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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


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Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
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May 06 2019

Review: Dead to Me (Season 1)

By Spencer Coile

In recent years,Netflix has held the honor and burden of bringing to life countless TV series – giving a voice to talent previously under or unseen.While it has become impossible to keep up with everything the platform currently has to offer,it also allows its creators,writers,and directors to tell their stories on their terms.Gone are the days where television was situated comfortably in the binary of comedy and drama.Now we have space carved out for shows that subvert our expectations,make us uncomfortable,and if we're lucky,invite us into the artist's vision.

Liz Feldman takes complete advantage of this genre fluidity.Her Netflix creation,Dead to Me(streaming now),is a darkly comic meditation on grief and the ways it manifests within our interpersonal relationships.Featuring especially remarkable turns from two typically underutilized actresses,Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini,Dead to Meis a prickly,but surprisingly personal examination into how we process trauma...

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Apr 20 2019

Review: The Curse of La Llorona

by Tony Ruggio

Latino audiences are theleading demofor moviegoing so Hollywood ignores them at their own peril.Cynical though it is,somebody at Warner Bros said "no mas"and rangJames Wanto add one more wrinkle to his ever-expandingConjuringuniverse.

Serving as producer,Wan's fingerprints are everywhere.From swooping dollies and immaculate crane work,to an early scene of kids frolicking to 70's tunes,La Lloronaoften flatters the original with homage.The simple foreboding of a dark corner in the room or a hazy reflection in the mirror,it's all there and it works for the most part...

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Oct 24 2018

Believe the hype: "Green Book"is a true crowd pleaser

by Nathaniel R

The final day and a half of the very short but very fun Middleburg Film Festival went by with a whirl.We've since received word on the winners.Though Middleburg is a non-juried festival,the audience votes for a people's choice style prize.The documentary winner wasBiggest Little Farm,a film about the director and his wife trying to develop a sustainable farm on 200 acres in California.Farmhas been making the festival rounds for the past two months and is aiming for an April 2019 bow in movie theaters.

The narrative feature winner,echoing the crowd-response at TIFF a month earlier,went to Peter Farrelly'sGreen Book.Green Bookwas the closing film of the festival and I was able to catch its first screening on Sunday before racing to the airport to return home.The crowd went wild for it and it's worth noting that Middleburg has a more diverse audience than a lot of festivals (that's probably due to the vast social connections ofthe founder Sheila C Johnson,co-founder of BET who is one of the nation's richest African-American women and very involved in the arts).Sadly I wasn't able to attend the Q&A though I did manage to snap this photo before racing to the airport as the star Viggo Mortensen,the composer Kris Bowers,and director Peter Farrelly entered to a wild standing ovation to discuss the movie...

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Mar 29 2016

First Bite.Will "The Founder"Serve Tasty Drama?

As iconic logos go,it's impossible to beat those golden arches.Smart teaser work,then,to instantly brand your movie.On the other hand...

Does McDonalds really scream "Major Motion Picture"or will it have people thinkingi saw a doc about that once.

The presence of the newly dazzling Michael Keaton (quite a comeback these past two years!) should help win the film attention.Keaton is the businessman who wrestled away control of McDonalds in the 1950s and made it into an empire...but not without a lot of behind the scenes drama apparently.The supporting cast includes John Carrol Lynch and Nick Offerman as the actual McDonald brothers,and Laura Dern as Keaton's wife.Patrick Wilson and Linda Cardellini play another couple though we're not sure how they fit into the story.The film opens on August 5th from the Weinstein Co who keep claiming they're determined to make the summer work for Oscar launches (after having helped making the last quarter mandatory over the last 20+ years).

The screenplay is by Robert Seigel (who wroteThe WrestlerandBig Fan).Director John Lee Hancock has directed one Best Picture nominee to date (The Blind Side) and one intended Oscar player that didn't get invited to the playground (Saving Mr Banks) but his best film remainsThe Rookie(2002) don't you think?Part of the one-two punch (withFar From Heaven-- odd bedfellows!) that should have been the great sticky comeback for Dennis Quaid a dozen plus years back.(We're distracted by comeback stories of late thanks toKyle's Easter post.)

