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RIPPeter Fonda

"He should've totally won the Oscar for his sensitive and subtle turn inUlee's Gold"-Claran

"You're right,it is hard to look beyondEasy Riderin most assessments of his career,so it's great to hear more about these other films..."-Edward

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Feb 28 2016

Less than 24 Hours Until the Oscars !!!亚博主页

Feb 27 2016

And the Links Go To...

People say such strange things when they're talking about Oscars亚博主页
Bwinpredicts Leo will lose the Oscar.One especially weird bit of reasoning is that all of the Actor nominees are playing good guys.Um,did they watchSteve Jobs?
The Guardiansays a "conservative"estimate is that Australians will win 10 Oscars tomorrow.亚博主页Conservative?Have they not heard ofThe Revenant?
/FilmStunt people want their own Oscar and recently protested again.Unfortunately they also felt the need to belittle other industry talents saying:

People love action;that's why people go to the movies.No disrespect,but who goes to the movies to see the hairstyles?"

*raises hand*

More Oscar Mania
Vanity Fairfun interview with nominated Jenny Beavan,Mad Max Fury Roadcostume designer,with a choice Charlize Theron quote
Boston Globereally interesting piece from Ty Burr on "what if the Oscars didn't exist..."亚博主页and it takes you to place I personally wasn't expecting
Psychology Todayon why we're obsessed with the Oscars.亚博主页STOP PSYCHOANALYZING ME!
IndieWireIra Deutchman suggests changes to make the Academy more diverse."First film"would be interesting and skew young but I am adamantly opposed to breakthrough since that is too easily gamed -- see the "breakthrough"prizes Charlize Theron won for Monster after several years of stardom.We'd have a whole new category fraud problem with that.
The Guardianhas an interesting take on the Short Film categories -- why don't people watch them when they're increasingly available -- and why do they feel like commercials for features?
Varietybeautiful reminiscence from Alfre Woodard on her earliest theatrical success and her 80s Oscar nomination
Tim Brayton's Oscar Predictions
Movie Motorbreath's Oscar Predictions

General Film
InterviewZOMG Julianne Moore interviewing Christina Vachon!
InstagramThe Sleeping Beauty dragon via LEGOs!
i09JJ Abrams is claiming Star Wars will feature gay characters.I'll believe that when I see it (but until then it's fun that Oscar Isaac winked to queer fans with Poe Dameron.And also the Star Wars Saga is largely asexual anyway so...

Off Cinema
Pajibanails Marco Rubio with a great Turing Test joke
i09Bram Stoker Awards -- for horror fiction.Which of these will end up as movies?
/FilmTom McCarthy is going to follow upSpotlightwith a Netflix series called13 Reasons Why...it's based on a bestseller but honestly the suicidal premise sounds atrocious / reductive.Already worried!
Jeanne the Fangirlamazing find - a letter to Marvel from 1974 complaining aboutIron Fist's whitewashing.Here we are in 2016 and Marvel is STILL planning a white Iron Fist even though the story is Asian by origin
Playbill.comhas a badly needed redesign.Check it out if you love Broadway

Today's Watch
A Cat predicting the Oscars.亚博主页(Monty,TFE's Oscar predicting cat,wouldn't cooperate this year but he's always been temperamental about his psychic duties.Also: he's very very old now andonly wants to sleep.) So anyway here is some random cat who thinks he can do it.Rampling,eh?

Feb 22 2016

Q&A: Iconic Couples,Vote Counts,Favorite Kurosawas

There were so many good questions this week for theQ&Athat we had to do this twice.Here are more questions asked of your host Nathaniel,and now answered.Thanks for being engaged readers!

Nicole & Ewan at MTV Movie Awards 2002Since there's been talk of how sweet it would be to see Leo and Kate both win Oscars this year,亚博主页I've been thinking about recent screen couples that have captured audiences' imaginations in that way,that people would love to see win Oscars at the same time and I couldn't think of any quite on that level.亚博主页Are there any post-Titanic screen couples you think of as legendary pop culture pairings?-EDWIN

Had Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor ever reteamed postMoulin Rouge!I think they might have become a screen couple like that.The fact that they haven't is a tragedy since we will love them until their dying day.Youcouldargue that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) qualify.I think if Heath Ledger were still alive this might have happened with him and Jake Gyllenhaal since they're both such tremendous actors and liked each other quite a lot.It would have been fascinating to see them co-star in a second film in a totally different genre.

The Film Experience is 1000% behind today's Hollywood realizing that reteaming stars who had insane chemistry is one of the best traditions of Old Hollywood.亚博主页It's not only fun for fans,it's also marketable!Wouldn't you be so excited if Kate & Leo made a comedy together in 2018?

