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"Hopefully not.Nothing aboutAvengers: Endgametranscends its genre.In fact,Endgameis that particular genre on steroids.LOTRmanaged to transcend its genre - Best Pic nods + Best Pic win.Harry Potterdidn't - no Best Pic nods.The Academy got it right with these two.Sometimes they get things right.And when it happens,it's a wonderful feeling."-Yavor

"I suspectEndgameis favored to get a Producers Guild nomination but a longshot for the equivalent Academy Award..."-Brevity

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Sep 12 2012

O, Prez

JA from MNPPhere.I saw this picture on the little TV inside my office building's elevator of all places this afternoon,so I suppose it's making the rounds.Oprah posted it to Instagram(doesn't she know you're supposed to make something look like a weathered daguerreotype pulled from under piles of dirt and bones if you use Instragam?) - it is O herself alongside director Lee Daniels,with Jane Fonda and Alan Rickman giving us our first look-see at their Nancy and Ronald Reagan drag for Daniels' next flick called The Butler.The movie's about a man (played by Forest Whitaker) who was a butler at the White House over the course of eight different presidencies.We'll also be seeing James Mardsen as JFK and John Cusack as Nixon,amongst others.
What do we think of the Reagans?
I think Rickman's expression is especially priceless.
Aug 04 2012

Yes,No,Maybe So: "The Paperboy"

I know you've been waiting to discuss this one or spent all your discussion energies elsewhere.But do it again.Humor me!You know how bad I want this movie,even if it's terrible.Let's break it down quickly since I'm all YESSSSSSSssssSSSsssS Gimme.


  • "That man is dangerous.Lovin' him is dangerous ♫"- perfect music choice
  • Speaking of dangerous Pt 2 Nicole Kidman trashy,sweaty,in character,on fire.If she were a man people would bow down like they do with Daniel Day-Lewis.
  • Speaking of dangerous Pt 3Preciousdirector Lee Daniels.Generally you can't achieve genius unless you're willing to risk looking ridiculous.Reviews suggested the latter but still.Brava for taking chances.
  • Zac Efron's wet underwear contest and Nicole Kidman's gawdy costumes,Two great looks that look great together.
  • The cast.Matthew McConaughey has been on a roll and Macy Gray is always welcome.She was just inspired in her cameo inFor Colored Girlsand memorable in Lee Daniels'Shadowboxer,too.
  • "These your paperboys?What are they gonna do for me."// "They're gonna save you"Chills.


  • This trailer verges on the totally incoherent."What the hell is going on?"can be a good future ticket buy question spurred on by a trailer but generally not in the "what the hell is going on within the trailer itself!?"kind of way.I think it's the overlapping sound editing.It's just cacophonous.


  • John Cusack.I admit I am nothing like a fan.Very occassionally I'm intrigued but there are more misses than hits if you ask me.

the trailer in case you're also running late...

Are you a Yes?a Hell Yes?or a Gimme Now Before I Spontaneously Combust?no?maybe so?

I know I'm not supposed to think that Nicole has an Oscar shot for something this pulpy and outre but damn this looks like a killer part.Will she kill it?

Dec 29 2011

We Should Read "The Paperboy"

Herewith a few notes on the newly released poster forThe Paperboywhich looks good enough movie is about a reporter (Matthew McConaughey) and his troubled brother (Zac Efron) investigating a death row inmate (John Cusack) who is involved in a steamy correspondence with a femme fatale (Nicole Kidman).

Is Zac Efron sending me a personal message by working with La Pfeiffer & Nic' back to back?

[plugs ears]lalalalalalalala ican'thearyou

I was once a paperboy.It's true.For years!Paperboys have gone the way of the milk man but when I was a kid this was a common job for suburban boys and girls to have.Then you'd do your collecting and spend all your hard-earned quarters at the arcade.

Nicole Kidman looks trashy delishusssss.Love the lusty smirk,like she's going to eat Zac right up --  not for his pleasure (!) but just to wield her own sexual power.Billing is always an interesting matter.If you can't be first,be last.Or rather "AND..."last.So Matthew & Nic' win.

Speaking of billing...I find it kind of interesting that the poster preferences the novelist and screenwriter above the Oscar nominated Lee Daniels (Precious) like it's a subliminal reminder of how greatPreciouswas.Implied titlesThe Paperboy: Based on the Novel "The Paperboy"by Pete Dexter.

I think the color scheme is really helping.It's like the movie is summertime hot but someone left the paperback on the beach and it got all washed out. The retro craze for teaser posters is really on,isn't it?Just like the retro craze is really on onscreen (at least three of the Best Picture hopefuls).I suppose ANYTHING is better than dread contemporary poster aesthetics: big floating movie star heads or those imagination-prison horizontal stripes.This poster manages to include all the stars (if that's McConaughey out of focus but I can never recognize him with his shirt on) without resorting to the stripes at all.Well,except for that last insert of John Cusack's threatening eyeliner.But even that plays like a fun "to be continued"comic book panel.

If the movie is as good as this poster,I shall write it steamy letters from my apartment prison.

I think we should read the novel while we wait for this because you know Lee Daniels isn't a copy & paste kind of director but someone who likes to play with visuals.Who is with me?If so,say so...we need lots of blog projects to do it up real big like for 2012 before the apocalypse.

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