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RIPPeter Fonda

"He should've totally won the Oscar for his sensitive and subtle turn inUlee's Gold"-Claran

"You're right,it is hard to look beyondEasy Riderin most assessments of his career,so it's great to hear more about these other films..."-Edward

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Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Mar 11 2014


Change.orga petition to get Lupita Nyong'o cast as Storm in the nextX-Menmovie.Too bad there's still one more round of Halle Berry!
Ellen TVsomehow I hadn't see Cate Blanchett's post Oscar win visit to Ellen until just now.So funny and I love what she says about sleeping with her statue at the 4:30 mark
Cinema BlendKristen Bell planning to work with theFrozensongwriter team again.More musicals,yay!

In Contentionlessons learned from this Oscar season.I've been preaching the "don't open in December"thing for a long time but finally other pundits are coming round!
Comics Alliancewhoa.superhero figures are getting way more realistic than when I was a kid!Here's Black Widow -- I assume Scarlett Johansson gets a huge cut of this for allowing her likeness.Can you imagine the market if they could make sex dolls this realistic.Did I just type that aloud.My deepest apologies but it's Scarlett.She does things to people.

small screen
Slatetalks toTrue Detective's costume designer
The GuardianLee Daniels and Gabby Sidibe ofPreciousfame are reuniting albeit not as spectacularly.This time she'll play the assistant to a lead character (Terence Howard) in a new TV series about a hiphop record label.
The Weekis there too much nudity on HBO?
TFEIf you love Faith the Vampire Slayer than you must please stop goodie Buffy in this reader's poll.Buffy Buffy Buffy
Pajibaon dead TV characters they'd like resurrected
Comics AllianceOh my Dark Phoenix.They're reviewing every episode of the 90s X-Men animated series
Salonthe vague plans for Season 2 ofTrue Detective

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For the adults...Strangers kissing for the first time,an experiment.(Weird that the gay guys are the most demure about it!)


For all ages...Sesame Street doesLes Miserableswith Cookie Monster taking up the lead duties


Do you hear the cookies crunch?
It's really more than we can bear
That's the sound of Jean Bon-bon
He's the guy who would not share ♫

Mar 28 2013


It's Reader Appreciation Month so I'm playing Santa with gifts.

I'm so sorry I didn't announce this sooner!I do get backed up here.I know those of you who entered the Les Miz contest are dying to just buy the new blu-ray/dvd combo pack if you didn't win.This contest had a great response.I asked interested Red & Black revolutionaries to answer three questions:

• Which kind of bread would you bake Valjean so he doesn't steal another loaf?
• Which movie hooker other than Fantine should've had a death bed song?
• Bring Him Home: Jackman,Redmayne,Tveit or Crowe?

I had much fun reading the often creative answers.But the three winners,chosen randomly,are...

ROB S in Palm Springswho writes:

  1. BREAD: Pain de campagne,which I hope Hugh will stick around to enjoy as pain perdu.
  2. HOOKER: Mildred,fromOf Human Bondage....Bette Davis croaking it out as she croaks.
  3. MAN TO TAKE HOME: Eddie Redmayne for sure.IMO the MVP ofLes Misérables

'pain perdu'.teehee.Although I just realized that Rob is basically announcing with his answers that he's taking both Jackman and Redmayne home.Greedy!

JEREMY E in New Yorkwho writes:

  1. BREAD: Gotta be pumpernickel for Hugh.Hard on the pump,light on the nickel
  2. HOOKER: Hands down,"Kit de Luca",Julia Roberts best friend inPretty Woman---if only to hear her sing "Cinder-fucken-rella"in a tenor voice.

ROBERTA L in New Jerseywho writes:

  1. BREAD: I would bake Hugh Jackman Sweet Buns,of course.Although Fruitcake is a strong contender.Because hello,he plays on your team,not mine.I don't care who his wife is.
  2. HOOKER: So difficult!Barely-a-teen Brooke Shields?Jon Voight?What's-her-head inRisky Business?Nahh,it's obvious.Barbra Streisand inNuts.
  3. MAN TO TAKE HOME: Fine.Jackman.I mean that's my type,isn't it?

Roberta was one of only two contestants brave enough to sing her heart out for extra contest entries.So here she is in this audio clip doing her best Eponine for "On My Own".Nice job!

Roberta sings !

Mar 15 2013

Win Les Miz on Blu-Ray/DVD

I have three copies of LesMisérablesBlu-ray™ Combo Pack to give out to you,the musically inclined readership.But first a brief message from the generous studio who'll send it to you should you win!
Academy Award® nominee Hugh Jackman and Academy Award® winners Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway star in LesMisérables,the critically acclaimed adaptation of the epic musical phenomenon.Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, Les Misérablestells the story of ex-prisoner Jean Valjean (Jackman),hunted for decades by the ruthless policeman Javert (Crowe),after he breaks parole.When Valjean agrees to care for factory worker Fantine's (Hathaway) young daughter,Cosette,their lives change forever.
LesMisérablesarrives on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack,DVD and On Demand March 22 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.The Blu-ray™ Combo Pack is loaded with an extra 45 minutes of exclusive content taking viewers behind the scenes of the groundbreaking production for an unmatched entertainment experience and includes a Blu-ray™ disc,DVD,Digital Copy and UltraViolet™ for the ultimate,complete viewing experience.