What's your favorite performance given by an animal actor?-TYLER

Astaas "Mr Smith"fromThe Awful Truth(1937) which is my first or second or third* favorite screwball comedy of all time.(It's hard to decide because they're so many great ones)

If it was up to you to decide,would you release the official vote counts from old Oscar ceremonies?Or would that take away the fun of endless speculating?is there a particular race you would want to know the official tally?- MARCELO

The answer and more after the jump...

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Feb 17 2016

Links: Misunderstood Meryl,Angry Leo,Cheap Deadpool

MNPPAll is well since Jason has seen The Witch and loves it.It's so spooky,guys.Go see it this weekend
Pajiba"11 Things I Learned from 'Star Wars and the Power of Costume' Exhibit"
PlaybillBull Durham: The Musical (?) may be headed to Broadway soon
Scriptnoteshow to introduce characters in screenplays without being mocked on Twitter.(For those of you are like what?This is in reference to a recent writing controversy that we spoke of right here)
i09saysZootopiais the best film Disney Animation has made in 20 years (!)

MNPPfreaks out over the new Pee Wee Herman Netflix trailer
Simply StreepScreencaps of Meryl Streep in theFlorence Foster Jenkinsteaser
Boy Culturehave you heard about Strike a Pose,the documentary about the Madonna documentaryTruth or Dare?
Boy Cultureyour semi-annual reminder that Miriam Margolyes is an international treasure and gay hero
Awards Daily"everyone owes Meryl Streep an apology"
/FilmJulianne Moore offered the villain role in The Kingsmen 2.This historically hasn't gone well for her (See:The Seventh SonorHunger Games) Why Julianne?You already havetonsof money.
Hairpin"how not to write something"
Toylandthe coolest stuff from Toy Fair 2016 including *gasp* female action figures

Deadpool at #1
i09everything they cut out ofDeadpoolto get the budget way down (which now means its going to be insanely profitable)
/FilmRumors are thatWolverine 3is considering an "R"rating following Deadpool's success

And James Gunn,who did the superheroes being mocking and sarcastic beforeDeadpool,took to Twitter to hype his forthcoming blockbuster...

Oscar Mania
The Guardianon whyThe Big Shortshould win Best Picture.I haven't to admit I couldn't follow this argument at all (perhaps you can?) but maybe I was just thrown because they start the video talking about surprise winners and cite Forrest Gump.Forrest Gump?Of all movies.That was a behemoth that year andcouldn'tlose.People say such strange things when they're talking about the Oscars!亚博主页
THRRobert Richardson and other cinematographers calling for a separate category for VFX heavy films.I absolutely agree that this is a problem - this year not so much but usually
RED CARPET RAMPAGE.Help Leonardo DiCaprio finally win his Oscar!I tried to play this on my phone last night.It's actually hilarious.Especially the bonus round "Act Harder!"LOL...

Feb 11 2016

Best Actor: The Year of the Ham

As noted by the recently departed Alan Rickman on his BAFTA win forRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves"Subtlety isn't everything."As far as Oscar is concerned,this year Best Actor was go big or go home.Take a look the leading men outside the bubble and you'll find mostly nuanced performances like those from Michael B.Jordan,Tom Courtenay,and Tom Hanks with their scenery unchewed.Rewarding more broad work has made this the Year of the Ham.

Some of the bigger choices have been more welcome than others in this field,so let's have some fun assessing the hammage:

Bryan Cranston -Trumbo
Clearly the most guilty of going big for its own sake,Cranston's nomination leaves quite a sour taste in your mouth.The performance feels built upon arched shoulders and mustaches,even if Cranston is a game actor admirably going along with the film's schlocky tone.It's not just the scenery getting chewed,but the script,the costumes,the camera,and poor Diane Lane.It's so hammy,he even shows us his hams in a prison scene.
Level of Ham: SPAM - some people like it?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Matt Damon -The Martian
Here's a role that actually calls upon the actor to be a ham.Matt Damon gets to use more of his natural charm than he has in anything outside of the Ocean's franchise and spends much of his performance breaking the fourth wall.He leans in on the nerd humor that's heavy on puns and dirty words,but thankfully never goes full broski.Everything lands,including his unexpected emotional moments,but this a performance playing right to the crowd.The visible hams are an obvious emaciated stunt double.
Level of Ham: Honey-Baked - generally pleasing to everyone

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Feb 02 2016

Q&A Part 1: Leo's World.

Dear Readers,Last week I asked for more reader questions but since three of them at least were about Leonardo DiCaprio let's get them all out of the way as an appetizer to the main Q&A post.Ready...here we go.

LADY EDITH: Now that you have experienced the "Jonas blizzard"so recently how do you feel about giving "The Revenant"Oscars?亚博主页[More]

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