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May 16 2011

Box Office Prophecy: Kristen Wiig's Legs

I've been in Boston for my girlfriend's birthday.Yesterday on the last day of the weekend birthday-ing,our group filed into a very crowded house forBridesmaids.Perfect movie choice for a rainy day after brunch with a group o' friends.Given how consistently the entire theater was LOLing -- including our row -- you'd think the film could've knockedThorright off the Bifrost.

A Truth:Wiig's Penis Imitation > Thor's Hammer.

But I guess a great audience response and word of mouth is what second weekends are for.I expectBridesmaidswill have major box office legs and the tiniest of percentage dips next weekend.It's much funnier thanThe Hangover(2009) to which it's often compared (for plot and especially marketing reasons) and that film,which opened stronger,only dipped 27% and 18% in its 2nd and 3rd weekends going on to averysubstantial gross.I'm guessing we see something very similar with Kristen Wiig & Co,at least percentage wise,in the next couple of weekends.I hopeThe Hangover IIdoesn't eat into its potential audience in the coming weeks.The wolf pack already had its turn.

The Box Office (Actuals)

01 THOR$34.7(cumulative $119.4) [review]
02 BRIDESMAIDSnew$26.2
03 FAST FIVE$20.4(cumulative $169.6)
04 PRIESTnew$14.9
05 RIO$8.2(cumulative $125.2)
06 JUMPING THE BROOM$7.0(cumulative $25.7)
07 SOMETHING BORROWED$6.8(cumulative $25.5)
08 WATER FOR ELEPHANTS$4.2(cumulative $48.5)[review]
09 TYLER PERRY MADEA'S BIG HAPPY FAMILY$2.2(cumulative $50.2)
10 SOUL SURFER$1.8(cumulative $39.2)

What did you see this weekend?I'll try to write upBridesmaidssoon.I have a few things to say about it but they feel too entirely jumbled and disparate to make sense of this morning.

Feb 06 2011

Yes,No,Maybe So: "Bridesmaids"

Serious Film'sMichael for this episode ofYes,No,Maybe Sowherein we make a snap judgment onBRIDESMAIDS,Hollywood's attempt to give female audiences aHangoverof their very own.

Women certainly have some balance coming to them.In road trip comedies they're usually lucky to get the role of the humorless,castrating wife/girlfriend.If they're not lucky they play the stripper,who in Vegas films stands a decent chance of ending up in a shallow grave in the desert.

Bridesmaidsalso represents star/co-writer Kristen Wiig's stab at big screen stardom because she can't go on forever being SNL's last line of defense against total un-watchability,and God knowsMacGruberdidn't do it for her.Simply put Wiig is appointed Maid of Honor by Maya Rudolph making her responsible for sending her friend off in style,which in this case entails rounding up her colorful band of bridesmaids to go to Vegas for a bachelorette party.ROAD TRIP!!!

The main draw here is clearly the cast,which is one big bag of "Yes!"I can't spot a weak link.In addition to Wiig there is Rose Byrne,Maya Rudolph,Melissa McCarthy,andThe Office'sEllie Kemper,who couldn't be more adorable if she was manufactured by Hello Kitty.I'm especially pleased to seeReno 911'sstellar Wendi Mclendon Covey get such a high profile gig.Her reactions to Kemper's "princess theme"and McCarthy's "female fight club"ideas are the funniest part of the trailer.Another reason to be psyched: it is directed by Midas Touch TV director Paul Feig.His credits read like a roll call of the greatest shows of the last decade,Arrested Development,Freaks and Geeks,Mad Men,Parks and Rec,30 Rock.I feel obligated to buy a ticket out of gratitude alone.

I have long-standing rule of avoiding movies that have trailers in which curse words are replaced by sound effects so that's strike one there.On a more substantive note,the movie looks like it leans pretty heavily on broadly drawn types – the jaded one,the ditz,the butch one.Also,is it too much too ask that women get one movie that doesn't center on a wedding?Seriously,if you went by Hollywood comedies you would think single women do nothing with their evenings but tip back glasses of white wine in order to stave off thoughts of suicide because all their friends are getting married to orthodontists and cranking out horrible children.I'm offended on your behalf,ladies.

Of course,there is a good chance Wiig is as annoyed as I am with the culture's wedding obsession and is dragging the material out in order to give it the send up it richly deserves.It's so hard to tell with trailers.That fact that this one is a few notches shy of uproarious could be a sign that it showed only the most trailer-friendly,punched-by-Mike-Tyson type jokes instead of funnier character beats.It could also be a sign that the better jokes simply aren't there.I'm pretty on the fence about this one.

Oh,wait…Is that Jon Hamm there at the end?Okay,I'm in.What can I say?I think he is a comic genius trapped in a Rock Hudson body.Poor guy.What say you?You would think this collection of talent would have to do something worth checking out,but then that's what I said before I sat throughDate Night.

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