Do you have high hopes forThe Founder,Oscar-related or otherwise?

Feb 10 2015

Netflix Sneak: "Bloodline"with Kyle Chandler & Sissy Spacek

Last week here in Manhattan The Film Experience was invited to attend a very exclusive special screening and dinner for Netflix's new series亚博主页Bloodline.How did they know we had a thing for Kyle Chandler and Sissy Spacek?Even more mysterious: How did they know about our deep abiding love for Norbert Leo Butz and Katie Finneran,two Tony-winning Broadway musical comedy sensations who are surprising but great choices to play husband & wife in a swampy thriller / family drama / murder mystery fusion.

The storyline concerns the Raeburn family,a rich Southern Florida clan who own and run a very lucrative beachfront hotel.In the premiere episode the parents (Sam Shephard and Sissy Spacek) are celebrating an anniversary and home come there four adult children played by Kyle Chandler,Linda Cardellini,Norbert Leo Butz,and their eldest and most troubled prodigal sonBen Mendelsohn.(Mendelsohn's management team might want to look into a curveball next time he takes a role because seeing his face is now already shorthand for TROUBLE!)


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Oct 29 2011

Best of London: Weekend,Snowtown,Martha,and More...

[Editor's Note:Thank you toCraigandDavidfor their reporting from this year's London Film Festival which concluded two days ago.Here they are with a final chat about their treasures and pleasures.-Nathaniel]

Craig:So,David,I guess it's time to mull it over and decide on our "Best of the Fest".Top tens,top fives?More,less?I wonder what we'll agree and disagree on...

David:It's always sad to say goodbye.It might not be the most glamorous or revelatory event on the festival circuit,but it has such a nice atmosphere strewn across Central London,flirting with megastars every so often,but giving equal red carpet steps to the little gems you speak of.A top five definitely isn't enough for me,but I'll give restraining myself my best shot.I've been there most days,and often packed in four in a day (my eyes are paying the price!),so I'd wager I have seen more than you - quality over quantity,though!


In my stringently ordered,agonisingly compiled list that I just came up with,my number five slot would go toOslo,August 31st,which I offered upsome thoughtson just the other day - so I'll give conversation space to a glorious runner-up instead.Dendera– one of the most enjoyable experiences of the fest – is a gloriously demented twist on a Japanese myth invented in Imamura'sThe Ballad of Naramaya;in this new film,his son Daisuke Tengan explores the afterlife of the elderly who've been put out to pasture.One old woman decided she didn't want to die,thank you,and set up a community on the other side of the hill from the village that cast her out.In short: it's the sort of bloody batshit horror movie you'd have seen in 1980s Britain,not least because of hilariously dreadful bear puppetry that's very similar toAttack the Block.

Craig:I've heard variable things onDendera,but your description makes it sound like great fun.Sad I missed it now.And due to timing I had to choose another film overOslo,sadly.Quite unintentionally I saw a lot of  rather grim confrontational dramas although the lighter titles were a delight,so I should first give credit to three not at all violent films which won me over immensely.Weekendwas a beautifully played affair that grabbed me from the first frame.Loved its naturalistic dialogue,likeable performances and wistfully hopeful (would you agree?) overall tone.How sweet to finally have a gay take on theBefore Sunset/Sunrise'will they or won't they?' film!Pariah,another excellent gay-themed romance,was moving and featured a great central turn from Adepero Oduye.The photography stood out as some of the fest's best,too.(I wrote about both earlier)Terri,a cheering and good-natured film about an overweight high school loner made,was made with easy style and without sentimental cliché.It snuck up on me in a big way;its emotional impact worked during the film and later,on my way to the tube,it made me smile in the way that obviously quirky indie films of its ilk rarely do.John C.Reilly gave one of his best performances and the humour was well-timed.What gems delighted you,David?I ask this now,before we get to the inevitably gloomier stuff...

David:Weekendis so good it deserves repeating.[MORE AFTER THE JUMP ON SEVERAL TITLES...]

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