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The New Classics: Y Tu Mamá También

"Great piece of writing of one of my all time favorite films."-Almasy77

"The final scene still hurts like the first time."-Peggy Sue

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May 12 2017

Matthias Schoenaerts and Lea Seydoux dream of submarines


When you think Matthias Schoenaerts and Lea Seydoux,do you think of submarines?Schoenaerts of the smoldering look,hulking presence and that dimpled smile that shattered many hearts toRust.Seydoux,who perfected the sexy butch walk when she wentBlue.Well Thomas Vinterberg decided to put those two together in a movie about a sinking submarine -- not the story many imagined they'd be paired in.

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Oct 17 2016

The Manipulative Monarch of "Farewell,My Queen"

We're celebrating Marie Antoinette for a few more days this week.Here's abstew - Editor

The legendary figure of Marie Antoinette has been the subject of gossip and infamy for over 200 years now.Although most scholars agree that all we may think we know about the excessive queen is mostly a misunderstanding.Even the most well-known phrase attributed to her,"Let them eat cake!",has been debunked as never actually been spoken by her.Even in her own time,there were pamphlets spread around France accusing her of infidelities with both men and women.At her trial,she was accused of staging orgies at the Palace of Versailles and even committing incest with her own son.Playing off of these rumors,French director Benoît Jacquot's 2012 film about Marie Antoinette,Farewell,My Queen,based on the novel by Chantal Thomas,invents a lesbian relationship between the Queen and a duchess at court...

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Jun 13 2016

It's only 'It's Only the End of the World'

Josh here,reflecting on the backlash against Xavier Dolan now he's seenIt's Only the End of the Worldat the Sydney Film Festival

In what must be a true sign of success,Xavier Dolan was booed and savaged by critics at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year when his latest filmIt's Only the End of the Worldpremiered.The reaction was swift not just against his film,but against the filmmaker himself.Dolan address this,and reacted strongly to The Playlist which remarked "It's simply impossible to believe that a story this stridently self-pitying could not refer,more or less explicitly,to writer/director Dolan himself… It suggests a level of martyred self-involvement on Dolan's part that is tantamount to a persecution complex".This was just one of many vicious reactions online and especially on twitter,against the film but then,in turn,against Dolan for defending himself against criticism.

The apparent taboo of a filmmaker reading,and responding to a critic was a major sore point.As though a critic should get the final word.It's hard here not to recall the brilliant monologue fromRatatouille...

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Dec 22 2015

Best of '15: Red Carpet Beauty

Josereporting for red carpet duty.One of the most significant things that happened in fashion in 2015,was the end of Raf Simons' short reign at Dior.With that we saw what I like to think was the "theme of the year",a return to form for starlets,and Best Actress Oscar winners,who seemed constrained under the requirements of their contracts.Not that they were crying about getting paid millions to dress in expensive couture,and sell perfumes mind you.Still,it was refreshing to see people like J.Law go back to the All-American goodness she first embodied in that red Calvin Klein dress at the Oscars.亚博主页

We also saw perennial favorites find new ways to astound us (Cate,Nicole and Diane are indeed the holy trinity for fashion lovers),and usually lackluster people finally find their unique sartorial voice,thanks to the work of magician stylists (thank you for existing,Petra Flannery).I hope you're surprised by some of the inclusions in the list,but overall I hope they manage to put some beauty into your day (even when the dresses in question aren't necessarily "pretty"...)

The 15 Best Looks of '15
continues after the jump

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Oct 27 2015

Beauty Break: Spectre Red Carpet

What a gorgeous and talented pair of Bond women they are.Oh,andeveryone else also looked great in that red carpettoo,I guess.

Jul 23 2015

Yes No Maybe So: Spectre

Here's new contributor Kyle Turner to talk Bond,James Bond...

Bond hasn't had much of a history the last fifty years or so,and by that I mean Bondthe character.The Bond films,perhaps up until 2006'sCasino Royale,had been content with a more anthological and informal character illustration.But with theNolanizatoin of the Bondfranchise (aka the Daniel Craig era),we've been treated to a revisionist approach to James Bond: history,character,person.That appears to be continuing with the newest filmSPECTRE,fromSkyfallhelmer Sam Mendes,which looks like another pretty,maybe interesting,maybe terrible chapter in 007's origin story.

Let's break down the trailer yes no maybe soafter the jump...

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