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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Apr 18 2016

Katie Holmes Directs All We Had

Team Experience is at the Tribeca Film Festival.Here'sManuelonAll We Had.

To say Rita Carmichael is Katie Holmes's best role and best performance to date seems almost like a backhanded compliment.After all,Joey Potter aside,what else comes close to that description?Nevertheless,there's no denying that Holmes has thrown herself into the role of this drunk single mother whose solution to her problems is putting "all we had"into their car and driving away,hoping the signs (on the road and,you know,of the universe) lead her to where she needs to be.

Holmes is a prickly presence on screen as Rita,finding ways of making her sunken eyes and oft-mimicked mouth quirks work to her advantage to sketch out this clearly broken woman who's trying her darndest to offer her teenage daughter (a solid Stefania Owen in white trash Rory Gilmore-mode) a better life but obviously failing miserably.The film opens with the type of scene the screenplay surely believes functions as a perfect metaphor for the narrative as a whole: "You have to push me,"Rita urges her daughter as she stands on a chair in a bathroom,a string wrapped around an infected tooth.The scene is later replayed,as if we need reminding that in this mother-daughter duo the young one is the more responsible one,the one who's left to make the necessary hard choices for them to live another day on the road even as the film squarely puts them in the middle of the financial crisis making their journey that much harder.

Overall,All We Hadfunctions as a great acting showcase but it never quite settles into its own rhythms.Given its episodic nature (owing perhaps to the film's source material,the Annie Weatherwax novel of the same name),and its odd blend of neatly packaged YA clichés in a rather well-intentioned attempt at socio-economic commentary (the script was written byFaults in Our Starswriter/director Josh Boone),it's no surprise the film flounders under its own weight.

Its most interesting subplot (there are several,including Mark Consuelos as a real estate agent,Richard Kind as a well-meaning diner owner,Kimmy Schmidtt's Katherine Reis as a high school mean girl,Siobhan Fallon as a school principal) is the one centered on Peter Pam,a trans waitress at the diner who one worries will become a mere plot device but who instead becomes a surprisingly well-rounded character that almost made me wish the film knew what it had in its hands.Prop to Eve Lindley who I hope we see in more things in the future.

At the end of the day,this is a solid debut for Holmes (her work with actors is very promising and while the lens-flares-filled sky shots are a bit much,she finds unfussy compositions for her shots that suggest an attuned eye for drama in the frame).Here's hoping she finds stronger material in the future.

Grade: C+/Katie Holmes B+

Aug 08 2015

17 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Woman in Gold"

Have you seen Woman in Gold which has been out on DVD for a bit now?It's about an old Austrian Jew (Helen Mirren) who immigrated to America during the Holocaust and attempts to get her family's original Gustav Klimt paintings back which were stolen by the Nazis and now "belong"to a museum in Austria.

Here are a dozen plus thoughts I had while watching it...

What do you know about art restitution?

• Nothing?It's okay.I didn't either.Helen Mirren will teach us.She speaks most of her lines as if to a small child.In fact,a lot of the characters do.They're constantly explaining the movie's plot and conflicts to us.And after explaining things there's sometimesbits of dialogue like...

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Jul 24 2012

The Link Squad

The Film StageGangster Squad,with its machine gun in the movie theater moment -- already revealed in the trailer --  may be delayed or reedited now in the wake of Aurora Colorado tragedy.(I figured this was coming)
i09Lt Ellen Ripley and Child,painted.Other sci-fi women also iconized.
TelegraphRIP Actor Simon Ward ofThe Tudors,Three Musketeers,Supergirl,andYoung Winstonfame.He was 70 years old.
Rope of Siliconis wondering about the Oscar chances ofBeasts of the Southern Wildnow that it's expanded well.

My New Plaid PantsQuote of the Day via The House of Kermit
PajibaDustin recounts his single most humiliating experience as a critic.Curse you,Taylor Lautner!
The Broadway Blogcelebrates musical theater's belters: Sutton,Babs,Lupone and more
Hollywood Elsewherehas lunch with the Criterion Blurays ofRosemary's BabyandSunday Bloody Sunday
Vanity Fairsays goodbye to The Dark Knight Trilogy with a behind the scenes slideshow
Vulturelooks at the dissolution of the TomKat marriage
NPRthis is sweet,actor Donald Faison (Clueless,Scrubs) on the movie he has seen a million times:The Empire Strikes Back
The Film DoctordiscussesThe Dark Knight Riseswith a film major at Waffle House.Cheese,eggs,raisin toast,and spoilers.

