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The New Classics: Y Tu Mamá También

"Great piece of writing of one of my all time favorite films."-Almasy77

"The final scene still hurts like the first time."-Peggy Sue

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Daniel Schmidt and Gabriel Abrantes(Diamantino)
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Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)
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Richard E Grant(Can You Ever Forgive Me?)
Rachel Weisz(The Favourite)
Toni Collette(Hereditary)
Glenn Close(The Wife)

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Dec 08 2018

Would you rather?

It's our silly hangin' with celebs aspirational time-killer.SO,WOULD YOU RATHER...

• sip a poolside drink with Jharrel Jerome?
• attend the AACTA Awards with three generations of the Kidman family?
• go horseback riding with Zac Efron?
• cheat on your abs workout with Gilles Marini?
• pick out a Christmas tree with Tom Holland?
• do sauna time with Busy Philipps?
• hit the hot tub with Lea Michele?
• have an ice cream cone with Reese Witherspoon & Zoe Kravitz?
• visit an art studio with Ava DuVernay?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

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Oct 27 2018


I was going to answer this brilliant question but David Call's answer cannot be beat.After the jump more curated tweets for you involving: Steven Yeun,Helen Mirren,A Star is Born,and remake culture...

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Dec 11 2017

Would you rather...?

Mondays can be such a drag so let's fantasize that we're hanging with celebrities rather than returning to the day jobs,shall we?

Would you rather
...eat oatmeal raisin cookies with Jessica Biel?
...get a quick drink with Wolverine and Professor Xavier?
...visit the ancient pyramids with Hilary Swank?
...hit the recording studio with Ben Platt?
...doing drag with Kristin Scott Thomas?
...can fruit with Dolly Parton?
...go to yoga with Lea Michele & Jonathan Groff?
...see the last Jedi with TV genius Bryan Fuller?
...welcome the snow with Lena Headey?
...or have a spontaneous dance party with Miguel Angel Silvestre?

[Pictures are after the jump to help you decide]

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Oct 10 2017

i know all there is to know about the linking game...

Your host (c'est moi,Nathaniel) is weeks behind his movie game.So here's part 1 of a massive link roundup to try to catch up.Twenty-five mini stories in this one,let's go...

EWcelebrates Idris Elba on their cover
The Vulturea profile of the screenwriter ofThe Postwho was inspired to write it after reading Katherine Graham's memoir "Personal History"Meryl Streep will play Graham in the film (which is not based on that memoir but on one event in Graham's career.)
Awards Dailylaments that big box office hits like Get Out and Wonder Woman are not considers shoo-in for Best Picture nominations
VarietyDarren Aronofsky tapped as keynote speaker for next spring's SXSW festival
The Hollywood ReporterDisney is not moving forward with its Jack and the Beanstalk animated film namedGigantic
PlaybillGlee's Lea Michele finally met Barbra Streisand
PeopleDan Amboyer who plays the twin of Hilary Duff's deceased fiance onYounger(long story) has come out as gay
MirrorRob Collier believes his gay under-butler role onDownton Abbeyhas made it difficult for him to find other roles

More after the jump including  Weinstein harassment fallout,agressive Netflix recommendations,Jonathan Groff's penchant for singing on set,and more...

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Jun 21 2017

Would you rather...?

Would you rather...

...have a suddenGleereunion with Jonathan Groff & Lea Michele in NYC?
...school Matt McGorry on how to beach?
...read with Kathleen Turner,Rosie,and Broadway's delicious Max von Essen?
...stand for a good cause (Casting Directors Union) with Cheyenne Jackson?
...do a reverseXanaduand becoming one with murals alongside Harry Shum Jr?
...take a singing road trip with Garrett Dillahunt?
...dream of tapdance lessons with Hillary Swank?
...make babies laugh for no reason with James Wolk?
...or talk to Virginia Madsen on a 16th century contraption.Something called a "landline"?

Pictures are after the jump to help you make this difficult choice...

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Jun 25 2016

110 in the Tweet

It's that time of the week (the weekend!) when we groggily awaken and seek out bon mots rather than essays to amuse us.If you do the same these bite-sized morsels are just the ticket.In this week's roundup: Lea Michele,Nico Tortorella,Nicolas Winding Refn,Marvel's peak,Dory's acclaim,and more.

It's allafter the jump...

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