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Nov 30 2012

SAG Award for Best Cast: Predictions & Wish List

Amirhere,to write about one of my favourite awards of the season: the SAG award for "Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture". I say "favourite"because,in principle,I love the notion of awarding actors who work together as a group to make a film tick.In my ideal world,the best cast award is more about collective achievements than multiple individual ones but over the years,SAG's top award has sadly become synonymous withBest Picture.Genuine ensemble pieces have often been ignored in favour of Oscar's best picture frontrunners or films with the highest number of nominees in other SAG categories.Yet,despite my disappointment,I can't stop obsessing over this award or detach myself.

Who will follow the cast of The Help to a SAG cast win?

This year is bound to be a similar affair,with the three frontrunning Oscar films all poised to win SAG nods in this category.Nonetheless,let's look at what will get nominated and what should.

Les Misérables
I have yet to seeLes Misérables,but the rapturous response from this week's screenings (Nathaniel was at the first one) suggests that we will collectively forgive Hooper for stealingThe Social Network's thunder once we finally lay eyes on his newest film.(Though,I'll still begrudgeThe King's Speechfor winning the SAG "cast"award two years ago.Two great performances and one default "supporting wife"nominee don't merit a best cast prize,especially in the presence ofThe Kids Are AlrightandThe Fighter.)

More hopefulsafter the jump...

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Nov 21 2012

Swag Watch: Lincoln Cooks,Brave Looks

Two yummy gifts arrived,courtesy no doubt of my BFCA membership.But I always pretend the gifts are bribes (don't judge) since I am CLOTHED IN IMMENSE POWERS OFFOR YOUR CONSIDERATIONING.I thought you might enjoy peeks at these.

Lincolnhas been going all out.They have an elegant info-heavyfree download appfor everyone who wants to learn more about the movie and this week a cookbook arrived.The cookbook isn't new -- it existed before the movie -- but why not?

Lincolnisn't really a foodie movie but the recipes are from the Presidential Library -- some of them from Lincoln's own lifetime and family.The subtitle is "a cookbook of epic portions"but really I can't see Honest Abe eating all that much.So lanky.

The very first recipe in for caramel ice cream so I have no choice but to approve.

Bravegifted us with "The Art of Disney Pixar BRAVE"which is a book filled with info about the development of the movie and amazing artwork along the way.I've barely made it through the preface and forward but the moody paintings thus far are awesome.

I'll leave you with  two images,one that delighted me and one that grabbed my attention.

This pencil sketch is by Director Brenda Chapman's own daughter,six years before the film as we know it was released.The indelible pairing of feisty ginger Merida and mama bear were already a part of their lives.Emma Rose was Brenda's inspiration for the movie after all.She writes:

When I came up with the idea of Brave,my predominant inspiration was the bundle of passion,stubbornness,determination and strength of character that is my daughter.Having been a shy and submissive child myself (wink),I was completely unprepared for the impact she had on my life.We locked horns,we butted heads,and we control-freaked each other to distraction.And this was when she was only five!I wondered what she was going to be like as a teenager.

And here's two early sketches of Merida by the artist Steve Purcell back when he envisioned her much younger than she ended up being in the final version of the story.I love that her hair grew and grew and grew until the final version of the character.Hair so big it's full of secrets.

Nov 17 2012

Who is Hotter?

"Robert Todd Lincoln"(by way of Joseph Gordon-Levitt) or Robert Todd Lincoln?

Usually when Hollywood does biopics every actual person gets hotter by way of movie stars.But Robert Todd Lincoln was kind of a looker,yes?Anyway...I know whoMy Daguerreotype Boyfriendis voting for.

Nov 15 2012

The Man With the Golden Link

Natasha VCMelancholiay Kiki was right.Noooooo....
MovieLineon Sam Raimi's purchase ofAngelfall,the YA series that's meant to be the nextHunger Games.The only thing getting me through the endless repetitiveness of today's cinema culture is that most of these series have an end date.So onceHunger Gamesends,people will be looking for the nextAngelfallinstead.(Can you tell I'm so excited thatTwilightis over!!!?)
HitFixtalks to Matthew McConaughey about aMagic Mikesequel and all that weight he's lost forTheDallas Buyers Club.
Movies Nowprofiles GKids,that winning animated indie distributor who should be taken seriously in each year's Oscar race

Awards Dailyon the ever present narrative of Oscar's Difficulty with Race.Which,to be fair if you ask me,is not so much Oscar's problem as Hollywood's difficulties;Oscar is only a prism.
Hollywood ElsewhereNewsflash: Jeffrey Wells apparently takes Armond White seriously (suggesting his partly negativeLincolnreview matters)!Who does that?!?(White just takes whatever position is contrarian.That's why his reviews always come out later than everyone else's.)
Gawkerthinks Joe Wright's artistic gamble withAnna Kareninapays off.I'm noticing enough positive reviews to wonder if the worm is turning on this thing in terms of Oscar (people were so weirdly and prematurely down on it post Toronto from the lack of consensus I suppose) but maybe that's just wishful thinking since I liked it and thought Keira Knightley was truly fab in her divisive gutsy jaw-first way.
i09Five minutes of the newStar Trekfilm to play in select IMAX theaters beforeThe Hobbit.Because I am not a Trekkie and don't pay close attention I had somehow missed that this film is calledStar Trek Into Darknessand now I am embarrassed for everyone involved.Sounds SO hokey and jokey and pretentious all at the same time!A feat you might say.
VultureSigourney Weaver pretended she was doing Shakespeare while acting inAlien(1979) "I was such a snob"

Today's Must Watch
Tom O'Neill at Gold Derbytalks to Tony Kushner about Abraham Lincoln's much-speculated upon sexuality and why there's precious little of it in Spielberg'sLincoln.

Nov 13 2012

Lincoln,Sky Fall,Oscar Rumble...♫

...we will stand tall...and face it all together ♩

Let Oscar season begin.In the latest tightest hottest edition of the podcast,Nick (Nick's Flick Picks),Joe (Low Resolution) and Katey (Cinema Blend) join me,Nathaniel,to talk four new movies: Steven Spielberg's Oscar buzzingLincoln,box office devouringSkyfall,utterly bafflingHoly Motorsand the wildly unevenFlight.

We also take a moment to pay homage to Jodie Foster and each of our favorite performances by her on the week of her 50th birthday and before the Golden Globes shower her with praise via the Cecil B DeMille award.

You candownload the podcast on iTunesor listen right here at the bottom of the post.But,as always,the podcast isn't complete without your voice.Talk back to us in the comments!


Oct 14 2012

Podcast: Lincoln,Pitch Perfect,and the Supporting Actress Oscar

Weeeeee're ba-aaack.

KateyandJoeattended the sneakLincolnpreview at the NYFF and lived to tell the cel-phone free tale.Nickforces yours truly,Nathaniel,into an aca-awkward confession and the only movie that everyone has seen isPitch Perfectwhich is clearly 100% appropriate for an Oscar-focused podcast.Certain to sweep!

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Anna Kendrick beingsoover it inPitch Perfect.
  • Sally Field being over the top of it inLincoln.
  • Helen Hunt being on top of it (John Hawkes) inThe Sessions.
  • Nicole Kidman killing it inThe Paperboy.
  • Supporting Actress doubling up on it.
  • Elle Fanning giggling through it forGinger & Rosa
  • Ben Affleck,Amy Adams,Molly Ringwald (???) and More!

You candownload the podcast on iTunesor listen to it right here.The more the merrier in this conversation so join in in the comments.

Pitch Perfect,Lincoln,Supporting Actress

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