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May 21 2019

Stage Door: "Beetlejuice"and "Pretty Woman"

byDancin' Dan

Adapting a non-musical film to a stage musical is always a dicey proposition.Leave the story exactly as is and just add songs,and you risk the show feeling rote and uninteresting.Change the story so that it fits a musical structure better,and you may alienate fans of the source material.This Broadway season has practically been a study in how to adapt a film to a musical.We've already talked aboutTootsie,but this season saw three other screen-to-stage adaptations of varying levels of quality:Beetlejuice,King Kong,andPretty Woman: The Musical.Each has proven divisive in varying ways,and they had much different degrees of success with the Tony nominations.I've recently seen two of them,and what one lacks,the other has in spades...

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May 22 2018

Q&A: Actors Who Should Be More Famous,Broadway Crossovers,and Animal Horror

Hello everyone!

Nathaniel,eternally cat-sitting我们已经很久没有做过问答了,所以让我们直接跳进去。In order to actually do these more often I'll answer just five or six questions at once.Hopefully this will stir up more focused comment parties,too!

PAR: Julianne Moore,Michelle Pfeiffer,and Annette Bening enter the thunderdome.Only one leaves.Who?- par

A: LOL!I hope you aren't being cruel and just making me sacrifice two of my all time favorites at the altar of,well,my Pfavorite.But if we're talking about cage matches in post-apocalypse desert landscapes my answer is The Bening.Moore would break down into crying jags in no time,becoming too vulnerable.Pfeiffer would seem like easy prey put up a very spirited and scary pfight but you know that The Bening is all wile and steel and surprise maneuvers.How else did she conquer HollywoodandWarren Beattyandcontinue to become even more incredible as an actress the older she got despite being brilliant right out of the gate?

STEVE G: What film out of Cannes 2018,that wasn't previously on your radar,are you most excited to see?

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Jun 十八 2017

Today's 5: Kerry Butler,Isabella Rossellini,Waterloo,and More...

Five mood boosting assignments for you this morning.Celebrate this day (June 18th) in showbiz history with us!

2010I Am LoveandToy Story 3both open in US theaters.When it rains it pours sometimes with quality at the movies (sadly we also get droughts).The former,an Italian masterpiece starring Tilda Swinton as a foreign trophy wife caught up in an affair and family drama,was the Best Film of the Year (according to yours truly) and the latter a Best Picture nominee and colossal hit for Pixar.Sadly they're sullying its legacy with a sequel even though it reached such a perfect circle-of-life conclusion.Sometimes you need to let perfect things go.

为了今天的荣誉: Reminisce about your favorite scene from each.Such great great pictures,right?

More after the jump including a Broadway great and ABBA's breakout smash...

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May 03 二千零一十一

Tony Nominees 2011

Matthew Broderick and Anika Noni Rose announce the nominees

Brightand early,that's how all awards nominations are announced.Tony winners Matthew Broderick and Anika Noni Rose,read the names at 8:30 AM.Broderick,who had a very famous run as a movie star in the 80s,actually won his Tony in 1996 for the musical revival ofHow To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.Sixteen years later,another revival of that same musical opens with another famous young movie actor,the boy wizard himself Daniel Radcliffe.But he wasn't nominated so no history repeating itself this time.

New musicalsThe Book of Mormon(来自South Parkguys),The Scottsboro Boysand the raved revival ofAnything Goeswith Sutton Foster and Joel Grey (still doing 8 shows a week at 79 years of age) lead the nomination tally with 14,12 and 9 nominations respectively.

Notable Celebrity Snubs:The Tony nominating committee has gotten a lot of flak over the years for valuing performers with off-stage celebrity over those with impressive Broadway credits.But this year maybe they're slightly working against the FAME trend.Celebrities Robin Williams (Benghal Tiger) and Kathleen Turner (High) were both left off their category's lineups and obviously Harry Potter fans won't be happy to see Radcliffe snubbed.James Earl Jones was also snubbed for his Driving Miss Daisy performance.

Swenson,Butler and Radcliffe.All snubbed for roles you've seen at the movies!

Stage-Star Snubs:Will Swenson (Priscilla) and Aaron Tveit (Catch Me If You Can) were undone by competing against their co-leads (who were nominated).未来的电影明星本杰明·沃克,在舞台上以巨大的魅力统治着国家Bloody Bloody Andrew Jacksonshould have been recognized. FormerXanaduheadliner Kerry Butler,who is always a joy to watch,did not win a nomination forCatch Me If You Can(她扮演艾米·亚当斯)继续与托尼的粗暴关系。Xanaduaside,she's been snubbed the other three times she's been eligible despite well received work or hit shows.What's that about?

Triple Crown Alerts?None that I see on first run through.Vanessa Redgrave,nominated for Jessica Tandy's Oscar winning Driving Miss Daisy role,already has the Oscar-Emmy-Tony triple.So does Al Pacino who is nominated again forThe Merchant of Venice.Frances McDormand,nominated forGood People,only has the Oscar so she'd still need an Emmy if she wins this year's Lead Drama Actress prize.

萨顿福斯特休息!I'm sorry but I justl-o-v-eher.Seeing her onstage is always a thrill.Here she is rehearsing with Oscar and Tony winner Joel Grey.

A complete list of nominations is after the jump divvied up into Plays and Musicals.

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