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Soundtracking: Hustlers

"YES,this soundtrack was soooo good!!!The Fiona Apple 'Criminal' dance,instantly iconic."-JWB

"Does anyone remember Demi Moore in STRIPTEASE?They had her dancing to sad Annie Lennox songs.smh."-David

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Feb 08 2017

Jack Nicholson and Kristen Wiig to Star in "Toni Erdmann" Remake

Robert here,and before I begin,no,you are not having a stroke.That headline truly does read "Jack Nicholson and Kristen Wiig to star inToni Erdmannremake."

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Jan 09 2017

Ranking the Golden Globe presenters

We're revisiting the highs and the lows of the Globes.Here's Jorge...

Because next to the winners,random celebrity pairings are the best part of the ceremony,let's rank them.

33.Casey Affleck:I will say it now.I do not support Casey Affleck nor his campaign.His performance is one thing,but he is presenting his (problematic) self at the award circuit.I did not like watching him introduceManchester by the Sea(let alone winning).Knowing he has had many trips on stage this season,they could have had Michelle or Lucas Hedges go up to make it more interesting.

32.Sofia Vergara:How much longer can the highest paid actress in television keep basing her brand on the notion that she can't speak English?The joke is getting old and,frankly,denigrating for her.

31.Vince Vaughn:He looked like he did not want to be there,at this moment or any other point during the ceremony...

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Aug 29 2016

Beauty vs Beast: Ice & Ivy

Jason fromMNPPhere on the occasion ofJoel Schumacher's 77th birthday wondering if I'm the only one who feels like his 1997 superhero flopBatman & Robinought to be a camp classic as revered asShowgirls...or at leastValley of the Dolls.I think the fact that the movie is actively trying to be camp,but failing,throws people off...but it only makes me love it more.It's so...queer.In all the senses.Maybe it's just that Zack Snyder's endless reign of self-seriousness has made this goofy trainwreck seem more endearing,but I manage to quote this movie far more than might be sane,and if it's ever on TV I get sucked into its dopey dreadfulness every time.The same will never be true ofBatman v Superman,I'm afraid.(Unless it's Holly Hunter's scenes we're talking about,of course.)

PREVIOUSLYTrue Story: I was at a wedding this past weekend and they gave out Jordan Almonds!Anyway last week we forced you to take sides intheBridesmaidsbattle of the Century,and I am so so proud of y'all that you went with Kristen Wiig's Annie (who'd never let a Jordan Almond get her down) to the tune of 54% -- that's meant as no knock on the brilliantly funny Rose Byrne but,well,I'll let Suzanne explain:

"I know people love Rose Byrne,but Annie is such a great character.It felt like a revolutionary political act in 2011 to make a film that focused on a female protagonist who was depressed because her business failed and she was broke."

Aug 22 2016

Beauty vs Beast: Here Come The Bridesmaids

Jason fromMNPPhere -- you want to know something shocking?Alright "shocking"might be me overexaggerating (thank you for that new word,Ryan Lochte) but I was shocked anyway - I have never done an edition of "Beauty vs Beast"forBridesmaids.Doesn't that seem absolutely impossible?I went back and forth through the archives myself a couple of times to make sure but it's true.I couldn't believe it - I saw it was Kristen Wiig's 43rd birthday today and I thought to myself,"Well maybe there's something besidesBridesmaidsthat I can do,since obviously I'd have doneBridesmaidsby now,"but nope,no,haven't,kuh-rrrrrrazy!

So let's!I've seen this movie so many times at this point (if it is on cable,and it is always on cable,I will stop my life and I will watch it) that I managed this entire post without having to cheat and look up things to jog my memory.It's already a modern classic,at just over 5 years old.But where do our loyalties lay when it comes down between these two troublesome girlfriends...

PREVIOUSLY For the Material Girl's birthdaywe Desperately Sought the answerto "Does anyone appreciate her acting ability?"and speaking of shocker,we do!She grooved into a 2/3rds win over Rosanna Arquette.SaidMike in Canada(and now you know!):

"I'm can't bring myself to vote against either of these fantastic women,so I'll conscientiously abstain,and just wait a week to find out how much Madonna won by."

Aug 14 2016

Review: Sausage Party

Tim here.You can't deny thatSausage Partydoes what it promises.It's a not-quite-parody and not-quite-satire of the Pixar-style premise of a secret world where inanimate objects have an elaborate culture unseen by humans.In this case,it's the life of a supermarket with Seth Rogen as the voice of a heroic hot dog and Kristen Wiig as the hot dog bun he loves.To this,add in a bunch of curse words and outlandishly filthy sex talk,and you've got a solid 70% of the movie.It's not mine to say whether this is good or bad: there's no point in telling people that what they're laughing at isn't funny,andSausage Party's audience undoubtedly knows itself.

That audience would be anybody who has loved writers Rogen & Evan Goldberg's previous forays into sex-obsessed philosophy hiding in a thick cloud of pot smoke:Superbad,The Interview,or especiallyThis Is the End,the duo's film thatSausage Partymost closely resembles.The 30% that's not cartoon characters saying raunchy things is an extension of that film's agnostic theological commentary,and not even a necessarily bad one.[More...]

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Jul 16 2016

Review: Ghostbusters (2016)

This review was originally published inNathaniel's columnatTowleroad

Remember when Sony rebooted Sam Raimi's take onSpider-Man(2002) withThe Amazing Spider-Man(2012)?Their whole conceit at the time appeared to be "What if you didn't know the story?"so they just told it again.Only everyone actually did know the story.The result was an instantly forgettable retread,useless but for the printing of money.While that may have been the whole point,it left a lousy corporate aftertaste.It took the world gargling with some Marvel Studios mouthwash (aka Captain America: Civil War)to make people excited about Spidey again.

The good news is that the mega corporation appears to have learned from their mistakes.GhostbustersNOW does not moronically assume you don't knowGhostbustersTHEN.Sure,it's the same story again — the Ghostbusters set up shop,refine technobabble gadgets,fight against a supernatural invasion of New York and the bureaucrats that get in their way — but writer/director Paul Feig and his cowriter Katie Dippold (who wroteThe Heattogether) have correctly guessed that the fun of the movie will be in the makeover.

the ladies fighting the (undead) patriarchy

The story gets a new look,freshened up details,and most famously,four female Ghostbusters and a male receptionist in place of the original's four men and a female receptionist;that gender inversion proved more revolutionary that any rational human might have expected becausea lot of manbabieshave been freaking out on the internet ever since...

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