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AVENGERS ENDGAME- will Oscar honor it?

“但愿不是。一窍不通Avengers: Endgametranscends its genre. In fact,结束游戏是对类固醇的特定类型。LOTR设法超越它的风格 - 最佳图像点头+最佳图像的胜利。哈利·波特没有 - 没有最佳图像点头。学院得到它与这两个权。有时他们正确的事情。而当它发生时,这是一个美妙的感觉。” -Yavor

"I suspect结束游戏is favored to get a Producers Guild nomination but a longshot for the equivalent Academy Award..."-简短

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Apr 29 2014

四月雨: The Paperboy

waterworks十一,这里的Andrewwith a brief one

Would anyone be willing to stand with me when I declare报童to be the best thing Lee Daniels has done? The movie is undeniably crazy, out-of-control, off-centre, you name it. But, it’s this very tendency for excessiveness and divergent tones that makes it such a fine representation of Daniels’ skills as a filmmaker.报童,from its most hilarious moments to its most obscene, is completely a Lee Daniels in the best way possible. It has as many important things to say about race and social constructs in its era as much as珍贵的or管家but uses pulp, the ridiculous and even the improbable to tell its story. Sometimes with pit-stops at randomness for the hell of it.


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Jan 10 2014

The Pryor Life


Apparently Bill Condon almost made it a couple of years ago, but I guess that's fallen through since here we are. I was really looking forward to Danielsmaking his interracial gay action movie明星亚历克斯·帕蒂,可能是,但我不是exactly surprised that producers aren't throwing money at that.


Of course also in the mix is Damon Wayans, who's actually a year older than Murphy so what do I know. (Condon was considering using Damon's brother Marlon, and he makes more sense to me.) But I guess they've got that CG they used in the thirdX-Men电影制作帕特里克斯图尔特和伊恩·麦凯伦看起来年轻,他们可以使用,只是花费数百万美元。(我毫不犹豫地连提化妆,因为我觉得化妆丹尼尔斯来岁的人管家只是可怕的。)

I personally find the third name in contention the most appealing - Michael B. Jordan, hot off a great performance in奥斯卡的一天,and buzzy as all get out. I don't see why Daniels doesn't consider David Oyelowo too though - he was my favorite thing in管家(granted, I didn't like管家)。

So谁你会投?And what do you think about Daniels tackling not just Pryor but another bio-pic largely set in the Sixties and Seventies so soon?

Jan 07 2014


威尔美国骗局赢得多个演技点头?ICYMI我们在电影经验在这里开始新的传统。亚博主页虽然我们平时收集突出电影博客屈指可数,讨论了非常详细的奥斯卡提名(一旦他们有时间在片),今年我们正在做的提名前的小型研讨会,讨论总是有竞争力的情况下,周边该“只是很高兴被提名”的地方。昨天,库尔特OsenlundThe House Next DoorNathaniel R亚博主页,c'est moi),克里斯托弗·罗森Huffington Post萨莎·斯通(奖励日报)和(in the comments) began with the supporting categories and who might rise should one of the expected five in each category falter at the finish line. (Though if you really think it over, isn't Nomination Morning really the starting gate?)

当我们昨天离开: Sasha thought Robert Redford'sAll is Lostnomination would still be nominated, despite worries that the campaign faded too quickly and that if anyone fell for DiCaprio or Whitaker it'd be Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips. Christopher thought Leo wasn't happening due toWolf of Wall Streetbeing "Zero-Dark-Thirty'd". We had spent a lot of time agreeing but that ends, now.

CHRIS: I had always thought Whitaker would get in, simply because he's really great and李·丹尼尔斯' The Butler似乎是一个完美的奥斯卡电影,但一个刚刚似乎并没有采取。如果哈维得到管家a Best Picture nod, I wouldn't be surprised to see Whitaker in there, probably at the expense of Hanks. But that's just crazy talk, sinceCaptain Phillipsis lined up as one of the strongest films in major categories. The Redford SAG snub was shocking, he hasn't really campaigned, and Bruce Dern has stolen away Redford's slam-dunk narrative for a win ... but I would still be stunned if Redford doesn't get a nomination. That said: Sasha's theory about Bale getting nominated as proof of the strength ofAmerican Hustleis a good one, but a more likely scenario for me is an Adams nomination for最佳女主角。Either way, I think one of those lead performances gets a nod for that film, so if Bale winds up in, maybe he steals Redford's slot?

KURT: Hey all. Sorry for the silence on my end. I was out pretty late last night, braving the bitter streets of SoHo tucked into my coat, like a latter dayLlewyn戴维斯。关于这一点,我认为这是绝对的犯罪,奥斯卡艾萨克不会使它成为我们的Best Actor fivethis year, but I've pretty much accepted that reality, and I guess it's appropriate given the character's non-trajectory.


