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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
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Apr 25 2016

The Furniture: The Lady with the Van Paints a Crime Scene Into a Home

"The Furniture"is our new design series.Here's Daniel Walber...

The Lady in the Vanbegins with a bloody hit-and-run accident.The title van-driving lady,played by Maggie Smith,collides with a young man and leaves him for dead.On the lam,bound by necessity to a vehicle that may also be a murder weapon,she finds her way to a quiet neighborhood full of artists and bourgeois intellectuals.

Then it turns into a delightful comedy about the social anxieties of Alan Bennett.

It's a bit abrupt,to be honest.And it may take a fair while to warm up to the neurotic,Adaptation.-style doppelgangers that represent the split personalities of the playwright protagonist.The vans themselves,though,quite effectively capture a much more gradual transition,one that charts Mary/Margaret's arc with care.What begins as an all-in-one murder weapon and crime scene becomes a home.[More...]

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Apr 19 2016

Newish Home Viewing: The Lady in the Van,The Oscar in the Franchises.

Here's what's new recently for your eyeballs.

Newish to DVD/BluRay
Fifty Shades of Black.Marlon Wayans sends up theGreyS&M movie.
The Force Awakens.Not available for rental yet but when it is we shall rewatch
The Forest.In which Natalie Dormer enters Japan's Suicide Forest to confront true terror: the reviews of Gus Van Sant's 'Sea of Trees' which is also set there.
Ip Man 3.For your completists.I haven't seen any of these since I figured The Grandmaster covered it for me.You?
The Lady in the Van.In which Maggie Smith gets grittier and descends the economic ladder for once.Maintain high society snobbier via her delusions of
Norm of the North.Animated.Though probably nothing we need worry aboutAPP亚博娱乐 .
The Revenant.That which did rob George Miller of his rightful Best Director Oscar in February.

new to streaming
AJIN(S1) on Netflix.An anime sci-fi series about a teenager who realizes he is not human.Cue: suspenseful music,giant expressive eyes.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt(S2) on Netflix.I haven't started yet due to travels.Can't wait to see my Jane Krakowski again.Tell me NOTHING.
Mad MaxonAmazon Prime.The original.Roughly 20 years before everyone realized Mel Gibson was also Mad.
Kong,King of the Apes(S1) on Netflix.This is a kids sci-fi series about Kong battling robot dinosaurs or some such.Has Netflix been doing kids series for awhile and we're just now noticing?
Tangerineson Amazon Prime.Not the awesome LA trans hooker comedy but the Estonian Oscar nominated drama.

All theBournefilms (2002-2012 - 4 films thus far) and all theX-Menfilms (2000-2014 - five films thus far) have been reissued on DVD & BluRay for the obvious reason: new theatrical outing about to happen.This prompted head spinning when randomly thinking about their Oscar histories.Weirdly both series have been popular from the start with audiences but have just one film within them that Oscar responded to:The Bourne Ultimatum(2007,3 Oscar noms/wins) andX-Men Days of Future Past(2012,1 Oscar nomination).

Rehearsing a fight scene for Bourne Ultimatum.Photograph by Greg Williams

Isn't it fascinating how non-patterned Oscar is with franchises as a general rule?Sometimes they're not into themat alland then all of a sudden they are (those franchises and James Bond of course).Other times it's steady if halfhearted interest (superhero films in particular categories).Often it seems vaguely disconnected to the particulars of individual films.Consider this:Batman Foreveris easily the Academy's second most all time favoriteBatmanfilm?WTF.They've also been weirdly sporadic inHarry Potterlove ignoring one of the best entries (Order of the Phoenix) that actually worked hard for an Art Direction nomination while rewarding the film that took place mostly in a tent (Deathly Hallows Part 1).

On the broad surface of things you'd think that Oscar voters,many of whom are ordinary working people who just happen to be in showbiz (like Emmy voters) would treat franchises the way that Emmy treats TV...which is all franchises.Not that we recommend this!With Emmy if they don't notice you at beginning they almost never do -- and they're loyal to the point of stupidity if they like you at all!Oscar doesn't really equate with that at all in ongoing narratives.What doyoumake of that?I ask because I'm not sure.I don't have all the answers!!!Is it just happenstance involving the every shifting competition in each calendar year at the movies?

Nov 07 2015

AFI Fest: Lady in the Van

Anne Mariehere reporting from Hollywood & Highland.

Let's be honest: there's probably only one reason you (or anyone) is interested inThe Lady in the Van.If you own a copy ofThe Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,if you kept watchingDownton Abbeyeven after Julian Fellowes killed two main characters and the series lost focus,then I have good news for you: you will loveThe Lady in the Van.Dame Maggie Smith is in top form,and the movie is devoted to giving her a variety of small acting moments that pop up in awards show montages and internet gifsets.Even if the rest of Nicholas Hytner's movie is unrelentingly average,Dame Maggie Smith is a delight.

