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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Nov 09 2018

Posterized: Dr.Seuss and "The Grinch"

by Nathaniel R

The children's book author Dr.Seuss (also known as Theodore S.Geisel) is such an icon part of popular culture that he's even had his own postage stamp.But did you know he was also a screenwriter?In addition to the screenplay of the fantasy family filmThe 5000 Fingers of Dr T(1953) he wrote the script for the Oscar winning documentaryDesign for Death(1947) which was a documentary about Japanese and what led to the attack on Pearl Harbor.Far outside the wheelhouse that was!But mostly when it comes to the screen when we think of Dr Seuss we think of the once-perennial TV airings ofHow the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The bulk of screen adaptations of Dr Seuss's work have been in the short film format which makes sense,given the short visual books he wrote.Of the many shorts based on his work the following were all nominated for Oscars:亚博主页The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins(1943),And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street(1944),Gerald McBoing-Boing(1950 - OSCAR WIN),andGerald McBoing!Boing!on Planet Moo(1956).One short based on his work,Daisy Head Mayzie(1995), was Emmy nominated.

But with the release ofThe Grinch(2018) today,let's look back on all the feature films (and the three most prominent TV specials) that are Dr Seuss related.How many have you seen and will you be seeing The Grinch?The posters are after the jump...

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Apr 27 2015

Disney's Descendants: Summer TV Camp?

Manuelhere bringing a bit of levity to your Monday morning.Sometimes you come across something (a casting announcement,a trailer,a plot description) that leaves you agog.

Such is the case with this trailer forDescendants,a summer original Disney Channel movie which begins with the premise "what if Disney Villains hadn't died at the end of their respective films but instead were sent to an island prison where they had beautiful children who will now attend the prep school with the beautiful children of your favorite Disney princesses?"I mean.Disney has clearly gone full camp,right?With KennyHigh School MusicalOrtega,one hopes.Even in describing it it sounds like the sort of thing that'd have made a cool animated series in the early 2000s (you know,alongsideJungle Cubs,Hercules,andThe Emperor's New School).

That description doesn't do it justice,so take a look:

I'm sharing the trailer because I NEED to talk about this.There's so much to discuss!Will Disney ever stop seeing its classic animated characters as anything other than endlessly replicable cosplay opportunities?Will Kristin Chenoweth (as a bite-sized Maleficent) and Kathy Najimy (as the Evil Queen) get the spinoff we probably all would guiltily watch?Tell me everything that came to mind as you realized this was indeed a real thing and not a Tumblr post gone viral.

Aug 30 2012

Love Letters Pt.2: Kathy Najimy,Rosemarie DeWitt,Xander Berkeley

Melanie Lynskey Guest Blogging!

I made a little dream list of people I respect and admire beyond all reason and sent them a little e-mail saying:

I've seen you do work that has made me want to write you a love letter because it's moved me so deeply.Who or what would you like to write a love letter to?What piece of art or artist or feeling has moved you in this way?"

Here are a few amazing responses I got.[PART ONEfeatured Zachary Quinto,Ahna O'Reilly and More...]


To the beautiful,soul-baring goddessRosemarie DeWitt"my love letter to you is mostly me obsessing about:Rachel Getting MarriedOF COURSE BECAUSE I'M IN LOVE WITH IT"

Rosemarie's love letter:

Seeing Mark Rylancein "Jerusalem"is momentarily eclipsing every other performance I've seen or fallen in love with.He made me rethink what was possible as an actor and at the end of that play my body was literally quivering in anticipation of the gods coming.I felt as if I had witnessed some sacred ritual and was blown away by the transformative power of that kind of whole bodied- soul stirring-storytelling.I had long admired him but now my love for his work makes me feel like a 14 year old girl who would hang a poster of him on my bedroom wall.And in fact I have the Playbill cover hanging over my desk.:)

Sonya Walger and Adam Scott in "Tell Me You Love Me"To the glorious,strong,sexy,and really fucking brave actressSonya Walger"my love letter to you is mostly me obsessing about:Tell Me You Love Me..."

Sonya's love letter:

I have a strange moment I think of often when I work and it was when I first became aware of this fragile line between life and art and how the best work leaves you not knowing which one you just grandmother was on the board of governers for a school near her house and she would diligently attend all the school plays and fetes and events even though none of her grandchildren/family attended.she took me with her to see the school play of "BUGSY MALONE".I must have been 8 or 9,and the kids peforming must have been maybe 14-15?I couldn't believe what I saw.I was blown away.I'd never seen anything so glamorous,so alive,where everyone was having so much fun.I'd been to plays in London and musicals,but nothing,nothing like this.It was completely transporting and unlike anything I'd ever seen.And at the very end,they all sang the finale,and Bugsy pulled Blousey into his lap and they were all breathless,panting as we stood and applauded,rained applause on them,and he beamed at her and pulled her in and kissed her.quickly,on the mouth,on stage.and I remember feeling so alive in that moment,so completely full of wonder,was that real?was that supposed to happen?is he allowed to kiss her?was that in the script?(although I doubt I knew the word script at that age).I think about it still.

I wonder if those kids remember that production,those kids now in their 40's with wives and children and jobs and mortgages.I wonder if it sparked anything in any of them the way it did in me.i think about it often,strangely,that one tiny moment in a school play.and I still don't know exactly why or what it means,except,that,as I said,it made me feel so alive,so engaged,so curious,so full of wonder for what they had done,pulled off,been swept up in.and more than anything,it made me long,body and soul,to be up there with them be kissed on Bugsy's lap."

Gillian Jacobs,Xander Berkeley,Kathy Najimy,and Matt Ross after the jump

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Jul 08 2012

Cast This!"Hocus Pocus" Sequel

A new rumor swirling round the internet this weekend is that Disney is considered a sequel toHocus Pocus(1993) that mildly amusing witchy family comedy starring Bette Midler,Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker which was a much bigger success on video than it was in theaters.I remember liking it -- I love funny women trios as I just mentioned -- but wishing it was as funny as we all know all those actresses to be.

Movieholereports that Disney may fast track this new film for release next year and is calling itHocus Pocus: Rise of the Elderwitch./Filmreports that Disney is denying it entirely.The title sounds,to me,like an unecessarily complicated title when modern trends suggest that they'll probably just remake it (excuse me "reboot"it) and attempt a new franchise.

If you were making a magical comedy about three naughty witches,who would you cast?You needreallyfunny girls to live up to Midler,Najimy & Parker and as is the tradition with female comedy trios from9 to 5toWitches of EastwickandHocus Pocusand on through theCharlie's Angelsmovies,you need distinctly different personalities / hair colors.

If you don't includeAri Graynorin your triple wish list,I will never hire you to cast my own debut feature.Go!