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Nov 19 2013

Hello Linky

In Contentiontalks to Saoirse Ronan aboutGrand Budapest Hotel, How I Live Now和代理的瑞恩·高斯林
DP / 30切瓦特埃加福特从12Years a Slave
InstagramJames Franco's 'all the kids are doing it' selfie. (I love seeing celebrity mirror shots because that's how they see themselves. Ever notice how different you look in photos -how other people see you- versus how you look to yourself in the mirror?)
The Hollywood ReporterTIR wins the top prize and Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) and Scarlett Johansson (Her) the acting awards at the Rome Film Festival

In Contentiondoublestuffed奥斯卡季来了这些日子
快来了the German trailer to a new animated泰山

Playbill卡罗尔钱宁and Justin Bond for a little Hello Dolly 50th anniversary special? YES PLEASE
VarietySpider-Man Turn Off The Dark will (finally) close on Broadway in early 2014
电视混合箭头could lead to闪光getting his own tv series. (I wish I liked this show but I've given it more than a fair try and it's dull/lame.)
TowleroadWarren & The Bening's son Stephen is so adorable (and totally looks like a blend of them if you ask me). Good for him becoming a reliable trans activist these past couple of years.

Today's Watch
The artistAnders Ramsellhas "paraphrased"Blade Runner(his words) with 12,597 paintings.

I've done nothing with my life!

九月 21 2013

Link Hunter

Varietymourns film criticism wondering if Roger Ebert was the last critic who really mattered
Cinema Blendtalks "narrative" in Oscar campaigns and what they might mean for the futures ofGravityand12Years a Slave
流行事项Matt Mazur elaborates on his comments from the last Supporting Actress Smackdown
Antagony & Ecstasyanother rave review for短期12,beautifully written by one of the web's best film critics. (This is why I hired him, yknow)

Awards Daily萨沙认为它的疯狂怀疑的桑德拉·布洛克在重力提名。也许我疯了,但我有点怀疑它的。并非完全介意你......她肯定在运行。但奥斯卡的代理分支机构不喜欢科幻和只去过那里几次,真的铅(西格妮·韦弗在外星人andJeff Bridges inStarmanspring to mind). But it could be that my feelings about the averageness of her performance are getting in the way. All that said, I do think it's strange to suggest that Oscar WANTS to reward women over 40 for being successful. On what basis is this a thing since they're always going for 20somethings when they could reward older women?
/电影Michael B Jordan, Saorsie Ronan, and David Oyelowo all being talked up for the next星球大战电影
Empirethe first official picture from the tank-centric war filmFury主演布拉德·皮特。我常想,有一天我会成长布拉德·皮特的了,但它并没有发生。并不得。我很喜欢他。
Playbill克里斯汀切诺维斯在惊悚片玩珍妮弗·洛佩兹”最好的朋友The Boy Next Door一个女人(洛佩兹),谁对她一见钟情青少年儿子的朋友。我爱我一些Cheno但是这是奇怪的铸造+流派的怪事,对不对?

Today's Must Listens


最后,我们可以谈最佳原创歌曲for a minute? I've been remiss as per usual in thinking through this category. IndieWire is pushingthis rap number from短期12,这是影片的关键时刻的一个叙事性和情感也从一个非常伟大的表现礼貌Keith Stanfield谁也合写的歌曲与导演

Until they abolish the category as some have argued they should, it's worth trying to suss out. But which songs will be eligible? Let's make a list in the comments while I'm updating my Oscar charts.

九月 08 2013


它在某种程度上觉得不对劲九月初,而全球影评人,学者,以及博客和世界一流的auteurs是全球各地在节日(碲化物,VeniceToronto) that the mainstream has to reheat ole' hit leftovers for their movie dinner.里迪克中,期待已久...另一个续集Pitch Black专营位居榜首的票房有一个体面的1800万$。它最终会扭亏为盈,因为他们保持了合理的预算(一个很好的教训对所有的B加盟店......或任何真的)。

In other news,李·丹尼尔斯' The Butler,which came in second after three weeks at the top, will be李·丹尼尔斯' First 100 Million Hit下周这个时候......虽然我不能帮助希望我们生活在一个世界里,报童and珍贵的也得到了那里的理由是“你必须看到这个疯狂!”和“你能相信莫妮克/基德曼的天才?”多么美好的世界,这将是!

Also worth noting:Blue Jasminecrossed $25 million (a huge sum for a Woody Allen film though still less than half ofMidnight in Paris's eventual domestic gross, and短期12,由我真棒布里·拉森采访(开玩笑的力量鼓舞...but you should read it)took in another $100,000+. That doesn't sound big given that box office reporting tends to care only about movies with at least two more 0s on that number, you try marketing a movie about troubled foster kids and their supervisors. Well done, Cinedigm! Next week it adds 30 cities or so and if you go see it in droves I promise to quit bugging you about it. Deal?

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