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Jun 03 2018

Tweetweek: Fav Things About the '90s and Pride Month Begins


More after the jump including "favorite thing about the 90s",a greatRoseannereplacement suggestion,and the beginning of the gayest month of the year...

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May 14 2017

The Link Has Two Faces

Your Weekend Must Read
Emily Yoshida at Vulture gazes at Ingmar Bergman'sPersonabut she sees way beyond that,too,to the dream space shared bycinema's curious subgenre of female identity swapping.

Two women talking: a recipe for witchcraft,an unnatural feedback loop,a cursed redundancy.Ingmar Bergman's 1966 masterpiecePersonais a landmark for many reasons,but its legacy,which has show no signs of age in the 50 years since it was released in the U.S.and the U.K.,is how it stared that anxiety in the face and opened up a loopy,meandering conversation that's still going on to this day...

More Linkage
Keyframe'The Year of Nicole Kidman' don't force her to prove herself all over again
VarietyCannes lineup is "high on "awards intrigue,low on safe awards bets"
/FilmAquaman is overflowing with villains,3 already for a first solo film?(not a good sign) and a fourth may have been added
Coming SoonAntonio Banderas will headlineLamborghini -The Legend(working title) a biopic about the Italian entrepeneur of automobile fame.Alec Baldwin will play his rival Enzo Ferrari

Boy Culture"STREEPSHOW"a drag comedy about "characters one played by Meryl Streep"living together in the East Village will be playing NYC in June.Sounds hilarious but I have to admit that it took me quite some time to figure out the characters in the photo (and there seem to be two Miranda Priestleys?) which is maybe not a good sign.Shouldn't they be instantly recognizable?
GuardianMixed messages from Cannes as TV premieres from auteurs are happening but they've also banned Netflix from future competition unless they stop skipping theatrical releases
VarietyGay gasp!The BBC is producing a series of 15 minute monologues calledQueerswhich is set to star Ben Whishaw,Alan Cumming,and Russell Tovey and others
Awards DailyGypsyteaser,a new series starring Naomi Watts
VarietyHugh Bonneville will play Roald Dahl in a biopic set in the early to mid 1960s.This means they're going to have to cast someone to play both Dahl's wife Patricia Neal and her most famous co-star Paul Newman (seeHud) and both of those roles will be a Herculean casting task!
The Guardianthere's a documentary playing Cannes about Cary Grant's experimentation with LSD from 1958 through 196
Tracking BoardKenneth Branagh to direct himself in a movie about the father of Anne FrankThe Keeper of the Diary

Not Remakes Though You Might Mistake Them For Such
/FilmMartin Scorsese starts filming mob dramaThe Irishmanthis summer with Robert De Niro,Al Pacino,and Joe Pesci
GothamistLeonardo DiCaprio will star inThe Black Handabout an undercover mob cop...
(Ummm,haven't all these people already made these movies?Why not mix it up with a romantic comedy or a sci-fi picture?)

Exit Video
Look it's the first clip from Todd Haynes'sWonderstruck.It may be impossible to followCarolbut we're glad that he got back on the horse so quickly after that long time away from us.How does this clip strike you?

Feb 01 2017

Oscar's reigning quartet to present,as is the tradition.

I've somehow never seen this photo of Mark Rylance trying not to step on Brie Larson's train.Adorable.

AMPAS has announced that last year's acting winners will each be presenting on Oscar night.One assumes they will present their corresponding opposite-sex category as is the tradition,but who knows.Perhaps Oscar will mix it up.I'm all for tradition at the Oscars,亚博主页don'cha know,but I don't mind a curveball now and then.You?

Alicia Vikander is back on screens February 24th (Oscar weekend!) with long delayed costume dramaTulip Feverin which she dumps Christoph Waltz for Dane DeHaan because who wouldn't.

Brie Larson is back on screens April 21st in the ensemble crime comedyFree Fire,from Ben Wheatley (High-Rise).

Mark Rylance is back on screens July 21st in Chris Nolan's WW II epicDunkirk.

...and Leonardo DiCaprio is back on screens in...2018?2019?2020?He appears to have taken a whole victory year off after winning the Oscar and still has no immediate plans to be in front of the camera.It was just announced thathe'll headlineThe Black Handbecause what the world really needs more of is mafia movies (sigh) but in truth that one is a long way off since there's no screenplay yet.There's alsothe possibility of the Olympic bombing movieThe Ballad of Richard Jewellwhich Leo was once set to star in butmightonly be producing now.Whatever happened toThe Devil in the White Citywith Martin Scorsese?That project was announced just over a year agoand not a peep since.If they've dropped it,I hope it becomes a miniseries instead because that book is dense with information,history,cause and effect through lines,and reams of characters.

