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"Hopefully not.Nothing aboutAvengers: Endgametranscends its genre.In fact,Endgameis that particular genre on steroids.LOTRmanaged to transcend its genre - Best Pic nods + Best Pic win.Harry Potterdidn't - no Best Pic nods.The Academy got it right with these two.Sometimes they get things right.And when it happens,it's a wonderful feeling."-Yavor

"I suspectEndgameis favored to get a Producers Guild nomination but a longshot for the equivalent Academy Award..."-Brevity

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Aug 25 2013

Box Office: Got Bank?The Butler Will Get That For You.

With the major success ofLee Daniels'The Butler,second week at the top and already his highest grosser,one senses that Crazy Daniels can do whatever he wants next,carte blanche.Will it bethat troubled Janis Joplin biopic as rumored?I actually hope so because I want Amy Adams to sing onscreen more (whendon'tI want singing actresses to do this?) and I think she could use some of the abandon that Lee Daniels seems to inspire in his actresses.

I liked her rare rougher edges inThe Fighterso much.If it weren't for her meercat fixation that one time,the peak of her career might well be that porch scene with Christian Bale.What have you ever done with your life,Amy?

I like my life.I like my life [...]

All right.I drank too much.I worked in a lot of bars.And I ruined a lot of opportunities but I'm trying to do something better here.And so is Mickey.

Come on.Come on.People took several pieces ofthatheart already,baby.So bring that Janis Joplin biopic on!

Oh but now we're way off track.Where were we?The weekend box office...

01LEE DANIELS' THE BUTLER$17(cum.$52.2)Podcast&Review
02WE'RE THE MILLERS$13.5(cum.$91.7)
04THE WORLD'S END$8.9*new*
07YOU'RE NEXT$7*new*
08PERCY JACKSON 2$5.2(cum.$48.3)
09BLUE JASMINE$4.3*wide*(cum.$14.8)Podcast&Review
10KICK-ASS 2$4.2(cum.$22.4)

In limited release Wong Kar Wai'sThe Grandmasterled the newbies with $132,000 at 7 locations andShort Term 12opened with $60,000 at 4 locations.If I controlled the worldShort Term 12(reviewed) would have opened on 1000 screens to sold out houses but the world is a poorer place because I do not and it did not.But go see it anyway!Fruitvale Station(reviewed) inched past $15 million andUna Noche,a Cuban film winning rave reviewsthat Glenn just discussed,opened with $18,500

What didYOUsee this weekend?Why are you so quiet this weekend?

Aug 18 2013

Podcast: "Butler"History & "Elysium" Nonsense

On this week's podcastJoe,Nick,NathanielandKateydiscussFoxcatcher's release date,andElysium's fast fade nonsense from unsanitary exoskeletons to Jodie Foster's unplaceable accent.

But the bulk of the conversation is devoted toLee Daniels' The Butlerwhich has us all confused.Is it a terrible movie with good moments or vice versa?Whatever it is it might well be an unmissable oddity given all the celebrities crammed into it from Mariah Carey to Vanessa Redgrave and the ability to see Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey in matching track suits.

We'll also tell you which celebrities weren't in the movie that should have been.You can listen to the podcast right here ordownload it on iTunes.

The Butler & Elysium

Aug 02 2013

Lee Daniels' The Butler: New Title,New Poster,Same Movie

Have you seen the new poster forLee Daniels' The Butler?Here it is.

new poster and old poster

I like it and here's why: It looks more like a Lee Daniels movie than that stately original poster.The first poster could have been for any movie that was going the prestige FYC route.It could have been a film made by anyone,and probably someone less crazy than Lee Daniels.That's a safe assumption,statistically!Whether you love or hate his movies -- three to date:Shadowboxer,Precious,The Paperboy-- you have to admit that they're non-generic.They don't feel like they were made by committee.At all.

The silly war over the period drama's title concluded too quickly for me to finish my "Suggested Alternate Title"joke post (since I was doing mock posters.I promise it was funny.sniffle) but PERSONALITY is why I like the new poster and the retitling toLee Daniels' The Butler.

The more people hear your name,you know?It's why hip hop artists say their name so much in their songs.It's why Tyler Perry puts his name before every title.It might be vanity,sure,but it's also savvy business.Once your famous enough you can do this even if you aren't the director which kinda sucks for the guy who did that job - seeTim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas(1993) which is actually a Henry Selick movie!

Lee Daniels presents...OprrraaaaaAAHHH

I've always wondered why studio marketing doesn't try to push director's names more.In this modern era where even amateurs understand the basics of personal branding,the studios are not capitalizing on or trying to build fanbases for their directors which seems like both a dumb and a dick move.Even a director as constantly successful as James Cameron often gets the "From the Director of..."without his name attached in commercials which is just stupid if you ask me.Everyone who has a unique vision,even if a lot of people hate that vision,should be trying to build a fanbase.

May 10 2013

Yes,No,Maybe So: The Butler

abstewhere with another edition of "Yes,No,Maybe So".Tonight's trailer of choice Lee Daniels's latest,The Butler.Oh,and please be gentle–it's my first time...

When last we caught up with the Oscar nominated director,he was dishing up a heapin' helpin of some southern fried, kitschy,camp inThe Paperboy.I think people were a little surprised to see that the follow-up to the Oscar-winningPreciousinvolved an Academy Award winning actress peeing on the star of theHigh School Musicalmovies.And,well,surprisingly the Academy didn't feel the need to shower that film with any gold of its own.So,just how will the decades-spanningButlerfair?Will it be morePrecious(Oscar noms for all!) or morePaperboy(um,the Razzies are next door...) Let's take a look!


  • One word: OOOOOooooPPPPPPppppPPPRrrrAAAAaaaAAAAaaAaHHhhh!!![more]

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Oct 08 2012

Review: "The Paperboy"

This article was previously published in my column at Towleroad

Now the very exciting correspondence is in the bottom box.In case you're interested."
-Charlotte Bless

I can't recall howTHE PAPERBOYbegins exactly though I saw it just a few days ago.Was it a shot of Zac Efron's body gliding through a pool,losing its hard fixed shape through the watery prism.Was it a grisly black and white flashback of a murder?Was it Macy Gray smoking,staring dully just off center of the camera.It doesn't matter though my confusion is telling.Lee Daniel's third movie is a mad undisciplined mix of just these things: eroticized bodies,physical violence and character beats.If the film never settles down,eventually you settle into it.

Macy Gray helps.Her voice is so evocative she doesn't even need to be singing to send you.Director Lee Daniels,wise to the specific gifts of his actresses (the proof is all overPrecious),knows this.

Macy Gray is your guide through this sensationalistic scuzzy story


Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Sep 26 2012

Will "The Butler"Do It?

For Oscar I mean?Oscar winner Forest Whitaker was recently snapped on the set of 2013 Oscar hopefulThe Butler,fromPreciousdirector Lee Daniels.  Given the The Weinstein Co will distribute the film and the subject is a long time White House butler and his relationship to the first families,one expects so.

Forest Whitaker shot on set by Anne Marie Fox

The Paperboy,which is nearly upon us,doesn't look like anyone's idea of a typical Oscar magnet,but neither did Lee Daniels' first filmShadowboxer(yes,that one.The one with Hitwoman Helen Mirren romancing Cuba Gooding Jr.).Perhaps Lee Daniels will be an every other film type Oscar player?

Have you given much thought tothe starry cast ofThe Butler...orany2013 film's Oscar chances?It's always a struggle to stay in the now when it's so fun to fantasize about what's ahead of us.