First,let's talk about Maggie.In the last 20 years,the Dame has made a career of playing colorful,curmudgeonly women,effectively destroying - along with her Dames in Arms Helen Mirren,Judi Dench,and Angela Lansbury - the idea that older actresses aren't interesting.(There's a question to be asked about why all of these successful,terribly interesting older actresses are British,but that's a tangent for another day.) As the titular homeless woman who parks in the driveway of a put-upon playwright (Alex Jennings) for 15 years,Maggie Smith continues this fine tradition.Alternately infuriating and empathetic,crazy and charismatic,disgusting and distinguished,Smith creates a character so bizarrely contradictory that you understand why the writer allowed himself to be inconvenienced for almost two decades beginning in the 1970s.Sitting next to Nathaniel and eurocheese,I don't know that I've seen a festival audience react as gleefully to a moment so small as when Dame Maggie Smith,clad in a nightdress and a smelly rain coat,cracked a small private smile while riding a duck on a merry go round.

The rest of the movie is about what you'd expect from a BBC drama - familiar character actors,comedy stemming from British polite timidity - with one exception.The playwright Alan Bennett (who adapted his own play for the screen) splits himself into two characters: the man living the events,and the writer observing them.At first,the conceit is fun,since it gives the observing ego a chance to make the snide remarks that polite British gentlemen just won't say.However,as with many movies that rely on narration,eventually the writer gets didactic,and begins informing the audience how to think and feel about his story.But what he refuses to comment on is more interesting.While he was busy belaboring the connection between his guilt over his ailing mother and the homeless woman he allows to sleep in his yard,I was more curious about his closeted sexuality in Margaret Thatcher's England.

Ultimately,as a showpiece for Dame Maggie Smith,The Lady in the Vandelivers.As a BBC drama,it's a little more interesting than usual.Jim Broadbent,Dominic Cooper,and James Corden all make appearances,but are criminally underused.There's one reason to seeThe Lady in the Van.But it's a good reason in itself.

Grade:Maggie Smith A / Rest of the movie C+ Total = B

Oscar Chances: In a less competitive year,Dame Maggie Smith would be a shoe-in fora Best Actress nomination.As it is,she probably won't make the cut.

Sep 07 2015

Lady in the Van: Maggie in 4 Gifs

Manuelhere to welcome another Best Actress hopeful to the fold.Yes,it was unclear whether two-time Academy Award winner Maggie Smith's vehicle,The Lady in the Van,would indeed get a US release this fall in time to qualify for awards consideration but with aToronto Film Festivalspecial presentation,a December release plan,a new poster and anew trailer,we have to welcome Smith to the race.More...

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Aug 25 2015

Bring Link On

MicManuel on the transgressive feminism ofBring it On15 years later
GrantlandMark Harris on four takeaways from this summer's box office - great piece as usual
Stuffthis piece is old but I was shocked to learn (sorry if I'm way late) that the 80s posters (like Madonna's debut album) inA Girl Walks Home Alone at Nightweren't real.I loved that vampire bedroom!
Awards Dailyresharesthe Lady in the Vantrailer.I guess it's back on for 2015?Such a crowded year for Best Actress already but I'm expecting an onslaught of "weak year for best actress"pieces any moment since we get those every year even when it's a good one
A Fistful of Filmsshares his personal awards from 1988 - fun choices includingMarried to the MobandSalaam Bombayboth of which are underloved

EmpireI'm trying to avoid reading about the newStar Wars-- doesn't anybody like to be surprised in the movie theater anymore?-- but I ended up clicking on this piece about Kylo Ren (with the jagged lightsaber) and now I'm more excited about the premise behind the villains
EmpireLéa Seydoux offered female lead in Channing Tatum'sGambit
Pajibacatches us up on what's going on with Tom Hardy's TV projects including a new one called "Taboo".(Somehow Tom Hardy is making time for TV every year despite his ever increasing In-Demandness in big movies,too)
Guardianthe great Jacques Audiard will make his English Language debut withThe Sisters Brothers.John C Reilly headlines.Audiard's past leads have tended to be fascinating dangerously sexy actors like Matthias Schoenarts,Romain Duris,Vincent Cassel and Tahar Rahim.John C Reilly as follow up?

Stage Door
PlaybillKevin Bacon will star in a stage adaptation ofRear Windowin October.
THRfun guests at Taylor Swift's Monday concert including Ellen Degeneres
PlaybillTop US colleges for Theater Majors?from NYU to Florida State via the highly specific metric of which colleges are represented on Broadway right now
Theater ManiaSteven Pasquale on a painful audition.He has been working on stage and TV forever and somehow people don't realize howincrediblehis singing voice is.Movie musical please.

"Rock Dentistry"fun tumblr of the moment
The Pokelost Stephen King books recovered.Need to read "Brian's Arse"
EW"how the internet would have GIF'ed the first MTV Music Video Awards"- the title is more exciting than the GIFS chosen but a highly worthy topic and of course,the internet would have GIF'ed the hell out of Madonna's "Like a Virgin"
"Hi,I'm Marvel...and I'm DC"