actor list please know that for some reason he was left off of the pulldown list during voting.I wrote him in but I imagine a lot of people would not have gone to the trouble,not for any nefarious reason but because he slipped their mind when they did not see him on the list of choices.I do not support these kind of shenanigans!But the winners areRoma,Alfonso Cuarón,Olivia Colman,Ethan Hawke,Rachel Weisz (for best leadingsupportingactress),and Steven Yeun.

Nov 19 2018

'97 til Oscar

It's 97 days til Oscar so we thought it might be fun to discuss Best Actress 1997.When I askedon twitterand here at the sitewhat everyone's first Oscar ceremony was,this one came up alot.Titanic-mania was in full force in March 1998,bringing the Academy Awards many new young viewers!In fact,Titanic which had opened for Christmas had never left the number one spot at the top of the box office by the time Oscar night rolled around 14 weeks later.(Titanicspent 15 weeks at #1 in total.Can you imagine?in today's movie culture you're basically a true phenomenon if you can stay on top for more than 3 weeks - onlyBlack Panthermanaged it this year with 5 weeks)

Do you remember these gowns?And who would you have voted Best Actress that year?

click to embiggen

  • Judi Dench,Mrs Brown
  • Helen Hunt,As Good As It Gets
  • Kate Winslet,Titanic
  • Helena Bonham-Carter,Wings of the Dove
  • Julie Christie,Afterglow

Kate Winslet wasnt winning anything (besides millions upon millions of fans),but the rest of them divvied up the Best Actress gongs.Helena and Julie were neck and neck when it came to critics awards;Bonham-Carter snagged the NBR,BSFC,and LAFCA while Christie swiped the NYFCC and NSFC.That was it for both of them because Dench and Hunt both took home Golden Globes.It was something of a nail-biter between them on Oscar night,though Hunt had the edge given her SAG win.But would they really give a TV star the Oscar (remember the TV and movie divide was so much greater in the 1990s) ???

Oct 05 2018

"I dont know.You erased me."

Oct 23 2017

Beauty vs Beast: Sisterly Sensibilities

Jason fromMNPPhere using this week's "Beauty vs Beast"to wish a happy birthday to one of our favorite directors,the great Ang Lee.In a strange coincidence I spent some of this weekendtalking Ang on Twittereven though I hadn't realized it was about to be his birthday today,so I'd say Fate chose this week's contest.And because more than anything a battle between actresses livens you folks up,let's face down the Sisters Dashwood of Ang's 1995 classicSense & Sensibility.

And no before anyone asks I don't think Kate Winslet or Emma Thompson to be beastly in any manner.But seeing as the film itself pits their two ways of existing at odds with one another for the majority of its run-time (only to eventually decide,with fine wisdom,that the sisters could clearly stand to learn a little from one another) it doesn't seem completely far-fetched to pitch them against one another here.They are,for all their adoration of one another,each other's main antagonists once the who's who of romance falls away.

PREVIOUSLYEven though Angela Lansbury's originalManchurian Candidateperformancewon somewhat decisively overMeryl Streep's in the remake (she took 74% of the vote) it was a real battle in the comments.SaidJono:

"I am surprised this never came up before.I voted for Meryl because Angela will get more votes,and I love both performances.The Demme version is kind of underrated - everyone in it is uniformly great.But the original with Angela is impeccable."

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