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May 25 2018

Review: Mary Shelley

byJason Adams

In the summer of 1816 one of the most legendary of literary happenings occurred - the poet Percy Shelley and his wife Mary went to stay at the poet Lord Byron's house near Lake Geneva for the summer.Mary's step-sister Claire wrangled them an invite (or so she said) since she was having an affair with the spitefully torrid Lord himself.Also joining them at the house was the Lord's physician John Polidori,who also fancied himself somewhat of a writer.And birthed from those weeks of most gothic merrymaking was basically the entirety of the horror genre to come: Mary Shelley would come up with her lovely little monster Frankenstein,while Polidori would write "The Vampyre,"the inspiration for a certain Bram Stoker a swift generation later.

The story of that time and place has been well-trod by fiction before...

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Apr 25 2017

OTD: Ella Fitzgerald,Al Pacino,"Ziegfeld Girl,"and what's new on Blu-Ray and DVD

On this day in history (4/25) as it relates to showbiz.Consider this suggestions as to things to celebrate or ponder to liven up your day.Have a great one!

1917Today isthe centennial of the great singer Ella Fitzgerald,born in Virginia one hundred years ago on this very day.She was often referred to as "the First Lady of Song"but her film career amounted to cameos like the one inSt Louis Blues(1958) where she sings a song beautifully and that's it.

She only appeared onscreen in four movies,the first of which wasRide 'Em Cowboy(1942) but as one of the 20th Century's most celebrated voices,you can hear her music in 100s of films and TV shows...

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Mar 13 2017

Beauty vs Beast: Foes of the Vampire Slayer

Jason fromMNPPhere - I think we can get away with some more Buffy love this week,right?It's 20th anniversary might have been a whole several days ago but seeing as how we made it to 20 years and the internet still cared,and cared deeply (I can't be alone in having had my timeline entirely flooded with Sunnydale Fever),what's a few days?

Thing is we have devoted more "Beauty vs Beast"competitions to the show than any other single piece of entertainment - we've already asked you to choosebetween Spike & Angeland then also to choose betweenFaith & Buffy herself.But if there's one thing the Buffyverse isn't lacking - besides quips,chokers,andXander Harris in a speedo- it's an endless supply of loveable mooks from which to love.So I went with my two favorite villains - Mayor Wilkins (Harry Groener) from Season 3 and Glory "Glorificus"(Clare Kramer) from Season 5.Raise your hand if you're invulnerable...

PREVIOUSLYLast week we said our prayers and sent our souls off to the hell of Ken Russell's making,taking onThe Devils- for a quick minute I thought (my beloved) Oliver Reed might win it but Vanessa Redgrave's masochistically mad nun ultimately raved her way to victory with 58% of the your vote.Saidthefilmjunkie:

"I bought a region-free blu-ray player for the sole purpose of being able to watch this movie and it was worth EVERY penny.I'd love to be able to watch it on the big screen.Of course my actressexual vote went to Redgrave,she really threw herself into this role in a way few actresses could/would have."

Mar 06 2017

Beauty vs Beast: Savors & Sinners

Jason fromMNPPhere feeling hysteria and heresy running through my veins on this Monday morning.I got to see Ken Russell's 1971 filmThe Devilson a big screen again this weekend (one of the benefits of living in a city the size of NYC is this chance happens every couple of years,and I grab the chance every damn time).

It being what it is (translation: a Ken Russell movie) the experience kind of infiltrates your consciousness for a little while.You close your eyes and all you can see is Oliver Reed beating his big burly man chest and Vanessa Redgrave twisting her humped and habited self into knots...it's not a bad place to be in,honestly.I must like it - I keep going back.Anyway as long as we're for the moment happily poisoned by the mad nuns of Loudun we figure we'll drag y'all there today too with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"...

PREVIOUSLYWe waved goodbye to this year's Oscars亚博主页and its closing SNAFU,making you choose sides between the former Bonnie & Clyde at the maelstrom's center -- you came down with Faye Dunaway (that makes her sound like a disease) to the tune of 58% of the vote.Saidbrookesboy:

"Have to pick Faye.She is a legend and I love her.I love Warren too,but I agree with those who say he saw the card first and should have signaled to the stage hand right away.Faye was impatient because it was going on too long.But neither are at fault.This should never have happened.No matter how terrible this fiasco,they both looked great and got to present Best Picture.How very cool.They should always only have classic Hollywood stars presenting Best Picture.That needs to be a rule."

