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Mar 01 2017

Yes No Maybe So: "Alien: Covenant"

Colony ship Film Experience crew memberRoberthere!

SincePrometheusblasted us back into theAlienuniverse to mixed reaction (hey,Ireally liked it!) there has been a flurry of talk about what the next entry in the franchise would be.For a while it was looking like Neill Blomkamp would get his shot at reviving the franchise with original star Sigourney Weaver,but Ridley Scott's sequel toPrometheus– originally not related to theAlienfranchise,now calledAlien: Covenant– put those plans on ice.

After a very tense teaser a few months ago we have a full trailer and it looks like it will be a bumpy ride for all.Trailer with the accompanying "Yes No Maybe So"after the jump...

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May 26 2016

A First Look at "Alien: Covenant"

Next summer brings us Ridley Scott's long promised/threatenedPrometheusfollow-up,Alien: Covenant.Promising to bridge the gap betweenPrometheusand the originalAlienfilms,we will see the return of Michael Fassbender's android David (with Noomi Rapace's Shaw sitting this one out) and the introduction of a fresh crew of space victims.Our new heroine Katherine Waterston is seen here (in the shadows) in the first look at the film:

The film recently began filming,beating Neill Blomkamp's Ripley-focused installment to the production punch.While Blomkamp has released copious amounts of preproduction artwork to stir interest in his vision,Ridley Scott has kept the details of this iteration under wraps.This first look at least shows the series staying to its moody aesthetic with the hint of danger - is that a fire in the background?Why so chill,Katherine?

If there's another bit of hinting here,it is that Waterston could be more than a Ripley replica.The actress has been quickly making her mark with primo performances recently inInherent ViceandQueen of Earth,but now she's joining the franchise ranks with this and November's Harry Potter spinoffFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.It will be interesting to see how see handles the physical demands of the action/horror genre,but her soulful and sad work inViceandQueengive hope that this badass lady will be more than skin deep.At the very least,we can expect a performance more human,sexy,and believable than whatPrometheusoffered.

Alien: Covenantopens August 4,2017.

Dec 13 2014

Meet the Contenders: Katherine Waterston "Inherent Vice"

Each weekendabstewprofiles a just-opened Oscar contender whether they're sure things or longshots to keep us in the know.

Katherine Waterston as Shasta Fay Hepworth inInherent Vice
Best Supporting Actress

Born:Katherine Boyer Waterston was born March 3,1980 in London,England.Her American parents were working in the country at the time.

The Role:Adapted from Thomas Pynchon's 2009 novel (and the first film version of the celebrated author's work),Oscar nominated writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson wrangles this twisty,drug-fueled haze of a story involving a weed-smoking,hippie,private detective named Doc Sportello (Joaquin Phoenix).The film's plot begins to unfold when Doc's ex-old lady,Shasta,shows up one night concerned about the safety of her wealthy,married boyfriend.Both Shasta and her paramour go missing and it's up to Doc to make sense of it all.[more...]

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Nov 18 2014

P.T. Pinups

I'mnot a fan ofInherent Vicemuch but it will inspire lots of fun fan art and/or official stuff...like this banner poster starring Katherine Waterston as "Shasta Fay".(Her hair is filled withsecretscharacters.)

I wish P.T.still wrote memorable female characters (sigh) even the kind of vacant bimbos like Rollergirl used to be awesome.WithThere Will Be Bloodhe basically left them behind altogether.Inherent Vicehas a dozen or so female roles and only two of them are halfway interesting (Yay,Jena Malone and Jeannie Berlin cameos).

Uh-oh...I feel a list attack coming on.It can't be stopped

Female Characters in P.T.Anderson films from Most Fascinating to Least
(not comprehensive but the major ones)

  1. Amber Waves (Boogie Nights)
  2. Linda Partridge (Magnolia)
  3. Rollergirl (Boogie Nights)
  4. Gwenovier (Magnolia)
  5. Lena Leonard (Punch-Drunk Love)
  6. Peggy Dodd (The Master)
  7. Clementine (Hard Eight)
  8. Jessie St Vincent (Boogie Nights)
  9. Becky Barnett (Boogie Nights)
  10. Elizabeth Egan (Punch-Drunk Love)
  11. Claudia Wilson Gator (Magnolia)
  12. Hope Harlingen (Inherent Vice -cameo)
  13. Aunt Reet (Inherent Vice - cameo)
  14. Rose Gator (Magnolia)
  15. Xandra (Inherent Vice)
  16. Helen Sullivan (The Master)
  17. Petunia Leeway (Inherent Vice)
  18. Penny (Inherent Vice)
  19. Japonica Fenway (Inherent Vice)
  20. Sortilege (Inherent Vice - great voice that Joanna Newsom has,though)
  21. Shasta Fay Hepworth (Inherent Vice)