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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
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Oct 05 2018

"The Savages",Also Revisited

Chris Feilcontinues his look at the films of Tamara Jenkins...

The Savagescame nearly a decade after Tamara Jenkins arrived in 1998 withSlums of Beverly Hills,and the wait found the writer/director's onscreen family dynamics develop to something tougher.Turns out time brings a whole host of concerns both harder to reconcile and compromise with,both in fiction and real life.Though it deals with timeless issues like family and aging,The Savagesis also quite of its time,though in subtle ways it has maybe taken over another decade to see.What's always been clear is that the film is miraculous.

Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman star as adult siblings and unfulfilled creatives Wendy and Jon Savage,forced to care for their estranged and formerly abusive father as he succumbs to dementia.Jenkins again is fascinated with our unfortunate bodies and social pretenses,this time with the film's humor taking a more refined,unflinching swing at our very human shortcomings.

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Feb 12 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Boxing Buddies

Jason fromMNPPhere - while we're all sitting patiently on our hands waiting forBlack Pantherto hit theaters this weekend let us use the occasion of today's "Beauty vs Beast"to gaze backwards in Ryan Cooglar's filmography to the flick that no doubt gauranteed him this Marvel gig,2015's great big crowdpleaserCreed.Coming nine years afterRocky Balboa,Sylvester Stallone's original "goodbye"to the character that gave him his career,Cooglar'sCreedopened the franchise up and breathed new life into the Philadelphian boxing saga via Michael B Jordan's Adonis,son of Rocky's deceased opponant and friend Apollo,and with Adonis' attempt to find selfhood in the shadow of his legendary father.The relationship between Rocky & Adonis formed the core of the film,it was one fraught with tension,which brings us to...

PREVIOUSLYNobody was going to beat The Lovely Laura Linney on her birthday,not even Mark Ruffalo's probable finest performanceopposite her inYou Can Count On Me- she scored a sizeable 70% of your vote in the end,proving you can indeed count on her.SaidRV:

"One of the all time great screen pairs -- both so flawed,both so connected to each other.Lonergan's uncomfortable (for me,maybe not for him) commitment to Casey Affleck aside,he deserves enormous credit for providing such rich writing and understated directing to two amazingly talented performers."

Feb 05 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Sibling Rivalry

Jason fromMNPPhere wishing us all the happiest Lovely Laura Linney Day!Today Linney is celebrating her 54th birthday,which means we're celebrating as well because she's a national treasure that one.But that happiness and celebration might not last long,I ruin everything,because I'm about to force a horrible choice on you with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"contest and ask you to consider choosing between the siblings of Kenneth Lonergan's 2000 sibling masterpieceYou Can Count On Me--Linney's hometown mama and boss-schtupper Sammy versus Mark Ruffalo's home-crashing money-grubbing seatbealt-wearing Terry.Vote and then tell us why you voted how you voted down below in the comments!

PREVIOUSLYLast week'sBest Actor contesthanded Timothee Chalamet a win as sound (to the tune of 87% of the vote!) as his trounced competitor Gary Oldman's eventual win at the Oscars next month is assured,亚博主页so let's just enjoy us getting it right anyway.Saidhepwa(and this is a fine list that I'd love to hear if anybody has any of their own to add to this list,too):

"There are five great young male performances in the past forty years,in chronological order: Dennis Christopher in "Breaking Away",Michael O'Keefe in "The Great Santini",Timothy Hutton in "Ordinary People",River Phoenix in "Running On Empty"and now Timothee Chalamet in "Call Me by Your Name"."

Dec 24 2017

To Me,You Are Perfect: Ranking the Stories in "Love Actually"

By Spencer Coile

Every holiday season,we sit down with our favorite festive movies and return to the magic these films have to offer.Some turn to classics such asIt's a Wonderful Lifeor the various renditions ofA Christmas Carol.Others favorDie Hard,Gremlins,or something a bit more contemporary --The Family Stone,anyone? Regardless,we come back to our favorites for comfort and a jolly mood.