Nov 28 2011

RIP Ken Russell

JA fromMNPPhere taking a moment to reflect upon the death of the never-a-dull-moment filmmakerKen Russell(1927-2011).If you're unfamiliar with Russell's work,oh my god you have to fix that!I listedfive of my favorite movies of hisearlier today,you can't go wrong with any of them.Well...wrong isn't really the right word.Because they can be very wrong indeed.Sometimes so wrong they're right,but just as often,perhaps more often,so wrong they're just very very wrong.


But that's alright!Because in Ken Russell's hands bad taste and good taste...well they got really stoned with each other,painted themselves gold,and headed to the bi-annual insane asylum orgy for nymphs and perverts,and it was hypnotic.In one corner there's Ann-Margret humping a phallic couch cushion while covered in baked beans,in another there's Alan Bates and Oliver Reed sweaty and naked and rolling around on top of each other,in another there's Vanessa Redgrave in a habit with a hump having an orgasmic god experience,and there's Kathleen Turner waving a silver dildo at Anthony Perkins,and on,and on.(It's a very loud room we're imagining,with these people.) There was nobody like him,and there won't ever be again,and movies are a lot less interesting now without him.

What's your favorite Ken Russell movie?

Mar 22 2011

Post-Crawford,Post-Host, Post-Cotillard

Madame LeFigaro[in French] an article about how many French stars are showing up in English language movies,the Post-Cotillard wave (though this has been going on for decades).
NY Timesno word onMad MenSeason 5 and why.
ShiantologyShia Labeouf on the set of John Hillcoat's depression era dramaThe Wettest Country.Lots of stars in this one actually but I guess they weren't on the call sheet this day?
Kenneth in the (212)
Winslet,Wood,Winningham (and more) at theMildred Piercepremiere.
<---Stirred Straight Up...has a collection of amusing,curious,vivid quotes about Joan Crawford from other actresses.(God,I should've thought to do some sort of Joan celebration before the revisioning ofMildred Piercecame out).This one from notsilent icon Louise Brooks is fascinating:

To me,Joan Crawford's screen portrayals are all one: a series of transparencies through which she projects her daydream –- herself –- a wonderful abused kid.On the screen,every ladylike effort is stretched by the memory of self-abasement;the salt of every tear is the salt of self-pity.

Retro Movie Reviewhas a flash animated showdown about Ken Russell'sThe Devils.Although the wrong critic wins here becauseThe Devilsis brilliant.
My New Plaid Pantsis hosting a very busy "Special People Day"TODAY in honor ofWelcome to the Dollhouse's 15th anniversary.
Mister Hipphas a hilarious Admiral Ackbar illustration
The PlaylistThe low budget 1990 film version ofCaptain Americais going to be available for mass consumption soon.

have you been readingabout this online bitch-fightJames Franco vs.Bruce Vilanch about the Oscar night performance failure?Vilanch bitches that Franco was not available until Thursday and wasn't committed enough and Franco basically implies that Vilanche's jokes aren't funny -- and even disses Bette Midler in the process (uncalled for.After this and his dissing ofThe Social NetworkI'm starting to lose faith that Mr.Franco knows what he's talking about.).Gold Derby weirdly sides with Franco stating that there's no reason he needed to be in town longer than he was  (!!!say what now?a live multi million dollar production and it's OK that he's not in town until three days prior?) but if you ask me everyone is at fault,Vilanch because the jokes aren't particularly strong but especially Franco since everyone and their Aunt Martha understands how difficult the Oscar hosting gig is.If you have 7,001 things going on maybe you shouldn't commit to doing a 7,002nd half assed and for a big stack of money?But maybe that's because I share this flaw (the overbooking not the big stacks of money).But when a huge one night a year historical event is counting on you and paying you,maybe it deserves your full attention?Just a thought.The Wrap saysthey've since made up.