Do you hear the people sing...about entering reader appreciation contests?

Here's what you have to do before March 21st at Noon to enter:

  1. Send me a message withLES MIZ BLU in the subject line with your name & shipping address (kept private unless you win in which case the studio gets it to send you your gift) and...
  2. answer the following three questions (which might be reprinted here):
    1) which type of bread would you bake for Hugh Jackman so he doesn't have to steal a loaf?
    2) which movie prostitute do you most wish had sung deathbed songs before a cruel passing a la Anne Hathaway?
    3) Bring Him Home?(Crowe,Redmayne,Jackman or Tveit?)
  3. Not Mandatory.
    For 1 extra entrylike TFE on Facebook.
    For 5 extra entries,you can sing your show-tune loving lungs out in a video.

THREE WINNERS WILL BE DRAWN AT RANDOM ON MARCH 21ST.Will You Join In OurCRUSADEContest?Even if you aren't entering,I expect answers to the bread,hooker,and home-bringing question right here in the comments.You know you wanna

Feb 21 2013

I Linked a Link

Yahoo MoviesBest Actress Roundtable - I chime in with Thelma,Peter Knegt and others
BuzzfeedJulianne Moore in Elizabeth Taylor's jewels.I'm glad she chose green
PlaybillShia Labeouf departs his intended Broadway debut.Apparently there were issues between him and Alec Baldwin.Drama!
Coming SoontheX-Menset is rebuilt forX-Men: Days of Future Past
LA TimesNominee Herbert Kretzmer on writing the Original Song nominee "Suddenly"

The Guardiantalks to director Joe Wright."I go nuts if I'm idle."Oh if only some other directors felt this way (*cough Lynch/Luhrmann/Anderson)
Film.comJoe Reid picks the best Oscar acceptance speeches of all time.
/FilmMark Hamill probably coming back to Star Wars.
Movies Nowthat best director race sure is confusing
Pajibashares their favorite casting notices from new pilots: Kyle Chandler,Tricia Helfer and more...
Rebecca Rolfehas been studying body language of Oscar winners - huge chart!Everyone is into the art of acceptance speeches this year.I started a trend last year,I did.

Watch It
Gollum sings everyone's favorite precious song this year "I Dreamed a Dream"...but he changes up the words a bit.

Speaking of things I hold precious...

Have y'all heard that the glorious but not exactly movie-ish Kristin Chenoweth will be closing the Oscar ceremony with the host.Wild,right?I wouldn't have expected that but we loveses the Cheno.

Feb 20 2013

Jesse Unleashed.And Other Links

i09the best critical responses toSafe Haven's batsh*t ending (spoilers,obviously)
Natasha VCtheBoogie Nightspremiere photos are debilitating.(amen)
Cinematic Cornerexpresses disatisfaction withThe Master.I think the qualms expressed here are very imply put the problem a lot of people have with the second act of Paul Thomas Anderson's career.I wonder if he'll change again?
Awards Dailysalutes the hard working Oscar publicists as ballots close
MNPPJudy Garland'sA Star is Borneven wins over JA!She's just brilliant in that film.One of the worst Oscar losses ever.

Coming Soonon a new Bruce Lee biopic in the works.I read a few articles on this last night and not one of them mentioned that there alreadyisa Bruce Lee biopic,Dragon: The Bruce Lee Storywhich came out in the 90s and starred the hotness that was Jason Scott Lee (no relation)
PlaybillLes Misérableswill be returning to Broadway in 2014,just 11 years since the original long running show closed.Meanwhile the show has never closed in London and has now been playing for 27 years
Jesse Williamsthe actor (the hottie fromCabin in the Woods) doesn't pull punches detailing his issues withDjango Unchained's treatment of race and slavery
AdvocateKelly McGillis will reminisce aboutTop Gungenerically but she won't talk about Jodie Foster's coming out!
Lainey Gossipchecks in with the pre-Oscar gingers Jessica Chastain & Nicole Kidman
In Contentionlooks at Sound Mixing which I personally think is terrifically hard to predict this year

Finally...if you believe that math can predict the Oscars check out亚博主页Ben's Oscar Forecast.He's a Harvard student who's trying to predict them with formulas.He's predicting the usual suspects that have been winning everything for acting but for best director...Ang Lee (!?!)

Jan 29 2013

Misérables No More.Les Joking.

You know a depressing drama has achieved deep market penetration when no one can stop joking about it.Is this a communal embarrassment from making ugly cry faces in the movie theater (don't worry,no one can see you.)?Whatever it is,Les Misérableshas now joinedBrokeback MountainandTitanicand _____ in the small club of deeply sad dramas that everyone loves to make jokes about.

Have you seen "Les Mean Girls"?The tumblr mashes the musical up with Tina Fey's classic comedy,Amanda Seyfried being the key to all things (no seriously.she'severywhere).

But my favorite currentLes Misérablesjoke is this expert repurposing of the big "I Dreamed a Dream"showstopper as Living FYC Satire.I totally love this even though I think Anne Hathaway is everything in the movie and totally deserves the Oscar.

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