P.S.Yes,yes.I did start a review myself and I hope to have it up today but I'm moving in slo-mo this week.

Jul 14 2012

Linkland Express

The Onion"Katie Holmes Glad She Can Finally Practice Scientology in Peace."Hee!
The Advocatehas a historical interview piece on the making of the gay dramaMaking Love(1982) a landmark movie for Hollywood.I had NO idea that Kate Jackson was originally set to play Meryl Streep's role inKramer vs.Kramer(1979).Crazy huh?
My New Plaid PantsGratuitous Harrison Ford.I totally forgot to celebrate Mr.Indiana Jones while the rest of the internet was doing so.Like most people who were alive during the 70s and 80s I kind of love him.JA's post has some really fun young Harrison photos.How have I never seenFrantic?
First ShowingDaniel Radcliffe will star inHorns,adapted from Joe Hill's novel

EWhas a gallery of the "50 best movies you've never seen"but I've seen 20 of them so they lie!That said some of those are awfully good pictures like the two Lukas Moodyson filmsTogether(2000) andLilja 4Ever(2002) and the recentFish Tank(2009).My 30 unseen do include a few I've always meant to watch.
PopWatchThe Eisner Awards,aka the comic book Oscars were given out in San Diego.亚博主页A big day for Marvel's blind superheroDaredevilwho was always pretty great in the comics but was pretty terrible when he hit the big screen...
Battle Pugwas the winner for best digital comic so that one is easy to check out.
SalonAndrew O'Hehir revisitsBatman BeginsandThe Dark Knight,two films he had issues with,on the eve of the release of,well,you know...

Spielberg and Zanuck on the set of JAWSFinally,RIP to legendary film producerRichard D.Zanuckwho died on Friday at the age of 77.I can't even remotely say that I love his filmography given thatDriving Miss Daisy(1989) andAlice in Wonderland(2010) -- two pictures which caused me great personal pain via their Oscar and Box Office might -- are chief among his hits.But I have to tip my hat for his efforts to champion a then unknown Steven Spielberg in the 1970s.Perhaps it was Spielberg's destiny to become the world's most popular filmmaker and no one person could have changed that.But if anyone could be thanked for getting Spielberg started beyond the man himself,it would be Zanuck.He basically launched the young filmmaker with the one two punch ofSugarland Express(1974) and mega-hitJaws(1975),Spielberg's first two theatrical releases.

Oscar Trivia Confusion:According to the New York Times,Zanuch also holds a peculiar Oscar record.He's reportedly the only son of a Best Picture Oscar winner (his father was legendary film producer Darryl F.Zanuck) to win Best Picture himself (forDriving Miss Daisy).But according to the IMDb,Zanuck Sr.never won the Best Picture Oscar though hisAMPAS track recordis nothing to dismiss given that he has three Irving Thalbergs.

Jul 06 2012

Linkz,the Eight and Powerful

IndieWirea conversation about Steven Soderbergh,Oliver Stone and the auteur theory
Vulture"Now that you've seenMagic Mike..."on anticipation mania in movie culture.
The Daily Beaston Anderson Cooper's coming out.I forgot to congratulate him.Well done.
亚博主页remember when we didA Face in the Crowdas part of the Best Shot series?That was such a good one.I was horrified that the movie was barely mentioned in Andy Griffith's obits (RIP)

Tom's World
BlackBookdid you know that Christian Bale used Tom Cruise as inspiration for his Patrick BatemanAmerican Psychoperformance.
Gallery of the Absurdthanks TomKat for years of illustrative inspiration - big gallery o funny
Guardianon the TomKat divorce and Cruise's box office appeal
Forbesnames Tom Cruise king of the box office again.He's #1 in money-making actors for the past year with DiCaprio,Adam Sandler,The Rock,Stiller,Sacha Baron Cohen,Depp,Will Smith,Wahlberg and theTwilightboys rounding out the top dozen.

Finally...heres' the first teaser photo from 2013'sOz,The Great and Powerful.What'cha think?

No star names appear but it'll be James Franco as the Wizard,Mila Kunis as The Wicked With and Michelle Williams as Glinda.Will you be following that yellow brick road or have you had it with the reimaginings?