Nov 05 2016

R+J at 20

Did you know thatBaz Luhrmannhas an instagram account?He's currently using it to celebrateRomeo + Juliet's 20th anniversary with behind the scenes photos and anecdotes (Best LOL: he feels the need to explain what a collage and inspiration boards are for young fans -- ah the days before Photoshop and "mashups".)

This has been a Public Service Announcement.

Oct 06 2016

What's your most vivid memory of "The Departed"and the 2006 Oscar Race?

by Nathaniel R

Ten years ago today Martin Scorsese's smash hitThe Departedopened in theaters.I remember that day well especially that beat just past this still above when the entire sold out movie theater exploded simultaneously with shock,excitement,screaming,whooping,collective chills.A master playing the audience perfectly so it's no wonder that Martin Scorsese finally won the Oscar for it.Strangely I have few other vivid memories of the movie other than the feeling that that deep line in Leonardo DiCaprio's perma-angst expression had never and would never be put to better use again.Also something about Vera Farmiga flirting in an elevator,and the movie's perfect final shot.

The Film Experience was definitely having an "off consensus"亚博主页year -- we were all aboutMarie Antoinette,The Fountain,&Volverso the Oscars were kind of a let-down -- but at least it was one of those interesting years where the Best Picture contenders didn't hog亚博主页allthe nominations.In fact only 1 of the 10 leading acting contenders came from a Best Picture nominee.Strange,right?

What do you remember most about The Departed?And how comfortable were you with the 2006 Oscar's lineup.As a reminder the Best Pictures were:

  • Babel(7 noms / 1 controversial win - for the barely there Original Score)
  • The Departed(5 noms / 4 wins including Picture)
  • Letters From Iwo Jima(4 noms / 1 win)
  • Little Miss Sunshine(4 noms / 2 wins)
  • The Queen(6 noms / 1 win)
Oct 04 2016

Rachel,Rachel.Link, Link.

Rachel Rachel!No not the 1968 Oscar nominated Paul Newman / Joanne Woodward movie.But Weiz and McAdams.They're set to co-star in a Jewish lesbian romantic dramaDisobedience.Good luck to whichever lesbian romantic drama with A list actresses has to followCarol.Is this the next one that'll see release?

Other Clickables
NPRin the wake of Ben Affleck's stupidly titledThe Batman,27 better titles
Theater ManiaMulanwill be the next Disney toon to get a live action remake.In 2018
The GuardianLeonardo DiCaprio states the obvious that is weirdly not obvious to many people on earth: climate change deniers should not hold public office
VarietyLaverne Cox,Ava DuVernay,Helen Mirren,and Scarlett Johansson will all be honored at Variety's Power of Women event on Oct 14th
In Contentiona look back atThe Departed's "non campaign campaign"for Oscar glory
Comics AllianceIron Fisthas a first teaser just as we're reaching oversaturation with Marvel's Universe
The New Yorkeran amazing piece on the Nat Turner story andThe Birth of a Nation
/FilmFX's great animated seriesArcherwill end with Season 10
AV ClubMahershala Ali,having a great year withLuke CageandMoonlight,may get the prime villain gig inAlita: Battle Angel
MNPPArmie Hammer photos from an army thriller calledMine
VarietyWestworldgives HBO great opening numbers
Coming Soonin honor ofWestworld,13 weird westerns
Towleroadanother famous gay proves to be a right-winger blinded by his own privilege and idiotically thickheaded about what causes hate crimes.Lucian Piane ofRuPaul's Drag Race--oy!
PlaybillWickedstars Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth both released new albums last week.Both hit the Billboard top 40 albums

Interview Magazinetalks to the incomparable Parker Posey on her improvisatory work with Christopher Guest (including the new Netflix filmMascotspremiering October 13th)

Parker Posey photographed by Craig Mcdean for Interview

Some of these scenes last,like,15 minutes.And it's so disappointing when you see the final cut.You bring so much of your life and your story,and then it's just whittled away,you know?Chris likes his movies to really fly,to leave the audience wanting more—which is the rule of comedy.So his movies are kind of short.I like a three-and-a-half-hour documentary.I like Frederick Wiseman,Grey Gardens[1976] ...I'd love these movies to be so much longer than they are.You should see what Jane Lynch and Ed Begley Jr.,and Michael Hitchcock and Don Lake come up with,by the minute.

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