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Jul 12 2014

Emmy Nom Hangover: Snubs & Peculiarities

Apologies for my radio silence yesterday.Off my game I was for the entire day plus which means I'm know 36 hours behind on writing projects.Hooray.Nevertheless,because Emmy nominations are still very much on my mind afterthe initial responseand themain titles detour(oh don't pretend you aren't still thinking about them) I polled a few members of Team Experience about their feelings.And here's what they had to say on four questions.Answer them yourself in the comments,too.The more the merrier.

What's the Nomination That Most Perplexes You?

Adam Armstrong: Kristen Wiig –The Spoils of Babylon.When I read her name among the nominees,I was like:

...Pure,unadulterated,ecstatic,confused bliss.

Andrew Kendall:So many options,but it's impossible for me to let Christina Hendricks inMad Menjust pass - for so many reasons.Everyone loves Joan and Hendricks is oneMad Men's finest actors but in the seven episode "half season"2014 gave up what did Joan Harris even do to warrant a citation?I'm always willing to defend the Emmy voters when people accuse them of voting without watching (maybe they just have trite tastes?) but can anyone have watched this last season of television and sincerely felt Christina Hendricks did anything of note?Her nomination this particular season is even more of an albatross to the category than Maggie Smith's never ending series of nominations for frowning onDownton Abbey.

Dancin' Dan: Michelle Dockery,Lead Actress in a Drama.Does she actually do ANYTHING remotely interesting or difficult onDownton Abbey?This nomination has always perplexed me.

Anne Marie: Apparently the only people still watchingGleeareEmmyvoters.It's the only way to explain how it got a directing nomination for an episode with fewer audience members than the population of New Mexico.

Omission You Will Hold Against the Emmys Forever?

[RuPaul,Hannibal,Archer,The Good Wifeand much moreafter the jump]

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Dec 13 2013

TGIF: What's Your Favourite Award Presentation?

Glennhere.It's Friday,which for a lot of people means the weekend.If,like me,you don't work a traditional 9 to 5 job then it means nothing at all.Except,of course,it becomes socially acceptable to be up until 4am watching movies.I havean OFCS ballotthat is incomplete and I've only got 30 hours to watch all the contenders!

Of course,I'll never actually get to watch them if I spend my time continuously watching clips from award shows,which is something that inevitably happens during the season.It's a sickness,I swear.Inspired by yesterday's Golden Globe nominations and watching Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell present musical/comedy actress at this year's award show for about the 100th time.Apropos of it being the end of the week,here are some of my favourites,but how about yours?

Jan 20 2013

"Get out of heeeeeerre"

A week later and I'm still gigglingabout this.And also SO FRUSTRATED THAT SAG IS NEXT SUNDAY INSTEAD OF TODAY.

Award Shows.I get The DTs.Don't judge.

This calls for a poll!

Jun 12 2012

Tuesday Top Ten - Motion (Picture) Sickness


JA from MNPPhere.First off,my apologies to those of you with weaker constitutions.This might not be your sort of Top Ten list today. With that out of the way,want to know why I still won't eat cherries to this very day?Since it's " The Witches of Eastwickweek"I think y'all can probably put two and two together.Take a giant silver bowl of them,stir in a trio of witchy women under the influence of one Big Bad,and shake thoroughly - out spills what might be the always game Veronica Cartwright's most memorable cinematic moment.(And this is a woman who has been terrorized by Hitchock's birdsand phallically attacked by HR Giger's Alien,so she knows from memorable scenes.)
You'd be excused for expecting it to be the walls and furniture to be what tumbles out of her mouth since she spends the first half of the scene devouring the scenery in a tour de force of bravura overacting,but the devil's in the details - that red-stained torrent of cherry pits is something you just don't forget,even 25 years later.( Watch the whole scene here.)
So in it's honor,a list!
Here are 9 more cinematic spews... fromBridesmaidsthroughThe Exorcist

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Apr 29 2012

First Best Actress Predictions of the New Oscar Year

"Are you actress psychic?"It's a question I've often asked in conjunction with prediction contests.I'm still working out details as to what we'll do for an Oscar contest this year but in the meantime I knew I had to wrap up my April Foolish predictions in April which ends...right about now.

To answer my own question Iamsomewhat Actress Psychic -- as long time readers know -- since my prediction ratio is pretty good early on before we've seen any films.This year I think I dropped the ball,the crystal one that is,not the "ohmygodthis postissoooolate"ball though that one as well.So many potentially interesting leading actress roles and so little in the way of sure things.

Maggie Smith in Quartet (1981) and Maggie Smith in Quartet (2012)

But let's pause for a moment to appreciate the beautiful coincidence shouldMaggie Smithbe nominated as an opera diva inQuartet(2012).much much Oscary more after the jump.

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Dec 07 2011

The Tree of Link

Nicks Flick Pickslooks at the cinematography of Todd Haynes masterworkSafe(1995).
Scene Stealerschooses the ten best cinematography jobs of the past decade,withThe Tree of Lifethe only current film to place.
In Contentionon Fox News freakout overThe Muppetsliberal agenda.
Paper Maghas an enjoyable profile of Kristen Wiig and her superstar-making year
Karine Vanasse...will we see her again afterPan Amflies away?I find TV news difficult to follow so I'll admit total confusion when shows randomly show up on my DVR or move networks or whatnot but apparently this charming French Canadian actress saysPan Amhas been cancelled and the network says it's just on hiatus?My point is that I watch the show and am totally in l'amour with her.

The Hollywood Reporterworries that the AMPAS demographic (which skews very male) may hurtThe Help.Of course this argument supposes that only women would likeThe Help.
The Wrapthough it's a rather unusual decision,given its history,this year's Vanguard Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival is not going to a well known acting legend but to the two stars ofThe ArtistBérénice Bejo and Jean Dujardin.That's a major get for the Weinstein Co moving into the Oscars.亚博主页
Forbesdid one of those "return on investment"things to rank actors.Kristen Stewart is named the best deal with $55.83 earned for every $1 spent on her.Anne Hathaway comes in at #2 with $45.67 for every $1.Most of the list is composed of people in franchises so the numbers are quite skewed;Harry Potter is the star of Harry Potter and Twilight is the star of Twilight if you get me.Meryl Streep,who isn't exactly known for franchise appears,does make the list though with $13.54 earned for every $1 she's paid.

on embargos,social media and film critics in general
Carpet BaggerDavid Fincher on embargo breaking.He doesn't want any advance screenings and thinks the best film critics are moviegoers who text their friends (oy!the self-serving pomposity of some people.And I love Fincher)
AV ClubSign of the Apocalypse.Twitter-friendly seats in theaters as trend?Thousands of little glowing screens to distract you from the big one.Ugh.
TelegraphKevin Spacey isn't having any of it.This is our favorite Kevin Spacey anything in like 12 years.

Top Ten o' the Day -David Denby
Speaking of embargos and film critics...Fast on the heels of theDragon Tattooruckus,we have Denby's top ten list on which it does not appear.It's a mixture of lazy fandom (J Edgar?Ugh...seriously.I'm going to have to assume that critics who label this a top ten'er only saw 30 or 40 movies this year and even then,you'll have to make concessions.) and the highbrow likeCertified Copyand theTree of Lifeabout which he begins,affectionately,this way...

Yes,I know,Terrence Malick's movie is unbearably high-minded and humorless.But still!

All in all an interesting list and suggests that for Denby,two types of entertainments are generally favored: intellectual puzzlers and popcorn entertainment for the masses (Source Code,ContagionandRise of the Planet of the Apesall appear).

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