Love Actually,to me,is that Christmas movie.Using the "interwoven lives"structure that so many rom-coms have since used disastrously,Love Actuallyuses the formula with beautiful effect.The result is a kindhearted,giant hug of a film that always manages to lift the spirits.Put on your holiday hats as we rank the 9 storylines...

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Sep 16 2016

Thoughts I Had...Laura Linney in "Nocturnal Animals"

Chrishere.We're pretty jazzed about Tom Ford's meta-noirNocturnal Animalsin these parts,even with (or because of) festival reactions are all over the map from negative to positive.Whether or not the film is a potential awards player,it did pick up the Grand Jury Prize in Venice and even the poor reviews call out Michael Shannon as a highlight.However,the buried lede in all of the conversation (and the just-launched trailer) is the buzzed about cameo by The Lovely Laura Linney,whose character shows up like this:

Praise the heavens,she's no longer a supportive wife trapped on a phone!And now she's letting her hairdownup.Some takeaways:

  • Category is: Oliver Stone First Lady Before She Betrays Him And Country Realness
  • She's drowning in hair,pearls,and stiff fabric,yet her face is still luminous.
  • The role may be small,but when has she ever gotten to go big even just if it's in costuming?Let's hope it's not just the look because we'd love to see her go wild.
  • Linney is playing Amy Adams's mother,which could be as delightfully bonkers as the movie sounds if not for the depressing ageism repeated here.Linney is TEN years older than Adams,but in Hollywood years the math inexplicably adds up.
  • But seriously: no husbands to concernedly call,Ninja Turtles to catch,or maiding to be done here.We're stoked to see her back in the game.

Anyway,sinceAnimalsisn't hers alone,feast on the trailer and try to decipher what the film is all about:

Jun 30 2016

Clint Eastwood's 'Sully' Biopic Lands Its First Trailer

Daniel here.When news broke that Tom Hanks was cast as airline captain Chesley "Sully"Sullenberger – the real-life angel with jet wings who,in 2009,famously piloted an A320 to an emergency water landing on the Hudson River,saving the lives of all crew and passengers in the process – approximately no one was surprised.If you ever need to cast an IRL hero for the big screen,Hanks' evergreen likeability automatically makes him the safest choice;personally,as much as I really,really,really,really,really,really like Hanks,I'd have loved to see William Hurt take the controls.Regardless,we now have our first trailer for Clint Eastwood'sSullyand down to its Oscar-nominated,underutilized actress propped as a wallpaper wife,it's about what you've come to expect from a ripped-from-the-headlines biopic these days.To some,it seems the surest route to stoic is stale.

In lieu of our traditional Yes No Maybe So,a whole bunch of Maybe concerns...

  • How it will stretch two hours' worth of drama from a single incident that in actuality didn't last that long?How will it craft a compelling character arc for a figure of such broad-stroked,well,likeability.No points for originality,as it seems to takeFlight's plan of cross-examining his methodology and,briefly,toxicology.That said,its shards of PTSD and demythologizing its hero archetype through personal doubt look promising.
  • WhileJ.Edgarwas a dud in the American History Eastwood department,some (including the Academy) foundAmerican Sniper's mode of pointed patriotism to be persuasive.This could go either way.
  • Eastwood's scummy blue scrim has deservedly taken a lot of flack over the years and,for a few shots in the trailer anyway,cinematographer Tom Stern has opened a critical window for some light to make its way into the frame.
  • As mentioned,The Lovely Laura Linney seems totally wasted here,issuing words of support to her husband and little else.As if that's not bad enough,they gave her a hale bay wig to go with it.The Film Experience couldn't be more thrilled with the movies' recent showcases for senior actresses – Blythe Danner,亚博主页Susan Sarandon,Sally Field,to name a few – but how about giving our middle-aged actresses some vehicles as well?

A firm "I hope to God I'm surprised"on this.Does it look like Eastwood's latest will take flight?